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Finding Racism Every Time They Look

I've often said of Jesse Jackson and his ilk that they'll find racism every time they look for it. In other words, when you spend your whole life looking for any stupid reason to be offended, you'll be sure to find it. But this example sets new highs in lows.

Sorry about the snacks

Just think of all the ways a man might use a banana to offend a woman.

Then you may imagine why some people leaped to the wrong conclusion when a woman complained about a Columbus police officer eating a banana at the Civic Center as people gathered for a Jan. 15 civil rights march.

The woman was deeply offended, she told police. The police were deeply bewildered.

The offense was not what you might imagine it to be. I imagined the officer shoving the banana into his pants pocket to make others point at it and say, "Hey, is that a banana in your pocket or are you just glad to be here getting paid overtime?"

But that was not what offended the woman, who hung up on people who couldn't figure it out.

Then she called Mayor Bob Poydasheff. He said she just started berating him about the police. He told her he'd heard only compliments about how officers handled the weekend march in which the Rev. Jesse Jackson and other longtime civil rights activists led 8,000 people from the Civic Center to the Government Center.

"She said, 'No no no no, when the buses pulled into the Civic Center, I saw a policeman eating a banana.' And I didn't know what to say," Poydasheff recalled. "I was stunned. I said, 'What's wrong with that? Police were on their feet for eight hours. They had to get potassium in their system.'"

He said the woman told him the banana "was an affront to me and to others, including a former state senator." She wouldn't name the senator.

Why was she offended?

Well, it seems that in the context of the march, she took the officer's banana eating to imply an analogous racial slur relating black people to apes.

Such a comparison would not be uncommon in the parlance of racist propaganda, particularly in the old days. But these days that kind of talk is pretty rare -- and pretty obvious, too, when someone really means it.

So as racial slurs go, simply eating a banana now has to be considered rather subtle, for this particular area.

The mayor told the woman he'd check it out. And he did, and he learned that while police were working security at the march, the department sent around a snack van to give officers something to eat, and in fact bananas were among the snacks offered, and some officers did eat bananas.

So he called the woman back and explained all this, and added an apology. "I'm sorry you were offended, and let me apologize to you personally," he told her.

"Well, send it in writing," she told him.

Clearly, since the department sent the van out, this is institutional racism at its worse. I've also heard from a source that other officers ate oranges. ...And you know, Oranges sound like Orangoutangs who look like Apes who could be compared to black people. More racism.

All this proves so many points.

Not the least of which is that the "civil-rights" movement has outlived its usefulness.

Rambling's Journal did a fine job running this story down.


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Comments (25)

Gee, I would have thought t... (Below threshold)

Gee, I would have thought this was a reference to the Commander in Thief, Chimpy Bushitler.

Dear Really Stupid Lady,</p... (Below threshold)

Dear Really Stupid Lady,

I'm terribly sorry you were offended by one of our police officers, who was eating a banana, the most popular fresh fruit in America. I realize that some people are bothered by the most inane things, and am horrified to think that one of our evil, brutish thug-cops had the gall to do something that could be taken as an insult by the reality-challenged. Please accept our written apology.

By the way, as a further attempt to smooth things over, we're going to put your photo up in every precinct, and give copies to all of our officers, so they can tell everyone in the city about your unfortunate tendency to be offended by things that nobody in a rational frame of mind would notice. You won't have to worry about anyone, ever, eating a banana in front of you again, in case you're actually harmed by the extreme emotions inspired by such acts.

The Guy Who Won't Answer 911 Calls Too Fast At Your Address In Case That Bothers You Too

This reminds me of the movi... (Below threshold)

This reminds me of the movie Bowfinger, in which Eddie Murphy plays a paranoid actor. In one scene, Murphy is complaining about the lack of quality scripts he's getting. His agent, who is white, comments that his standards are too high, because most scripts "aren't Shakespeare", anyway. Murphy interprets the "Shakespeare" reference to be "shake a spear", i.e. his agent was commenting about his roots in Africa.
When people begin living their lives in "incongruous satirical surrealism" (Airplane! Naked Gun, Family Guy), it's time to see a shrink.

- I'm moved to wonder how K... (Below threshold)

- I'm moved to wonder how Kovaks "Nairobi trio" skits would go over these days... Maybe Edie Adams could substitute a hair brush for the banana.....

So I take it the Harry Bela... (Below threshold)

So I take it the Harry Belafonte's Banana Boat Song playing over the loud speakers didn't help either?

... and we wanna go home...

Ever wonder why the bluesu... (Below threshold)

Ever wonder why the bluesuits you see in big-city prowl cars are so damned young looking?
Ever wonder why big-city police training budgets are so high?
Ever wonder why small-town and suburban Police Departments, as well as rural Sheriff's Departments mostly have waiting lists of trained big-city Officers willing to take significant pay cuts?
Ever wonder why, by the time a big-city Police Officer has the experience to really protect the public from the assholes he, and now she, is too burned out to want to?

