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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Comedian Al Franken shows some notes to Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe at the National Building Museum, Thursday, Feb. 10, 2005 in Washington. Franken, former President William Jefferson Clinton, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., and other gathered for a tribute to McAuliffe. Franken announced earlier today that he will not run for political office next year. (AP Photo/Haraz Ghanbari)

Update: Winners announced. Comments are now closed.


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Comments (126)

"So, are these Air America'... (Below threshold)

"So, are these Air America's ratings?"

"You weren't good enough; y... (Below threshold)

"You weren't good enough; you weren't smart enough; and, gosh darnit, you never won an election"

Your are right Al, it says ... (Below threshold)

Your are right Al, it says right here "I am a moron." Wow, who knew.

Psst, read this script, doe... (Below threshold)

Psst, read this script, doesn't it show how good I am? doesn't it, doesn't it?

"Don't fret Terry, I still ... (Below threshold)

"Don't fret Terry, I still love ya. You can come run my campaign into the ground in 2008."

And you'll forever know tha... (Below threshold)

And you'll forever know that I, Al, am proclaming my love for you today.

Franken: Whoaa Nelly, at th... (Below threshold)
Shivas Irons:

Franken: Whoaa Nelly, at this angle I can see right right out the other side.

Al: you look so beautiful i... (Below threshold)

Al: you look so beautiful in the spotlight.

Wow - these new hologrammat... (Below threshold)

Wow - these new hologrammatic memos are so lifelike!

Al's thought bubble.... (Below threshold)

Al's thought bubble
. o O (Now that I have him distracted, I can reach over here and...)

Sorry, my needle skipped. C... (Below threshold)
Shivas Irons:

Sorry, my needle skipped. Cheers.

Al:Too much lies abo... (Below threshold)

Too much lies about the Liars who tell lies?

Karl Rove insider smiles kn... (Below threshold)

Karl Rove insider smiles knowingly as he lures another unsuspecting Democrat into his continuing web of failure.

haha @ faith + 1, funny nam... (Below threshold)

haha @ faith + 1, funny name. Thats one of the best south park episodes ever.


Al: so I faxed this to CBS from a kinkos...

Al: "I LOOOVE YOOOOU!"... (Below threshold)


Al: "I found some more ball... (Below threshold)

Al: "I found some more ballots in Washington State"

Pick out who is Frick and w... (Below threshold)

Pick out who is Frick and who is Frack.

OK, Terry, my strategy didn... (Below threshold)

OK, Terry, my strategy didn't work out so well for you in 2004... But this time I have someREALLY good advice.

Al: "Terry what are you doi... (Below threshold)

Al: "Terry what are you doing wearing that American Flag on your lapel? You should be ashamed."

then we can both stick our ... (Below threshold)

then we can both stick our snouts in the public trough and feed off the taxpayers

text...Keep reading this... (Below threshold)

text...Keep reading this, act like you're professional, that's it, good job. Ok, now turn and smile at the camera and act like you just read the report on Bush's failures.

Al: "No, Terry, you are not... (Below threshold)
Michael Kazmac:

Al: "No, Terry, you are not funnier than I am...it's a tie!"

Al's thought bubble:... (Below threshold)

Al's thought bubble:
. o O (Man I need a tan like him. He's just so sexy! I can't be thinking that, homosexuals are gay!)

"See Terry? It says right h... (Below threshold)

"See Terry? It says right here in your contract with George Soros that if you didn't get Kerry into the White House that you have to wash his limo every Saturday for a year. You got off easy, I have to shave his back on Tuesdays and Fridays and I hear that Shrum is cleaning his pool."

please unsubscribe me from ... (Below threshold)

please unsubscribe me from this thread

"Lets see, Martin,Ma... (Below threshold)

"Lets see, Martin,Mahoney,McDougal,Meissner.....phew.." Terry McAuliffe searchs the Clinton Death list for his name.

I need your initials here, ... (Below threshold)

I need your initials here, here and here and your signature here just below Satan's.

See...So far its only Power... (Below threshold)
Mike Lancaster:

See...So far its only PowerLine and VodkaPundit who think I'd be a silly Senator...we gotta do this Terry!

