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New York Governor George Pataki is having a serious domestic help crisis. The New York Post reports that New York state GOP officials have now admitted to hiring two personal assistants for Gov. Pataki's wife (Libby) dating back to 1995. The assistants served as household servants to the Patakis, doing such tasks as: buying their groceries, moving lawn furniture, pool maintenance, picking up and dropping of dry cleaning, etc.

It's hardly shocking then that the Associated Press reports that Pataki's job approval rating has sunk to 34 percent - the lowest of his 10-year tenure as governor.

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MAN! What I wouldn't give f... (Below threshold)

MAN! What I wouldn't give for two personal servants! Who cares about approval ratings when life is so sweet. Do you have any idea how happy his wife must be?

Getting someone else to do all those things, I might have time to blog even more!

Makes it kinda hard to iden... (Below threshold)

Makes it kinda hard to identify with everyday folks (at least in the mind of everyday folks).
In Alabama George Wallace used to use murderers serving life sentences for domestics. Can't say everyday folks can identify with that but you have to credit him for being able to sleep soundly in that situation.

Kevin, just to let you know... (Below threshold)

Kevin, just to let you know, I don't think "serverd" is a word.

Makes it look like the assistants SEVERED the household servants ;-)

[Ed - That would be a good story. Fixed.]






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