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Eason Jordan Validates His Accusers

I don't know about you, but this remark chapped my behind.

"After 23 years at CNN, I have decided to resign in an effort to prevent CNN from being unfairly tarnished by the controversy over conflicting accounts of my recent remarks regarding the alarming number of journalists killed in Iraq," Jordan said in a letter to colleagues.

The only "conflicting account" came from Eason Jordan. Everyone else reported the same thing.

By resigning, Jordan has admitted that the account given by his accusers is correct. He falsely accused U.S. soldiers of murdering journalists. The WEF could have easily released only the tape of his remarks had he requested them to. That would not have violated any ethics or confidentiality.

If his account were true, simply releasing the tape would have made his accusers look like idiots. He had every reason to release them -- assuming he was telling the truth.

The extend to which blogs have shaped news events is often up for debate. Let there be no mistake... This was a clean kill. Even 5 years ago, he would have gotten away with it. The relentless pressure of the blogosphere made it clear that he had some explaining to do. When a sitting United States Senator called for him to release the tapes, it was all over.

Eason Jordan has been a blight on CNN and the profession of journalism for years. It is so much the better he is gone. But simply resigning from CNN is not enough. This man must, by self-selection or blogosphere guilt, never be allowed to control a media outlet again. His reckless disregard for the truth is disqualification enough without bringing his anti-American bias into it.

Perhaps he can go teach somewhere... because the blogosphere has a very long memory.

Update Howie Kurtz still hasn't figured out that Jordan isn't signing his checks any more. Kurtz tried to lay it off as a blogosphere hit job... Never once mentioning that Jordan could just show us the tape. Typical MSM bullshit.


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Comments (29)

"Perhaps he can go teach so... (Below threshold)

"Perhaps he can go teach somewhere."

I hear the U of Colorado system will be hiring.

Heh.The Lefties/De... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:


The Lefties/Dems just haven't learned yet that the free ride is over. The real hardcore Lefties and loonies may never learn.

btw, has Mary Mapes,et al, actually resigned yet? I know CBS SAID she would, I know she is SUPPOSED to resign....but has she actually resigned yet?

Mapes was terminated "effec... (Below threshold)

Mapes was terminated "effective immediately."

I heard it took the rest a while to find the door. I assume they have by now but someone will comment soon enough.

Next.......... (Below threshold)


This man must, by self-sele... (Below threshold)

This man must, by self-selection or blogosphere guilt, never be allowed to control a media outlet again.

Blogosphere guilt?

Blogosphere memory?

Sounds like a power trip.

- In general the AssHats, m... (Below threshold)

- In general the AssHats, moonbats, progressives, whatever else they're calling themselves these days to try to hide their damaged minds have, over the past two years, given me a whole new appreciation for the real emotional power of the disease called "denial"......

It pains me, but I have to ... (Below threshold)

It pains me, but I have to give props to Rep. Frank and Sen. Dodd in this matter. I know that they were not out in front of this issue, but they did person like stand up men when called upon to give their accounting of what had been said.

I think we will see/hear the tapes pretty soon. The only reason one would resign at this point would be that you knew the tapes were coming out soon, and you also knew that the facts would certainly not closely conincide with the BS after the fact explaination that he was trying to provide.

Good riddance, Mr. Jordan. I am sure that Atrios, Kos, Soros, or MediaMatters will be happy to offer you a job !

Once again that terrible WM... (Below threshold)

Once again that terrible WMD that conservatives possess but liberals don't has done it's job. The truth hurts. The only reason it worked this time is a video is known to exist and would have eventually been aired. They'll be more careful in the future. Now that it's over the video won't be released, kinda makes me wonder if there wasn't something else on it that would have been more damaging.

At least one attendee of th... (Below threshold)

At least one attendee of the conference backed up Jordan's account.

Maybe not enough to counteract the groupthink going on here, but thought you'd like to know.

Hey- Then let's see the tap... (Below threshold)

Hey- Then let's see the tape! Right?

sigh... at least groupthink beats nothink.

" Let there be no mistake.... (Below threshold)

" Let there be no mistake... This was a clean kill."


Personally, I don't care if... (Below threshold)

Personally, I don't care if he said it at Davos or not--he has a history of making anti-American statements and CNN is corrupt and biased.
Just another lefty media liar gone and the pool is that much cleaner for it.