Al Franken watches attentiv... (Below threshold)

Al Franken watches attentively as Terry McCauliffe enjoys the hand-job Franken is giving him.

Al Franken and Terry McAuli... (Below threshold)

Al Franken and Terry McAuliffe discuss the top 10 Democratic Policies for regaining Congress and the White House:

1) Blame Bush
2) Obstruct Congress
3) Fillibuster Judges
4) At every news conference explain how the evil demented Nazi Repuglicans are dividing the country with their negative attacks on us.
5) Demand constitutional amendment to secede Jesusland
6) Devise strategy to convince the stupid, ignorant morons that we know better than them and that's why they should vote for us.
7) French Economic Policy: The right recipe for US.
8) Remember, Americans always vote for the bearers of bad news.
9) Ted Kennedy, 2008
10) Put Robert Byrd in charge of the NAACP

"What do you think this par... (Below threshold)

"What do you think this part means 'All your base belong to me', signed Howard Dean"?

Terry: "I see you didn't ga... (Below threshold)

Terry: "I see you didn't garner anything higher than a 0.0008 share for Air America."

Al: "Well then again Terry, I am only using your material and expect the ratings to get higher with Dean."

Yes Al, I've seen that memo... (Below threshold)

Yes Al, I've seen that memo..but if I were you I wouldn't try to run with it.

"Do I cry now or later?"</p... (Below threshold)

"Do I cry now or later?"

Just one kiss on the side o... (Below threshold)

Just one kiss on the side of the neck and he'll be mine.

Dang, I missed the obvious.... (Below threshold)

Dang, I missed the obvious. Franken is showing Terry stick-figure porn drawings to enhance the hand-job experience.

"Well, Terry, ya see here, this is a stick figure man. And the man has man genitals represented by this here squiggle. Well, the other stick figure is taking the other figure's man genital and..."

Either that or a print-out of DailyKos covering the Jeff Gannon story...

Are these really Bush's TAN... (Below threshold)

Are these really Bush's TANG records or is this another fake?

"How can you sell me your s... (Below threshold)

"How can you sell me your soul when according to this contract it's clear that you sold it to George Soros already?"

Al: "...and as you can see ... (Below threshold)

Al: "...and as you can see with another 20 million listeners I'll over take Rush Limbaugh as the king of Talk Radio"

Al: "It worked for Jesse, i... (Below threshold)

Al: "It worked for Jesse, it worked for Arnold. With my name recognition and your campaign skills I know I can be Senator."

These are nice, Al, but I t... (Below threshold)

These are nice, Al, but I think there's already a comic strip featuring a fat orange cat, his owner, and a dumb dog.

Franken says: " See Terry, ... (Below threshold)

Franken says: " See Terry, my internal numbers are better than yours. I should be DNC chief - not you!"

Come on, Terry! It's suppo... (Below threshold)

Come on, Terry! It's supposed to read: And here's the Frankin of Radio, not Frankenstein.

"I know the original Fra... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"I know the original Frankenweinie wasn't that good, but with me as the star, and if we get this script into Michael Moore's hands, who knows."

Frankin offers proof that t... (Below threshold)

Frankin offers proof that the suspect election results were produced in Microsoft Word.

Al: "say something "pithy"... (Below threshold)

Al: "say something "pithy" to boost my ratings"

See, this document clearly ... (Below threshold)

See, this document clearly shows it IS feasible to have both our heads shoved up each other's ass!

AL: "Terry, we used our las... (Below threshold)

AL: "Terry, we used our last radio audience survey to compile this list of dead people you can use in Ohio or Washington or somewhere else you need more votes."

"Uh, Terry? What's that big... (Below threshold)

"Uh, Terry? What's that big word right there spell?"

"We'll always have Paris"</... (Below threshold)

"We'll always have Paris"

hey wait a minute - that's ... (Below threshold)

hey wait a minute - that's not the real Terry - it's one of those Mission Impossible masks - and I'll bet it's Karl Rove underneath..........

Come here and kiss me.. The... (Below threshold)

Come here and kiss me.. Then you can be senator

"You complete me."... (Below threshold)

"You complete me."

Now Terry: hold the vision ... (Below threshold)
Jack in TX:

Now Terry: hold the vision of the happy, blue place in your mind while I read you the plan for "Franken 2008"..

