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Reinventing the wheel

When I was much younger (8 or so), I was a bit of a chess whiz. I regularly beat players my own age, as well as a bit older. During the process, I developed a defense that I was inordinately proud of. Within eight moves, every single piece was protected by at least one other piece -- any attacking piece would be taken immediately. I modestly dubbed it "Jay's Perfect Defense" and used it every time -- usually to great success. It involved moving the center two pawns forward, the bishops up and in behind them, the knights beside the pawns and screening the bishops, and the rooks pulled in one column each. (Sorry, can't find a diagram online.)

A couple years later, I tried this out on someone who had actually studied chess (unlike myself). Within three moves, he commented "oh, the Sicilian Defense" and promptly dismantled it -- along with me.

This morning, I outlined my proposal for how a third party could win the presidency. And about half an hour after I posted it, it suddenly occurred to me that the Libertarians' Free State Project, going on here in Cow Hampshire, could very well be following my plan.

I dunno if my subconscious remembered this and passed it forward, or if I came up with this independently. Regardless, though, I find this an odd coincidence.


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"oh, the Sicilian Defense"<... (Below threshold)

"oh, the Sicilian Defense"

Ha-ha, you fool. You fell victim to one of the classic blunders, the most famous of which is
"Never get involved in a land war in Asia",
but only slightly less well known is this:
"Never go in against a Sicilian,
when *death* is on the line.".

I found it interesting that... (Below threshold)

I found it interesting that as soon as the free-staters announced their move to NH, the Dems were quick to discredit it. The left-wingers, supposedly supporters of reform and grass-roots movements, mocked the Libertarians for being pro-drugs, pro-prostitution, and anti-public funding. Let the mudslinging begin.

Problem is, the Free-Staters have done nothing to get started. Although I already live in NH, I submitted my e-mail address to their mailing list. I have yet to receive anything. They were virtually silent through the Primaries and election. Not a great way to have your voice heard.

If they are to be taken seriously, they will have to lose the pot-smoking, gun-toting, prostitiute stereotype. They need to refute the jabs made by leftward bureaucrats, fighting for their jobs. Further, they have to get their platform heard, one that makes a lot of sense to a lot of people tired of the two-party antics. They may be on the way as the third party, but not likely in our lifetime.

A few years back, I got one... (Below threshold)

A few years back, I got one of those electronic chess boards that was for training. I would set it on the "4 year old with ADD" level and it would kick my ass in usually 6 moves.

Arb, I was thinking the exa... (Below threshold)

Arb, I was thinking the exact same thing, lol. I love that movie!

My brother kicks my ass at chess. I don't have the patience for it.

Here's the Sicilian ... (Below threshold)
As I mentioned in the earli... (Below threshold)

As I mentioned in the earlier thread, this will never happen because the major partoes co-opt the winning ideas, which works out for everyone because without a majority you can't pass anything anyway.

Third parties also fail because they are subject to what I call the "Law of Third-Party Partisan Perversity," which states that any success by a third-party will hurt every cause they champion by taking away voters from the major party more sympathetic to their cause.

Remember, Ross Perot's "Reform Party" gave us Clinton - twice. And Nader has been credited with putting Bush over the top in 2000.

I used to like chess, before I found out about StarCraft.

When it comes to a third pa... (Below threshold)

When it comes to a third party - I prefer the Sicilian offense - Find out where your opponent lives. Then you put a dead horse head in their bed and let them get the message.

As LJD points out, t... (Below threshold)

As LJD points out, the Free State Project is essentially dead in the water: check its timeline, check its membership, and decide for yourself if it will ever meet its goal.

I know you're trying to mak... (Below threshold)

I know you're trying to make a broader point, but what you described is not the Sicilian. Whoever you were playing, though he smoked you, didn't know what he was talking about with regards to the Sicilian. FWIW...

I just realized something..... (Below threshold)

I just realized something...

The chess moves have NAMES?

Crap, I'm never gonna learn to play.

ClusterChuck is correct. T... (Below threshold)

ClusterChuck is correct. The configuration Jay describes is not a Sicilian Defense. Don't know exactly what it is. Only time I can remember seeing it was in a game by Paul Morphy from last century.

Not that this has anything to do with Jay's main point, though. I just love to nitpick.

Sounds like a closed game s... (Below threshold)

Sounds like a closed game system, akin to a 'Four Knights' game.

I think the Sicilian is Black's response to White's King Pawn Four move, answering with the Queen's Bishop Pawn to four. Everything thereafter evokes some variation of the Sicilian Defense.

Of course, if you play against casual players, it's probably very rattling for them when you say something like, "Oh, yes. The vaunted Versaci-Roon Defense! I know that one well". hehe

I have not played in ages. Stopped before they started using the present system (algebraic?) for plotting the board/moves.

As for Libertarians, every time I begin to think I might be one, I hear one rant and that persuades otherwise.


FYI, the Free State Project... (Below threshold)

FYI, the Free State Project (http://www.freestateproject.org) is alive and well.
Hundreds have moved already. Keep in mind, the FSP itself is non-political, but the individual members who move as a result of it aren't... We're doing lots in NH, but keeping a mostly low profile.... so don't expect to see "FSP" labeled activity. NH is the new home for libertarians, but many libertarians aren't even aware of it yet. Our monthly meet and greet informal get togethers are larger than most states LP conventions, and the more who join us, the more we can do.






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