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You can't keep a good scam down

A while ago, I wrote about Wilfredo T. Laboy, the Superintendant of Schools in Lawrence, MA. First, there was his repeated failure to pass a required English fluency test. Then there was the dustup when he tried to get the city to pay for running boards for his leased SUV.

But while you can take the scam away from the man, you can't keep the man away from scams. Recently, Mr. Laboy submitted a receipt for "routine service" -- oil change, tire rotation, and lube job.

One city official thought that $269 was a bit much for that kind of work, and turned over the invoice. On the back, unnoticed at first glance, was the remainder of the "routine service" performed -- installation of a remote starter for his Trailblazer.

Finally, it looks like Massachusetts' Inspector General's office is launching an investigation into Mr. Laboy. Here's hoping it's a productive one. If there's any justice at all, he'll end up fired at least. If we're really lucky, he'll be forced to pay restitution. And if there's any justice, he'll end up in jail.

But then again, this is Massachusetts we're talking about. The land of Kennedy and Kerry, of Bulgers and Dukakis, the only state to lose population in the last census, the state that never found a tax or a restrictive law it never liked. I ain't holding my breath.



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Comments (14)

Remote starter? What is he,... (Below threshold)

Remote starter? What is he, a mobster?

In public education, when a... (Below threshold)

In public education, when administrators screw up, they tend to get promoted. With nice pay increases.

Ah,, Jay, you have a remot... (Below threshold)

Ah,, Jay, you have a remote starter yourself. :-) I know MA isn't all that great and its okay to come down on the head of Mr Laboy, but don't you think it's time not to kick down Mass so much?


Accusations of racism from ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Accusations of racism from Mr. Laboy in 5...4...3...2...

You left off that epitome o... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

You left off that epitome of efficiency-the Big Dig.

Evidently one doesn't have ... (Below threshold)

Evidently one doesn't have to understand English to understand how the game is played.Laboy probably won't get fired he will get promoted to the next level of mangement.

Isn't that the guy who said... (Below threshold)

Isn't that the guy who said he failed the English fluency test because it was "rigged"? And who alluded to the fact that he'd a passed it if it was an English fluency test in ebonics? I mean, IMAGINE such a thing: a language fluency test in another language to, um, test fluency in a language that one wasn't fluent enough in to take the test in the language of question.

That's him, Suzy. Just m... (Below threshold)

That's him, Suzy. Just me:The Big Dig has nothing to do with Mr Laboy.


Ebonically speaking, "He be... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Ebonically speaking, "He be th' man." But, watch him bust the ass of the first child to bring a pair of fingernail clippers to school. Thought they got rid of this guy, but evidently he hangs around like a bad dose of the clap.

You know, "asshat" simply d... (Below threshold)

You know, "asshat" simply doesn't begin to fully describe this guy.

No, but it has plenty to do... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

No, but it has plenty to do with Massachussettes. Read the last paragraph of the OP.

We have a lot of this type ... (Below threshold)

We have a lot of this type of nonsense out here in the Peoples Republic of California. Of course none of 'em ever do any jail time. Educational bureaucracies have very few meaningful checks or balances, and so this kind of thing will just continue.

Sad, because when funds are mis-allocated, it's the kids that pay the price.

Can you just imagine the stuff that doesn't get reported?

Just me: You'all think that... (Below threshold)

Just me: You'all think that Massachusetts is bad; there are plenty of bloggers from MA. As for myself, I was born and bred there and lived in NH since 1980. I am sure that every state has it's individual problems ----- and my entire family lives in MA. If I could find my way home, I would certainly go back - here, I can't even make a friend.


Awww, Cindy, I think you've... (Below threshold)

Awww, Cindy, I think you've got friends on Wizbang, so there's always that.

Although I think I read earlier that jule made mention of the Wizbang Group Wedding being called off...






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