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Adverse Reactions

Is Lariam, the commercial name for the anti-malarial drug mefloquine, to blame for unexplained hallucinations, confusion, psychotic behavior, and suicides among the current and former troops in Iraq?

There's some evidence to that effect.

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That story is suspiciously ... (Below threshold)

That story is suspiciously lacking in numbers. About the only hard numbers I can see is the number of prescriptions written; no attempt to quantify the number of people supposedly suffering from side effects. Without that number, we can't really tell if there's something out of the ordinary.

And, let's be honest, if they had NOT given anti-malaria drugs and soldiers came back with resistant strains of malaria, there'd be hell to pay.

I took that stuff for a cou... (Below threshold)
capt joe:

I took that stuff for a couple of months and I was never so off my game ever!

I had the strangest dreams, was generally irritable and bad tempered to everyone around me.

Maybe it helps with malaria but it is definitely nasty stuff.

This story resurfaces with ... (Below threshold)

This story resurfaces with every overseas deployment. So far, no one has any hard evidence linking it to anything.

Bring. Back. DDT.N... (Below threshold)

Bring. Back. DDT.


Mark you just made me laugh... (Below threshold)

Mark you just made me laugh my butt off.

Perhaps this better explain... (Below threshold)

Perhaps this better explains what affects Chris Matthews on air and off.

That stuff is why I'm glad ... (Below threshold)

That stuff is why I'm glad I did Peace Corps in a country without malaria. I heard nasty stories about that crap from those who went to Africa.

Here's a few random tidbits... (Below threshold)

Here's a few random tidbits:

It can make you mean and irritable, hallucinate, and do stupid things. Sometimes even the day after ingestion. Its called Jack Daniels. Or Larium.

The main advantage is with the Larium you only have to take it once a week to get the beneficial effects. Jack Daniels, as well as the other antimalarials, are usually taken daily to get the desired effects.

Question is, if you do something really bad on Jack Daniels, or Larium, who is responsible? If the Larium is making you crazy, and you tell your medic, does he change you to something else? Does the barkeep switch you to plain water once you start threatening to re-arrange JFK's face?

You should see the forms now required to prescribed Larium in the military. Kind of like the ones your health insurance makes the docs fill out to discourage them from prescribing expensive drugs (JT remembers my post on that a while back).

The line about "a pill they probably never needed" however is obscenely false. Malaria is real, nasty, and worth preventing. The pills (whichever ones you take) are only a supplement to proper clothing treated with permethrin and DEET on your skin. Personally I prefer doxycycline or chloroquine. Larium made me want to vote for John Dean.

I knew a soldier who used t... (Below threshold)

I knew a soldier who used to call it Malaria Monday and he wasn't even sure if it was good for him in the present never mind the future. But the amount of suicies, murders at home has to be attributed to something.







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