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Debbie Gibson Naked

Note: If you're looking for pictures see Celebrity Nude Showdown - Debbie Gibson Vs. Tiffany

Mostly because of an unhealthy obsession of one of our commenters, (yes that would be you Mr. T) I bring you news that not only will Debbie Gibson be singing naked, but, the rumor Kevin reported on weeks ago, about her appearing naked in Playboy is true.

Ms. Gibson will appear in the Feb 11th issue for an 8 page ..um spread. [Preview picture below the break]

So if you wanted news of Debbie Gibson nude, naked or having her pictures in Playboy, we have it.*


*And now so does google. ;-)

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Comments (22)

Gee, that was the subject h... (Below threshold)

Gee, that was the subject header of countless USENET & e-mail spam. Guess it's finally coming true.

You realize, of course, tha... (Below threshold)

You realize, of course, that we fully expect the scans to be posted by Feb 12.

For those of you who need s... (Below threshold)

For those of you who need something to tide you over in the meantime, here's some pictures of Candice Michelle, whom you may know better as the girl from the GoDaddy.com ad that aired during the Super Bowl.


Fantastic News! Er, no wai... (Below threshold)
Ray Midge:

Fantastic News! Er, no wait a second. This isn't the late 80's/early 90's you say? We're not getting Debbie Gibson... some imposter named Deborah Gibson?

Either I've aged beyond caring or she's aged beyond the point of my caring. Either way, Playboy, bringing you what you wanted to see... 20 years after the fact.

Hey now, she's only 34! If... (Below threshold)

Hey now, she's only 34! If you think Playboy is 20 years late, Ray, then that's a little sick ;)

Debbie's still got it GOING ON. Just check out her photo gallery.

Okay, I knew if I looked ha... (Below threshold)

Okay, I knew if I looked hard enough, I'd find Debbie before the pictures actually came out. I haven't found them all, but I did find a few.

Here you go, enjoy!

Jared:Saw your pic... (Below threshold)
Ray Midge:


Saw your pictures. I stand quite corrected, she's holding together more than adequately.

Funny though, she and I were born in the same year and I look at what the "Debbie Gibon" I was attracted to as a 16 year old and 17 year old (her older photos on your site) and I realize I was a quite obviously a pedophile at that age. Luckily, I appear to have grown out of it as I now find the "Deborah Gibson" age/appearance much more 'stimulating.'

That should be a lesson to those who, on the previous entry about pedophile punishment exclaimed "They can never change!" I'm living proof you can.

Debbie Gibson. Not... (Below threshold)

Debbie Gibson.

Not bad, would have been nicer TWENTY YEARS AGO, but not bad.

Those airbrush guys did a nice job.

They got rid of her third nipple - not that I would know, because she's always walking around naked or something.

"d...d...d...debbie gibson ... (Below threshold)

"d...d...d...debbie gibson is pregnant/ with my two-headed love child"

Mojo Nixon must be happy...


Geez, ya make one lousy ana... (Below threshold)

Geez, ya make one lousy analogy between C-BS and 80's bubblegum pop singers, and ya never live it down...

For the record: the only Debbie Gibson song I can name is "Electric Youth," and I doubt I'd even recognize it if I heard it. I just remembered she and Tiffany came out at about the same time, and Gibson wrote her own songs. I woulda made a Madonna/Cyndi Lauper comparison, but C-BS had the "Tiffany" name going for it already.


Actually Jay that was not a... (Below threshold)

Actually Jay that was not aimed at you. It was for a commenter.

And anyway, Tiffany, somewh... (Below threshold)

And anyway, Tiffany, somewhat bolstered by upholstery changes, has already done a Playboy spread.

I spent enough time on Usenet to know that somewhere there's a fortysomething pervert who's not going to be able to stand this and is going to go totally apeshit.

(Don't look at me. I'm past fifty.)

Well debbie has still a goo... (Below threshold)

Well debbie has still a good body to show. Lets not judge her anyway she is responsible to whatever actions she would take. She's old enough to know what is right and what is wrong. I just felt sad that she went like that coz i really admired her since i was in the elementary. Lets give her the benefit of the doubt.

Well, from that pic, I'd sa... (Below threshold)

Well, from that pic, I'd say there's some evidence to suggest she has a good body to show.

Of course, I'll have to buy this month's PB to be certain.

Purely for research purposes, of course.

Ugh, that's a dirty trick -... (Below threshold)

Ugh, that's a dirty trick -- I click on the word 'naked' expecting something good and get a Debbie Gibson song.

I used to be in a band that got a little popular and when people asked us what our inspirations and influences were we'd say that we had Debbie Gibson locked up in a closet in our basement.

Guess she go out.

"Guess she go out" is cavem... (Below threshold)

"Guess she go out" is caveman speak for -- guess she got out.

She once had a decent ca... (Below threshold)

She once had a decent camel toe ... :: shrug ::

Who is Debbie Gibson and sh... (Below threshold)

Who is Debbie Gibson and should I care?

Web1110 is showing his yout... (Below threshold)

Web1110 is showing his youth

I thought she was a real do... (Below threshold)
Bobby Luve:

I thought she was a real doll when I seen her first perform at 16 and I still think she is a doll.
I have had a crush on her for 18 years now.
I like her music and her voice.

i am still in love with deb... (Below threshold)
ian weightmam:

i am still in love with debbie & always will

Yes she is a doll and i thi... (Below threshold)
ian weightmam:

Yes she is a doll and i think that i have had a crush on her for longer than you have bobby






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