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I, too, have a scream...

When Howard Dean's "I Have A Scream" speech became the Howl Heard Round the World, I was secretly thrilled. I immediately made it my Shutdown and Critical Stop sounds on my computer. I told everyone it was because I found it so entertaining, but it was more than that.

I had a shock of familiarity when I heard his "YEARGH!" because I can do that shriek almost perfectly, and have been for years, long before I ever heard of Dr. Dean from next door in Vermont. (I saved it for special occasions.)

Back during the New Hampshire primaries, I put it to good use. When a volunteer for the Dean campaign called my home (thank God for Caller ID), I used it to answer the phone. I actually got a laugh out of them. I even got to use it on a couple local talk shows.

Tonight I found that I could actually get some use out of that talent... if I were to fly about a thousand miles south and go to a certain DC bookstore. I don't care for bobbleheads, but a Dean one might be fun...

I guess I'll have to see if any local venues decide to copy their idea. Man, I hope so. A howl is a terrible thing to waste.


Update: Because the people have spoken (Well, Scott has spoken, so blame him),here is an MP3 of my scream. I swear, it sounds so much more accurate live... I blame my cheap audio setup.
Jay Tea humiliates himself


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Comments (10)

Rather (yearrrggh, what I j... (Below threshold)

Rather (yearrrggh, what I just wrote!) than a bobblehead doll, one of those motion detector setoff Dean-Screamer dolls would be, well, both horrid and funny at the same time. You know, move too close, YEAARRGHHHH! Raise your hand, YEAARGGHHHH! Answer the phone, YEARRGGHHHH! It COULD have it's benefits, like for unwelcome calls, the wrong person at the door. Which gives me an idea: a Door-Troll-Dean-Scream-Motion-Detetector Doll! Leave it at the doorstep, scare everyone away, more time to sit undisturbed before the screen...

Hey Jay, Can we g... (Below threshold)

Hey Jay,

Can we get that on tape?,

Oh wait, even if it's on tape it doesn't exist if you (sorry, CNN --oops Davos fxxks) don't release it.

C'mon Jay, use your technical wizardry and at least provide us with a link to your best Dean scream.


at 3:20 in the a.m. Jay, me... (Below threshold)

at 3:20 in the a.m. Jay, me thinks you are incredibly funny. Too much caffeine dear?
That was great.
I'd buy the doll suzy...run with it

Okay, here's what we're gon... (Below threshold)

Okay, here's what we're gonna do. After Howlin' Howard has taken over as DNC chairman, we'll get the VRWC Commando Team together, secretly abduct the real HH Dean and replace him with Jay Tea.

(Oops, is this microphone on?)

<a href="http://blog.sodalu... (Below threshold)


I keep that link handy just in case I find myself aflame or being electrocuted. Unlike Jay, my voice wont do that.

I doubt that anyone, includ... (Below threshold)

I doubt that anyone, including Jay, could do as much damage mailiciously as Howard is going to unintentionally. Let's keep Jay here writing for our entertainment and let Howard put in his very best effort there.

Aw, I just enjoy throwing a... (Below threshold)

Aw, I just enjoy throwing a rock into a slumbering flock of barking moonbats, that's all.

You wait -- some DUmbass will pick it up and run with it.

I just think you're screami... (Below threshold)

I just think you're screamingly funny.


Thanks, Pretty goo... (Below threshold)


Pretty good. But you still don't sound as nuts as Dean.

Guess being nuts helps when you're trying to sound nuts.

J,I'm glad I didn'... (Below threshold)


I'm glad I didn't have to hear that scream; it drives me nuts.

But I do find you screamingly funny.







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