Death to the Talking Heads:... (Below threshold)

Death to the Talking Heads: The Implosion of the Main Stream Media

Today, Eason Jordan of CNN was forced to resign. Barely a month ago, CBS fired or asked to resgin Mary Mapes, Betsy West, Josh Howard, Mary Murphy, Mary Mapes, and Dan Rather, after the blogs pointed out that they were using forged documents.

People are tired of being fed liberal inuendo and half-truths by the talking heads under the false guise of objectivity. Main Stream Media, as we know it, is dead. They just don't know it yet.

The bloggers are evaluating every story in the world, and, once a story catches on in the blogs, moving with inconceivable speed in all directions. In short, the MSM is facing the most perfect journalistic system ever conceived in the history of the world, and they think that they're up against a bunch of pajama clad hacks. (I don't even wear pajamas. ;)

So, turn off your television. Cancel your subscription to that dead-tree newspaper. And welcome to the world of real, honest journalism.


Gentlefolk; thank you. Than... (Below threshold)

Gentlefolk; thank you. Thank you, thank you and thank you again.
Isn't it wonderful that we can find a medium that is generated by ordinary folks like us.
People who want to know the truth, rather then being fed warmed over spit by the leftist fringe element?

"The only reason it work... (Below threshold)

"The only reason it worked this time is a video is known to exist and would have eventually been aired. They'll be more careful in the future."

Perhaps, bullwinkle. But next time, the microcams and microphones will have been planted in the conference rooms ahead of time by the hackers and bribed chambermaids, and an attempt by the WEF to stonewall will be met, not by angry demands that the videotape be released, but by the distribution over the Internet of a dozen and a half MP3s and AVIs of the "off-the-record" meeting.

Once again the cover up fai... (Below threshold)

Once again the cover up fails the liars. The Old Media no longer has exclusive access to the public microphone.

If we all say 'the sun rise... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

If we all say 'the sun rises in the east', is that groupthink?

If it's true, is it still 'groupthink'?

Group, will I get an answer to those questions?


The ration of attendees who... (Below threshold)

The ration of attendees who found Jordan's comments odious and preposterous to those who thought they were taken out of context was 7-2. Jordan is counted in the 2. Jordan and CNN could have diffused the situation by calling for the release of the tape, which could have confirmed his position.

The problem is that CNN and Jordan probably reviewed the tape and saw that Jordan opened mouth, inserted foot, then inserted the other foot and proceeded to impale himself. CNN knew that if it released the tape, not only would Jordan be screwed, but so would CNN.

So, CNN cut him loose without releasing the tape because they knew how damaging things really were. No matter how much weaseling Jordan did after the fact, it couldn't cover the salient issue, which is what he said before an international audience and the response from that audience.

I would still want to see the tape released, just to confirm or deny what actually happened.

Rob Kiser - "...moving with... (Below threshold)

Rob Kiser - "...moving with inconceivable speed in all directions..."

You said it beautifully! Speed of particle flow is making all the difference. MSM arrows vs blogosphere lasers.

John "A" Braue - I like the way you think!

CNN was recently represente... (Below threshold)

CNN was recently represented as flailing in ratings...and in the course of looking for pix of Jordan, I found numerous articles with quotes by him over many of the past years that all focused on Jordan saying that one type or another of journalist was being "targeted" by someone or the other, and it seems that Jordan's had this one-note samba going for a long time now, just only recently caught fire because he's now saying targeted by "the U.S." (close enough)...so it occured to me that once again we see a fall guy here.

Not giving Jordan a pass of any kind here, just that his ongoing statements over the years (go do a Google Image search of Jordan and see the related articles, some that I read from 2003 and forward) have all been this very same theme, this very same point over and over again: "journalists targeted by (name your group or government here)".

So it's not like he said anything new at that conference, and coupled with CNN's failings recently, seems like it's possible that Jordan will be another Rather: moved on over and out but the problem of the host remains.

Just saying, is all, because it isn't like CBS after Rather has shown any new colors, and I'm wondering if but what this is just another case of the old Mainstream Media Two Step.

I guess everyone is targeti... (Below threshold)

I guess everyone is targeting CNN journalists, at least according to Jordan.

From April, 2003: CNN executive: Iraq targeted network's journalists

apologies if this had been brought up before.

Suzy - looks like we're loo... (Below threshold)

Suzy - looks like we're looking at the same thing here. His one-note-samba starts even earlier - see Oct 2002. I'd be interested to know if he made any such pronouncements prior to Feb. 02 when Daniel Pearl was killed:


Re: Eason Jordan's accusations that the US military deliberately caused journalists' deaths. Over at captainsquartersblog.com there is data about Eason making similar claims against the Israeli military in Oct. 2002.

