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Google Blogger Sacked

Mark Jen recently left Microsoft because it was old and stodgy. He packed up and moved from Seattle to San Francisco to take a job as an associate product manager with Google because they he thought they were hip and dynamic. He blogged about his experiences at Google on his blog - ninetyninezeros (life @ google from the inside)

Google was not impressed, especially when he compared the Microsoft and Google pay and benefits packages and found Google coming up short. Google fired Jen 11 days into his new job.


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Comments (13)

Not really feeling sorry fo... (Below threshold)

Not really feeling sorry for the guy. Biting the hand that feeds ou is never wise. Sure, he has the political right to act like an ass...Posting there compensation packages and bitching about his was just plain stupid and assinine.

He just shouldn't be so surprised when he is treated like one.

Gee, Prof. Churchill can sa... (Below threshold)

Gee, Prof. Churchill can say just about anything and get away with it for $94,000 a year and the lefties go nuts if anyone tries to stop him but this guy gets canned and they aren't circling the wagons?
I believe in personal responsibility. You check out the benefit package BEFORE you take the job, or you keep your mouth shut. Some lessons need to be learned the hard way.

Good rule of thumb: it's ge... (Below threshold)

Good rule of thumb: it's generally not wise to bitch about your job online if you work for a freaking online search engine provider.

"Good rule of thumb: it's g... (Below threshold)

"Good rule of thumb: it's generally not wise to bitch about your job online if you work for a freaking online search engine provider." - Myopist.

Thanks for making me laugh. Hard to feel sorry for this guy. All I can think of is -- Duh!

What a Moron. But he moved ... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

What a Moron. But he moved to NoCal, what more need to be said?

Actions ... Consequences... (Below threshold)

Actions ... Consequences ...

Sometimes they just jump up and bite ya' in the A$$?

Gail, I'm not sure what thi... (Below threshold)

Gail, I'm not sure what this case has to do with smacking lefties, but I agree the guy was, shall we say, lacking in judgment.

SA--LOL. A good lesson, I'm sure.

Hmmm. I just wonder where h... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. I just wonder where his page ranks in their search engines.

I rather agree with Gail... (Below threshold)

I rather agree with Gail. If he didn't check the pay-and-perq package before taking the job, he should be fired not for disloyalty, but for incompetence.

Think I will buy more Googl... (Below threshold)

Think I will buy more Google stock, they are obviuosly on the ball and weeding out the cretins.

Faith hit it on the head. T... (Below threshold)

Faith hit it on the head. This guy has the political right to say whatever he wants, and his employer has the political right to fire him for disclosing confidential information.

Ain't freedom grand?

Did anybody read his post c... (Below threshold)

Did anybody read his post comparing the Google and Microsoft pay and benies? I wonder what those guys are getting.

Let's say you work for a bu... (Below threshold)
John S.:

Let's say you work for a bunch of idiots, say like at Pac Bell, and you want to have some public fun at their expense (and become a millionaire at the same time), it's best to depict a fictionized version of your employment. You and I call it Dilbert.






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