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Quote Of The Day - O'Reily Factor Edition

"'Law & Order' is fiction"

A show spokeswoman commenting on tonights episode about a married TV show host and author who espouses family values and recently settled a sexual harassment lawsuit with a female producer who says she's got audio tapes of him hitting on her. The spokeswoman must be referring to the fact that on Law & Order the show host takes a bullet to the head. [New York Daily News]


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Comments (7)

It's a liberal wish-fulfill... (Below threshold)

It's a liberal wish-fulfillment show, kind of like a show where a terrorist named Ogama fin Raden blows up a building and gets shot in the head would be for a conservative.

Just different values I guess.

I have to ditto what TallDa... (Below threshold)

I have to ditto what TallDave just said. That said, what do you folks think about the --new-- Cosby show? Here is my two-cents worth: He is being (or has been) "O'Reilly'ed".

Not that I'm a fan of the latter Bill or his proclivities, but I think its fairly certain among most that said proclivities were known and that the bait therefore was rather easily set by those who wanted to take him down.

So now, we're going to anal... (Below threshold)

So now, we're going to analyze all television programming for "bias" or what might be perceived as such? It's a freaking television show, and if you don't like it, don't watch. I think if everyone thought that the freaking fictional (or "ripped from the headlines and altered to fit a one hour story") television programs out right now were biased one way or another, they should go out, start their own network, and shoot the liberals on the show instead.

I didn't see anyone complaining when the Dana Delaney character tried to kill a "liberal" talk show host whose program resembled Howard Stern's earlier this season - after he was "blamed" for having the Delaney character's son rape a television star - is that wrong, too? Guess shooting that character was just a "liberal wish fulfillment," too.

I saw that, it made me quit... (Below threshold)

I saw that, it made me quite angry because it didn't even advance the storyline by having the Bill O'Reilly character in there. Had they based the character on my life it would not have changed the show one iota. It was basically an excuse to take as many shots as possible at O'Reilly.

Plenty of people have criti... (Below threshold)

Plenty of people have criticised O'Reilly, they just didn't do it in a format in which they can launch emotional screeds with no chance to address them. Additionaly there was more than one characterization of the positions he has taken that was a strawman at best. Had these "criticisms" been laid out in a commentary or other written work they would have been ignored as a joke.

This is hardly the first ti... (Below threshold)

This is hardly the first time Law & Order has been biased against conservative values...


Their writers show all the understanding of conservative policies of your typical 19 year old college liberal.

Tom,LOL You don't ... (Below threshold)


LOL You don't have to look very hard at TV and Hollywood to find liberal bias. Just ask Kelsey Grammer. It's easier to "come out of the closet" as gay than Republican.






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