AP Newswire: Al Franken (D-... (Below threshold)

AP Newswire: Al Franken (D-Moonbat) and Terry McAuliffe (D-outgoing DNC Charman), reviewing confirmed voter rolls for '06 elections, agree that there are actually three Democratic voters remaining, including themselves.

Hmmmmm... Al, I'm trying to... (Below threshold)
Jack in TX:

Hmmmmm... Al, I'm trying to listen, but your hand is so warm..

"Well, Al, the 'Franken for... (Below threshold)

"Well, Al, the 'Franken for Senate' report is in from our polling firm. Looks like you'd get about 50-52..."

"...percent? Great, let's do...'

"...No, votes."

Al: OK...I admit it... (Below threshold)

Al: OK...I admit it. I was the one that cut the cheese........

Can you believe those Repub... (Below threshold)
Ol' BC:

Can you believe those Republicans actually want to let poor people own something?

Terry, you're not Tom Davis... (Below threshold)

Terry, you're not Tom Davis, but why don't we go put on those gorilla outfits one more time?

"Al, I don't care how many ... (Below threshold)

"Al, I don't care how many DNA test results you show me. You and I are not brothers, and there s no way I'm going to let you live on the couch in my basement until Air America starts showing a profit. I don't know how many times I'm going to have to tell you that."

"But, Terry!"

"Hey, what does it say on the top of this page, anyway? 'Kinko's'? 'Abilene, TX'...?"

And you want to be m... (Below threshold)

And you want to be my latex salesman???

Terry: So you've covered 50... (Below threshold)

Terry: So you've covered 50 sheets of paper with the word "liar"? Interesting, well gotta go.

You're right, Al. This Ward... (Below threshold)

You're right, Al. This Ward Churchill fella is just what we need right now. Let's get him to meet with Dean immediately....

"The idea of a mixed-party ... (Below threshold)

"The idea of a mixed-party comedy ticket is tempting, Al, and I don't see any problems whatsoever with you running with Ben Stein as your Vice Presidential pick."

"Terry, this does not mean ... (Below threshold)

"Terry, this does not mean we will be taking long, warm showers together, does it?"

The "superscript" in the up... (Below threshold)

The "superscript" in the upper right? They won't notice...trust me.

"Come on, McAuliffe, take a... (Below threshold)

"Come on, McAuliffe, take a chance. You've got the venture capital. We can always boradcast from that abandoned oil platform in the North Sea."

Savor, for a moment, the sw... (Below threshold)

Savor, for a moment, the sweetest part of an Air America advertising contract: The logo is made of LSD.

"Look, Terry - right there.... (Below threshold)

"Look, Terry - right there. I've got a signed contract, goddammit! You have to let me give you a slobbery, on-air blowjob!"

How do you explain this, Al... (Below threshold)

How do you explain this, Al? I send you up to Canada for a CBC interview and now they want Fox!

Disgusted, you bet I'd disg... (Below threshold)

Disgusted, you bet I'd disgusted, Al. I found you the right typewriter. But look, right here. The date on these documents is suppose to be 1971 and you've typed 2005. You want Dan to be caught again?

Al Franken and Terry McAuli... (Below threshold)
Phil Smith:

Al Franken and Terry McAuliffe resignedly peruse the results of the in-depth academic study spanning three decades that proves, once and for all, that Tom Davis was the funny one.

"So I've been looking at th... (Below threshold)
Jeff Shaw:

"So I've been looking at these upside down? Al, that means we actually lost in "02 and '04!"

"These are just a few of th... (Below threshold)

"These are just a few of the thousands of reasons I think that we were meant to be together".

So thats what Hillary looks... (Below threshold)

So thats what Hillary looks like nude.

No, shit head; you're Tinke... (Below threshold)

No, shit head; you're Tinker Bell and I'm Peter Pan.

this is the part I look lon... (Below threshold)

this is the part I look longingling in your eyes and say "You my man!"

T: Kerry was right. Look a... (Below threshold)

T: Kerry was right. Look at this Form 180 Printout. He ran guns to the Khmer Rouge. He took a Message to Garcia. He took the 'A' Train. While on secret, extended duty as an OTTER, he saved a hamster. Gave Ho Chi Minh a manicure. He's a modern day Forrest Gump, with a dash of Sybil for gravitas.

