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Grammy Live Blogging (sort of...)

It's Grammy time so why not blog it?

  • I think it's safe to say rumors of Gwen Stefani getting a boob job can be laid to rest...

  • Speaking of boob jobs... who was that female presenting between John Travolta and Steven Tyler? [Ed - It appears to be singer Christina Milian

  • Bill Clinton won his second Grammy, which puts him one up on Led Zeppelin, who never won a Grammy, but got a lifetime achievement award yesterday. He's also one Grammy ahead of Britney Spears.

  • Chip Ross has a "should win"/"will win" prediction article at Blogcritics.

  • Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony performed a duet together for the first time. It was a train-wreck that made Gigli look good by comparison. Maybe I'm out of the loop, but is JLo pregnant? If she's not pregnant, was she transporting a bag of rocks in her dress?

  • Accepting for Bill Clinton, Janet Reno?

  • Freeeeeeeeeeeeeebird!!! David Spade must be smiling.

  • Quentin Tarantino is a tool, I'm just saying.

  • When I get bored I'm just going to start recycling skillzy's or Tom's quotes. For example, count me among those who aren't that impressed with Gretchen Wilson's rendition of Freebird.

  • Can you tell I went to the TiVo'd Desperate Housewives?

  • Now this is cool, a Grammy winner whose music was sold only over the Internet.

  • The Grammy all-star rendition of The Beatles Across The Universe lame. See Michelle, it wasn't just you...

  • Joss Stone and Melissa Etheridge doing a tribute to Janis Joplin was fantastic.

  • Usher and James Brown, now that was a good combo.

  • The line of the night belongs to Kayne West, "Everybody wanted to know what would I do if I didn't win. I guess we'll never know"

  • Ray Charles ruled the Grammies. Is that a sign for Jamie Fox at the Oscars?
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Comments (13)

Because I don't care?... (Below threshold)

Because I don't care?

Actually, I was passing through the living room about the time that Los Lonely Boys won their Grammy for "Heaven." I like that song, so I'm pleased they won.

But it certainly wouldn't have broken my heart if I hadn't caught that moment.

I was excited when I saw Th... (Below threshold)

I was excited when I saw Third Day won for best Christian Rock album!

Christina Milian is her nam... (Below threshold)

Christina Milian is her name - she was in "The Time Machine" that was remade a few years back, if you caught that.

Tom,Nope...that wa... (Below threshold)


Nope...that was Samantha Mumba in The Time Machine. She had a hit several years back with a catchy song called Gotta Tell You.

Wait, maybe you're right. ... (Below threshold)

Wait, maybe you're right. Good point, Mike. I just looked and it appears that you are spot on. Probably that they came out at about the same time as pop music goes and I got them confused. Can't imagine how that would have ever happened.

Well, okay, then it's just Christina Milian =)

Had some comments on Foxx/K... (Below threshold)

Had some comments on Foxx/Keys & Etheridge/Stone duets. Didn't see J.Blow and M.Anthony. See here if interested.

I'm wondering what exactly ... (Below threshold)

I'm wondering what exactly it will take for the left to get over their love affair with the Clintons. There's less sincerity, honesty, integrity and common human decency in that couple than there is in a crack house full of satanists, and the left just loves them. Will it ever end?

Most of the Grammy's was pr... (Below threshold)

Most of the Grammy's was pretty entertaining -- but that group song with Bono, Norah Jones, Steven Tyler, etc. was terrible. I totally agree with Michelle Malkin about that. I was sitting on the sofa just cringing.

I always enjoy the cameras closing in on people in the audience - where you can see what they are saying by reading their lips. It was funny to see Vince Gill sitting there with Amy Grant - and watching him die laughing at things Loretta Lynn was saying on stage to that Jack White? guy.

Oh yeh, one more thing. J... (Below threshold)

Oh yeh, one more thing. Jennifer Lopez is going to get panned all month in the media for that dress. And I wasn't too impressed with the duet either. I must admit, I'm surprised that I kinda liked that Usher song. And does anyone know what kind of "accident" that Kaynce (sp?) was talking about?

Usher and The Godfather of ... (Below threshold)

Usher and The Godfather of Soul was killer... (so what if he's a wife-beatin', dope-fiend.. I hope I can move like that in my 70's.)

Etheridge was channelin' Joplin, for certain. But I gotta say, every time I see Alicia Keys, I literally get goose-bumps. Incredible talent.

Random Thoughts:Je... (Below threshold)

Random Thoughts:

Jennifer who?

Jamie Fox for the Oscar!!!

God Bless You Ray Charles!!!

What's up with the lid, Melissa?

I wonder if Mumba is interested in Libertarian blogging?

Freebird/Ra,blin Man/Sweet ... (Below threshold)

Freebird/Ra,blin Man/Sweet Home... etc and Across the Universe were both L A M E,

Kanye and Ursher/brown were good though

Julia, Kanye was in ... (Below threshold)

Kanye was in a near-fatal car accident a little while ago. He frequently references it in his songs and even recorded the song "Through the Wire" while his jaw was wired shut.






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