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The 10 Spot - It's Not Your Day Edition

Ten stories you might have missed about folks who should have known it wasn't going to be their day...

  1. If you're a 64 year-old high school driving instructor standing behind the car. [Link]

  2. If you own a gas station but don't know how to work the computers that set the pump price...[Link]

  3. You get in a car crash and the paramedics bag and tag you, even though you're not dead. [Link]

  4. If your nickname is Mr. DWI. [Link]

  5. You're a washed up actor facing a drug test and using a prosthetic penis to fake the results sounds like a good plan. [Link]

  6. You're a bank robber and your stick-up note reads, "This is a robri. Gimme all your money kwik." [Link]

  7. You run a college newspaper and publish a picture of a Page 3-type girl type. [Link]

  8. You're so stoned you need your kids to roll your joints. [Link]

  9. You're an NBC programming exec, and you think Paris Hilton playing Barbara Eden is a good idea. [Link]

  10. You're co-ordinating tsunami relief efforts and receive a shipment of donated winter jackets, thong underwear, and Viagra. [Link]
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Comments (10)

#3 My prediction: After th... (Below threshold)
John S.:

#3 My prediction: After the sleazy lawyer fest and the million dollar settlements, they'll quietly turn off the life support equipment because Larry Green is in fact dead.

11. The latest polls show y... (Below threshold)

11. The latest polls show your disapproval rating with America has hit 54%.

Hey melior,Gunker ... (Below threshold)

Hey melior,

Gunker or Eason? Which would you take?

Go back to the playground (DU or Kos, take your choice), recess is over.

Why would you go stupid on a humor post?

Oh, that's right, you guys have no humor.

It's all just serious in moonbat land.

Keep up the good work.

I'm counting on you.


Riley heard all the ads abo... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Riley heard all the ads about making it up with volume. Now he knows the adds were lies, Sometimes the school of hard knocks is the best school.

Zeller is just one of many ... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Zeller is just one of many reasons why W needs to put some spine in Frist and get some responsible judges on benches in this country. Or replace Frist with someone with spine. Out on Bail?!

#10. SO that's where my via... (Below threshold)

#10. SO that's where my viagra went.

Hahaha! The truth is so pai... (Below threshold)

Hahaha! The truth is so painful, isn't it?

Couldn't even try to make up a response... asstard.

#13You just turned... (Below threshold)


You just turned 30. Oh wait, that would be me.

In the 50- to 64-year-old g... (Below threshold)

In the 50- to 64-year-old group, disapproval of Bush Jr. is now 56%. And among those 65 or older, it's 65%. (latest AP poll)

A clear majority of Americans must now hate America!

A <a href="http://edition.c... (Below threshold)

A recent poll found support for President Bush at 57%. In fact, most recent polls seem to indicate that support for President Bush is pretty good.

Sorry melior, your AP poll must be an outlier.






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