A: Life is like a bottle of ketchup. You never know when it will drop out in a splot and stain your lucky hat.


T: I like the concept Al. We rename it Air Native America and get Ward Churchill a show. He'll make you sound more centrist. The casinos have lots of cash to help prop us up. And with the new costumes, we'll finally have some fringe benefits.

"Hmmm . .. yeah, I think '... (Below threshold)

"Hmmm . .. yeah, I think 'Air America side-kick bitch' has a nice ring to it. When can I start?"

"Yeah, it's a funny bit, b... (Below threshold)

"Yeah, it's a funny bit, but, I still think Charmin is softer"

"Kiss me, you fool!"... (Below threshold)

"Kiss me, you fool!"

T: Al, I didn't even know ... (Below threshold)

T: Al, I didn't even know I had a place in Seattle, let alone 600 roommates on the lease. Hope they all remembered to vote.

A: Not to mention your places in St. Louis, Milwaukee and Knoxville. You got more residents than Rhode Island!

alf: what a work is man...<... (Below threshold)

alf: what a work is man...

tmc: what does a sailor have to do to get a drink around here ?!

TM: You what really sucks, ... (Below threshold)

TM: You what really sucks, Al? I'm getting the sack for my performance, but according to this latest Arbitron report I was still doing better than Air America.
AF: F*ck off, Terry.

"Terry, you just need to ke... (Below threshold)

"Terry, you just need to keep telling yourself, 'I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And gosh darn it, people like me."

Wow! Hillary has much nicer... (Below threshold)

Wow! Hillary has much nicer tits than I thought!

"Let's call Nancy Pelosi an... (Below threshold)

"Let's call Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton and make a night of it."

Al: "So what do I do with t... (Below threshold)

Al: "So what do I do with these "Kerry clobbers Bush jokes?"

"Did I tell you Terry? Cond... (Below threshold)

"Did I tell you Terry? Condi Rice and I are engaged."

Whaddya mean, I look like S... (Below threshold)

Whaddya mean, I look like Sarah Bernhart. I am Sarah Burnhart!

Those bastards killed Kenny... (Below threshold)

Those bastards killed Kenny! Er, I mean Eason...

Al: We can reduce ... (Below threshold)


We can reduce Republican congressional seats significantly by putting in force the blacks counting as only 3/5ths of a person towards population.

Hey! You're right Al, our ... (Below threshold)

Hey! You're right Al, our last presidential plan to win back the White House IS softer and more absorbant than Charmin.

Just a little lower Al...ye... (Below threshold)

Just a little lower Al...yes that's it....aaaahhhh

"Listen, Terry. Bottom line... (Below threshold)

"Listen, Terry. Bottom line. We could really use some help filling some time slots over there, and I'm willing to do anything to make that happen. Catch my drift? Anything. Come on Terry, stop fussing with that and let me see your eyes......"

"And tho, I wath thinking, ... (Below threshold)

"And tho, I wath thinking, maybe at thith point, a promothional pair of thun glassthes to the firthst caller each hour.....Might bring thum ratingths. I dunno."

"Butter......Parkaaay..Butt... (Below threshold)

"Will you PLEASE stop so I can read this?! Jeeze! I'm on in like, 5 minutes.You never know when to quit, do you?"

"Faster..., now slower....,... (Below threshold)

"Faster..., now slower...., a little less grip there buddy, I'm not Lorne Michaels and this skit isn't very funny...."

"Look, Terry, 'pink slip' i... (Below threshold)

"Look, Terry, 'pink slip' is just a figure of speech. They can fire you with regular white stationery and there's nothing the ACLU can do about it."

No, "You guys can just my a... (Below threshold)

No, "You guys can just my ass", is not a good idea as a farewell speech to the DNC.

"Darling I know it hurts. T... (Below threshold)

"Darling I know it hurts. They're blaming the election all on you, just because they're jealous. Don't you see? Now, dry those tears, and give me that smile. C'mon. That's my baby. We'll play Uncle Ho and the Peace Marcher tonight, okay?"

So they told you to take a ... (Below threshold)

So they told you to take a hike too...

