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The Correct Way To Fix Mistakes

Patrick Frey (Patterico's Pontifications) gets a chance to serve up a well thought out and deceptively blistering criticism of the Los Angeles Times in, of all places, The Los Angeles Times.

Has anyone ever said something about you that wasn't true? Something that, if people believed it, would significantly damage your reputation? How would you feel if you saw that falsehood printed on the front page of the Los Angeles Times? Would it make things right if the paper later retracted the false statement - with a brief correction buried inside the paper?

For some, this is not a hypothetical question.

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Credit L.A. Times Sunday Opinion editor Bob Sipchen with having the fortitude to open up the pages of his paper to its most vocal critics.


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Comments (5)

aye. its says alot about th... (Below threshold)

aye. its says alot about the editor's rectitude though, if they allowed this article to be featured in their own paper.

How long do you think this ... (Below threshold)

How long do you think this will last? Can you say "lipservice"?

I am in the category of ske... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I am in the category of skeptic, like Transitory. LAT has promised to do nothing at this point to deal with intentional or unintentional errors in thier news reporting.
Just print some articles from people or organizations who disagree with them.
I can see it now, proceed with the articles of criticism, then run some articles from a few wackos on the right, then claim that this is what LAT has been contending with in thier opposition.
Mr. Frey submitted a great article. Quite frankly, I am surprised LAT ran it. I will be more surprised, if over a period of time, they clean up thier act.

Yesterday, the LAT had a hu... (Below threshold)

Yesterday, the LAT had a huge photo of Arthur Miller on the front page. It was about 6 columns wide with about 8 inches of text underneath. Inside, there were two full pages on Miller. Now sure, Miller was a great playright in his time. And, yes, he went Hollywood when he married Monroe, so there is that connection. But, really, if he wasn't such a leftist would they have even taken him off the obit page?

Just heard that Clinton won a Grammy! See above.

If he wasn't a leftist he w... (Below threshold)

If he wasn't a leftist he wouldn't have been Arthur Miller.






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