When someone falsely attacks another, I look to see if the accuser carries guilt on the same subject. (Recent example: Kerry accusing Bush of being AWOL during Vietnam, while Kerry himself wouldn't release his own records.)

Therefore, I am intrigued by a March 31, 2004 article by Paul here at wizbangblog regarding Jordan Eason being involved with Daniel Pearl's widow. As I recall, the story goes that Daniel Pearl, an Israeli-American journalist working for the Wall Street Journal then, was murdered by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002. The more I read of Daniel Pearl's worldview, the more I like him. (See 6th paragraph). My gut feeling is that WSJ probably served as cover for more important info gathering.

So I begin to wonder when did Eason first meet Mrs. Pearl. Was it after or before she became a widow? The WP article quoted by Paul in March 04 contradicts itself on the timing:

"…Jordan, 43, got to know Pearl, 36, who now lives in New York, after Islamic terrorists killed her husband in Pakistan two years ago. Colleagues said they don't know how long Jordan and Pearl have been an item."

If they don't know how long, then they don't know it was after the killing.

In a 2/2/02 article: "American journalist Daniel Pearl has been killed. This was claimed in a letter that was e-mailed to CNN and the Wall Street Journal…"

Why CNN?

Could CNN's Eason have had information on Daniel Pearl's mission which if leaked, could have endangered Pearl? I'll see if Google will be my friend. Does anyone reading this know more details? Did Eason marry Mariane Pearl?

I am reminded of the Old Testament story of a king who sent a man into the frontlines so that the king could have his wife.

The Eason Jordan - Mariane ... (Below threshold)

The Eason Jordan - Mariane Pearl question:

A 4/1/04 article puts their connection sometime in mid-2002:

"I have known Jordan for almost a year," she wrote in a letter to The Washington Post last April [2003]. "From the start, I was surprised by how ethical Jordan is and how dedicated he is to issues of journalistic ethics..."

[And just above that:]
"The 36-year-old Pearl stood by Eason Jordan last year when he faced criticism after admitting he hadn't reported some info he'd learned during 13 trips to Iraq for 'fear of endangering our staff in Baghdad.'"

[At the top of the article:]
"The widow of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl is said to have found love again with a married CNN executive who oversaw the network's coverage of her husband's kidnapping by terrorists."

So, her husband was kidnapped in Jan 02, killed in Feb 02. Eason oversaw coverage in Jan 02, but according to her she didn't meet him until mid-2002.

Does anyone have info whether Eason and Mariane Pearl knew each other before the kidnapping?

What does it tell you about... (Below threshold)

What does it tell you about CNN, when their story about Eason Jordan's resignation is put in the ENTERTAINMENT section of their web site?

Main Stream Media: A Requie... (Below threshold)

Main Stream Media: A Requiem for the New Age

The beauty of the blogs is that no one owns them, and the aren't conrolled by any single power, at least at this point. They don't clearly fall under the direction of the FCC or the FBI or the DEA or the NTSB. As such, they're basically the embodiment of the "free press" our founding fathers originally advocated. They warned against "licensing of the press", which is, of course, the sole purpose of the FCC and the NPA of 1970. The blogs wouldn't be important, if it weren't for the collosal consolidation of thought that has occurred in the Main Stream Media(MSM). Specifically:

Newspapers - Most large U.S. cities are single-paper-cities. Legal monopolies (technicllay Joint Opperating Agreements) allowed by ill-conceived Newspaper Preservation Act of 1970). No competition of ideas in the editorial department. If you don't agree with me, you won't work here. Next.

Radio Stations - A massive consolidation of radio stations is undeniable, and bad for the medium. Clear Channel owns something absurd like 60% of all radio programming in the United States. So, if your thoughts disagree with theirs, you're not likely to be heard on the radio any time soon.

Television - Ditto with the radio stations. Massive consolidation of ownership equates to massive thought consolidation. Collin Powell's little boy ran the FCC into the ground during his tenure. When the rest of the country could clearly see that consolidation of thought would be detrimental to the medium, Powell punted and allowed still greater concentration of television station ownership.

All of these three mediums are, unfortunately, a one way push of ideas. From producer to consumer. Shut up and take it...here it comes. This is the news...I'm going to read it to you know.

The only chance people had to refute the inuendo and half-truths that results from the consolidation of though, coextant with the consolidation of ownership, was to write letters to the editor. Then, the editor would decide if the letters were printed or aired. It was a rigged game, and the consumers of this facile news product were sick of playing.

