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Dawn's Early Write

George Gurley profiles blogger Dawn Eden in the New York Observer. Gurley tells the story of how and why Dawn was fired from the New York Post. Dawn offers a few corrections here.

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Dawn Eden's Blog is DAWN PA... (Below threshold)

Dawn Eden's Blog is DAWN PATROL.
There is a very good blog DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT
that I read on regular basis, posts by Bill Rice.
How about an update to avoid confusion.


Larwyn: for the benefit of ... (Below threshold)

Larwyn: for the benefit of those of us who might like to check out Mr. Rice's blog, how about a link?

May I add another correctio... (Below threshold)

May I add another correction? The Okie Blogger Bash was held in Oklahoma City. Dawn was visiting a fellow blogger in Tulsa and they made the drive to OKC for the event, which was instigated (I believe) by the aformentioned Tulsa Blogger.

Also, Kevin, that belt real... (Below threshold)

Also, Kevin, that belt really doesn't go with those shoes.






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