McCauliffe thought balloon ... (Below threshold)

McCauliffe thought balloon ...

"Yeah, right ... I risked my ass to skim $17 million off Global Crossing, and now this prick wants me to invest in 'Air America?"

When informed of the social... (Below threshold)

When informed of the social security crisis, Democrats continued to read My Pet Goat.

Franken:...1982? ... (Below threshold)

...1982? Oshkosh? Yea... and Davis said WE did WHAT to Jane Curtain? (f'[email protected]*&%#!) Can I make those records disappear?
...even Kerry wouldn't be able...
...to hide that. Can I buy some purple hearts?
...sorry Radioboy... no public office for you.

Oh Al, you minx! My mind s... (Below threshold)
Pat Reilly:

Oh Al, you minx! My mind says no, but by body says yes!

Wax figures for the America... (Below threshold)

Wax figures for the American has-been Museum are loaded for opening ceramonies this weekend in Boston.

Terry: "So what exactly doe... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Terry: "So what exactly does this mean, Al"
Al: "I have absolutely no idea."
Terry, "Hmm, that's what I thought."

"I can win 'American Idol,'... (Below threshold)

"I can win 'American Idol,' Terry, but only if we can secretly replace Simon with you. Are you in?"

"Come a little closer and I could be."

"Al, Chicken Little's The-S... (Below threshold)
Rachel Edith:

"Al, Chicken Little's The-Sky-Is-Falling on Social Security has been usurped by the president. We need a new drama tactic."

"Terry, you'll have to do b... (Below threshold)

"Terry, you'll have to do better...Lorne Michaels is a very demanding producer."

"I dunno, Al...Dean laughed at it!"

Al: Hey dickwad, these are... (Below threshold)

Al: Hey dickwad, these are my monthly statements from Global Crossing...

Terry: Relax Al, you got social security.

Al: "Terry I need your help... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Al: "Terry I need your help, I'm down to the last clue on this crossword, What's a six letter word for . . ."
Terry: "Asshat"
Al: "How did you know you didn't even look yet."
Terry: "Wizbang sent this over earlier, they're all clues deriding liberals."
(some suck up captions can also be funny, however, probably not this one)

Rodney - Aren't you glad I ... (Below threshold)

Rodney - Aren't you glad I inspired that new 'suck-up' category?

Al: Terry, you can do USO s... (Below threshold)

Al: Terry, you can do USO shows with me, it's great. And it shows how patriotic I am, even though I hate those frickin' babykillers.... now if we can just put this little dance number together.

Terry pinches one off, whil... (Below threshold)

Terry pinches one off, while Al enjoys the fumes.

These are something ... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

These are something called "blogrolls". They make a perfect enemies list. Kill them all, and our MSM flunkies will be back in the saddle.

Terry? Is it supposed to b... (Below threshold)

Terry? Is it supposed to be this soft?

Al: Hey Terry, has anyone e... (Below threshold)

Al: Hey Terry, has anyone ever told you that you look like the bad guy on that movie Ghost? Sam's friend from the bank? You know, the one who paid the Puerto Rican to pick Sam's pocket? The one who got killed in the end when the broken window fell on him? And got dragged kicking and screaming to Hell by the shadowy demons?

Terry: Al, you had me at 'Hey Terry'

Forget it Terry. I'm not g... (Below threshold)

Forget it Terry. I'm not going to kiss you.

"Rip my face off, Al. Go a... (Below threshold)

"Rip my face off, Al. Go ahead, rip my face off. Just rip it off. Go ahead, Al, rip it off. I'm still waiting, Al. You haven't ripped it off yet. So, go ahead, rip my face off. Rip it off, Al..."

(Reference: McAuliffe and his "Republicans ripped our face off..." comments.)

"...Like Stupider to Stu... (Below threshold)

"...Like Stupider to Stupid."

"No Ray, it was you.... (Below threshold)

"No Ray, it was you."

Frankin " What's that on yo... (Below threshold)

Frankin " What's that on your lapel Terry?"

Terry " An Amercan flag pin, Al"

Frankin " An American Flag pin on your democratic uniform Terry????"

HOME of the Cartoon Contest!

Update: <a href="ht... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Comments are now closed.






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