Enter the Blogs

The blogs are a breath of fresh air. It's a chance for people to participate in a true two-way communication where a guy can hammer out a scathing rebuttal in his home office, and be the talk over the office water coolers all over the world the next day, if his ideas and facts check out, and make logical sense.

The line that separates news producers from news consumers, the journalist from the reader, the publisher from the subscriber, has been unequivocably eradicated, as Eason Jordan and Dan Rather learned the hard way. No longer will the talking heads be allowed to lecture down their pretentious noses to the huddled, unquestioning masses. Those days are over.

The MSM has lost their ability to censor the consumer of the news. Their relationship has been changed. The genie is out of the bottle. There's no turning back. The MSM will be forced to adopt or to wither completely.

Can The Old Media Survive?

Because people will still want to read their newspaper on the train into work and want the news read to them in the evening, the dead tree papers and the talking heads will still have a place in our society, but it will be radically different than the way it is today.

The talking heads will have to re-introduce themselves to the very basic principles of journalism. Make a least a half-hearted attempt to be fair and balanced for a start.

They will have to open their own windows into the blogosphere, allow viewers to post comments, and read them.

They will have to use the blogosphere to help identify stories from conception through resolution. They will have to work with the blog swarm, instead of against it.

They will have to post their stories online, and cross-link to other competing news sites to lend credibility to their "facts". Currently, their facts are often not entirely true, and they have suffered a tremendous loss of credibility due to this.

They can still have reporters writing stories, checking facts, but they will do this in very close concert with the blogosphere. Something similar to what Michelle Malkin did with the Eason Jordan story. She came to it somewhat late, but then hit the ground running. She got the big players to go on the record with quotes. That's journalism. That's what drives the blogs.

So, this is the only place where the MSM can add value to journalism. Using existing relationships to get people to go on the record with quotes, producing informed balanced opinions, etc., and adding them to their own blogs on the internet. Then, the talking heads will essentially read their corporate news blog the air. The newspapers can print the blogs onto dead-trees.

In the long run, news on the televsion, radio, and in print will become nothing more than a mouthpiece to report what is occurring in the blogosphere. The old media can survive in the new world order only by realizing this and adopting the new media and adapting it's methods to survive. If they don't do this, then they will find themselves as flatfooted as CNN, that didn't have a blip on Eason Jordan until he was forced to resign. Then, they were in the awkward position of reporting that he had resigned over an issue they had chosen not to cover. This will not be allowed to continue. If the mainstream media doesn't wake up, and adopt the blogosphere to their own purposes, then other news channels will rise to repleace them on television, radio, and in print.


What does it tell you ab... (Below threshold)

What does it tell you about CNN, when their story about Eason Jordan's resignation is put in the ENTERTAINMENT section of their web site?


Maybe they think this is all a big joke, kind of an insider's slap at the blogosphere? Nah, clearly I'm giving them way too much credit. If that was their intent, then we all know who is laughing last.

Seriously, I was thinking the same thing. The termination of one of the most influential executives CNN has ever produced was reported in an irrelevant section just before the weekend (Friday, February 11, 2005 Posted: 10:14 PM EST (0314 GMT)) - clearly an attempt to cover the story (or cover as in conceal) without actually covering it in a manner sufficient for its import. From a short-term business perspective, it was probably wise to handle the termination in such a manner. From a news media integrity angle, this was very unwise. The transparency of this "subtle" attempt to conceal reinforces the belief that future news will remain slanted.

CNN could have made a clean break and taken the opportunity to trumpet the firing, um, resignation on the front page as an offering of proof that a "new, fair product" was about to be revealed to the public. Yes, it would have meant throwing a colleague under the bus and that sure would not have been pleasant. Nonetheless, it might have at least earned some respect among an audience that is increasingly cynical of its bias. Reacquiring that lost respect would have bouyed the morale of real reporters/journalists in that corporation and, given time, would draw share and improve the bottom line. I'm guessing they are still interested in making money.

I always think of CNN/Jorda... (Below threshold)

I always think of CNN/Jordan as the people who censored the news coming out of Iraq before the war. How they got a pass on that one, beats me.

Yeah, julie, and I always r... (Below threshold)

Yeah, julie, and I always remember the day that Saddam Hussein was captured and Judy Woodruff looked like she was going to cry on air. Very, very sad, very sympathetic...toward Hussein.

-S-: Really? Maybe, she was... (Below threshold)

-S-: Really? Maybe, she wasn't feeling sad for Saddam, but sadness that Bush pulled it off.






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