Weblog Awards Update

The 2004 Weblog Awards are long since over, but planning has already begun for 2005. The awards will be moving a permanent location - weblogawards.org (which for the moment directs you to the 2004 site) and the roster of awards will be expanded.

Two of the most frequently asked questions about the Weblog Awards were, "Why didn't you honor _______ blogs?" and "Can you help me setup awards for _____ blogs?"

For 2005 I'm hoping to address both of those questions by turning the Weblog Awards site into a year-round operation that will host both specialty awards as well as the general year-end edition. Over the course of the last two years we've built and refined an open and inclusive model for hosting awards that has proven extremely popular with both bloggers and blog readers. Each new (or existing) awards competition should be able to benefit from the work we've done creating this platform.

My vision for the site is that anyone who wants to host an awards competition will get to use the open nomination process and the customized polling system that we've developed simply by asking for a block of time to host their awards. This will free up the organizers of the contest to spread the word, rather than have to build and refine their own nomination and voting process. Hosting of your awards will be free of charge.

I'm posting this partially to gauge interest, and partially to get an idea of how big the universe of specialized awards are. If you host (or plan to host) an awards competition, or know someone who does; leave a link to the awards in the comment section or contact me via E-mail. I'm also interested in your feedback about the concept...

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Honestly, it is impossible ... (Below threshold)

Honestly, it is impossible to create a fair awards contest with open voting. I say you go for "representative government," whereby a panel is chosen to dish out the love. Think of all the trouble that would save you and the legitimacy it would lend to any awards given out.

I'd like to start off by no... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I'd like to start off by nominating Kos for "most creative cheaters for readers."

Also, maybe separate "professional" bloggers (those paid for their efforts by another entity) versus "independent" bloggers (those who do it voluntarily, or those whose blogging income is solely from ads)? That strikes me as a significant distinction...


How about people without bl... (Below threshold)

How about people without blogs who are still able to leave their filth plastered on a blog owned by someone else? ;-)

j/k Jay.

"Most Creatively Financed W... (Below threshold)

"Most Creatively Financed Website Pretending to Be A Blog" would be interesting...

Also, like Henry (^^), just because the blogosphere (that is, people with BLOGS) love Jay Tea so much (who does not have a blog, ha), it'd be interesting to see "Most Creatively Contorted Non Blogger Who Blogs And How They Do It" Award.

Ha, not j/k, Jay but I hope you can feel the love.

Um, about the process for the site itself, you DO realize, Kevin, that once made available -- the anyone-can-launch-whatever-award-theme-they-want process -- that it will then require another set of controls, and yet another and another and...

I like the idea of a panel nominated to vote on categories, but then again, that'd require an Award process inorder to determine who the panelists of judges were and on what Award process, inorder to be approaching fair.

It's a heroic offer you are making. You have my compliments.

"Best Non Awarded Blog" wou... (Below threshold)

"Best Non Awarded Blog" would be fun...

I also think it would be va... (Below threshold)

I also think it would be valuable to design Awards Logos that would implode or otherwise just disappear whenever there were attempts to MODIFY THEM AGAINST RULES REQUIREMENTS.

I think it's an interesting... (Below threshold)

I think it's an interesting and potentially valuable concept. Actually, just the other day I was thinking of writing you to at least suggest the possibility of holding something that wasn't simply a popularity or size of blog contest, but more of a competition. For example, one could hold an essay, humor, or news analysis competition on a specific topic for a defined period of time. People could then read individual entries and vote for the "best."

If that concept could fit into what you are doing, I would think it would give many smaller but talented bloggers the chance to actually compete against more established blogs with established readerships and maybe gain more exposure, as well as give readers more to choose from. Any thoughts?

FWIW there is a business bl... (Below threshold)

FWIW there is a business blog awards that Jeremy at Ensight put together, inspired by his, my, and Wayne Hurlbert's observations that there was nothing even touching on that category in the main weblog awards.

There needs to be one for b... (Below threshold)

There needs to be one for bloggers who are seriously goofing off, reading and commenting on other blogs while totally ignoring their own. Call it the "BOB" for "Burned Out Blogger"






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