Its called "sensitivity tra... (Below threshold)

Its called "sensitivity training", and most corporations require it nowadays. Why they require it is beyond me, because most of the generation that has no idea about diversity at all is either retired or dead. It is an idea that has lived out its useful life, like affirmative action and feminazis. There is no need for any of that anymore (same with the NAACP).

Relating black people to ap... (Below threshold)

Relating black people to apes? :o That's specist against apes!!!!!

I could not imagine waking ... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I could not imagine waking up in the morning and then spending my day just looking to be offended. Used to be, the civil rights movement did not have to look very hard to find real racism, and they did an excellent job at pointing it out and working to get rid of it. Now, they keep telling us that racism is still worst than ever, things have not gotten any better for them. A word to them, racism is not an exclusive commodity to the white community anymore. Use your energies to help keep your kids in school, cut the teenage pregnancy rate, decrease the crime rate in your community. People would have more sympathy for your situation if you concentrate on real problems not the "naner nazis"

In defense of apes everywhe... (Below threshold)

In defense of apes everywhere, I'd like to point out that the Great Ape is a vegetarian species, who eats bananas when/if they can find them, and that comparing the Ape to a human being (who are not expressely vegetarian) (of any racial type) is decidedly insulting and "racist," if not "specist" (discrimination about species).

I bet this particular woman also has a problme with squares and square objects. Among other things.

This is an excellent exampl... (Below threshold)

This is an excellent example of how mentally ill individuals, who display perceptual problems among other things, can create greater discord and animosities throughout society...Ward Churchill is another example of this, as have been and are many other obviously disturbed (to most other people) individuals who create false pretenses and place undue influence otherwise on other vulnerable persons, amplifying outward.

This lady should be interviewed by social services and other helps offered to her.

Oy vey! I once saw a cop ea... (Below threshold)

Oy vey! I once saw a cop eating a bagel with lox, I didn't even realize how offended I should have been.

..and the ywere wearing COT... (Below threshold)

..and the ywere wearing COTTON uniforms! How could they be so insensitive!

I believe the mayor failed ... (Below threshold)

I believe the mayor failed in his duties. I consider it a solemn responsibility to hang up on anyone as stupid as that broad.

Excuse me for a minute, I'm going to go eat a banana in support of police officers everywhere.

There are people who see ra... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

There are people who see racism in everything. I don't think there is any hope for them-they are stuck in the days of Jim Crow.

I just went out and bough... (Below threshold)

I just went out and bought several bunches of bananas and put them up around the room as a sign of solidarity with those who eat bananas and other fresh fruit.

My roommate, understandably, thinks I'm a bit insane.

Where's Oliver W. when you ... (Below threshold)

Where's Oliver W. when you need him?

Given the recent stories he... (Below threshold)

Given the recent stories here at Wizbang, I thought that article was going in a WHOLE different direction. *whew*

I see racism everyday throu... (Below threshold)

I see racism everyday through Affirmative Action.

She also gets offended when she goes into Wal-mart's linen section.

If you ask me, and I know y... (Below threshold)

If you ask me, and I know you haven't, I find more blacks and more latinos are racist than whites. Jesse Jackson is perfect for the word "racist." And he is a racist - against whites.

And I love bananas - they're good for you too.


mm I cut up bananas in my c... (Below threshold)

mm I cut up bananas in my cereal and I love banana split sundaes.

Does that make me an ape?

(hint, I'm white)

I wonder if this was the sa... (Below threshold)

I wonder if this was the same place as where that "stuffed monkey" story from last year happened? Anybody remember that?

In short, a (white) cop picked up a wino ^H^H^H^H bum ^H^H^H homeless ^H^H^H^H^H residentially-challenged guy, a bit mentally "off", who had a monkey/ape doll that he always carried around, and due to some hygene issues it was generally filthy, urine-soaked, etc. So, when the cops brought him down to the station, they tied the ape to the front bumper rather than soak their trunk or back seat in pee. Well, they stopped at a (predominately black) dance club, and a number of complaints were filed by persons present at the club because it was racist to tie an ape (which was obviously made to represent a black man) to the car. I'll see if I can find a link to the story...

Bonus! Includes a picture. People can be pretty stupid when they want to.

Sometimes a cigar is just a... (Below threshold)

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and a banana is just a banana.

The sister wuz right those ... (Below threshold)

The sister wuz right those racist whitey 5-0's grubbin on chickn n` corn bread 'n cornbread when negroid chil'ns jet hungry. what 'chew trippin foo'

I bet Oliver could find a b... (Below threshold)

I bet Oliver could find a banana reference in teh racial slur database . . .

And James, that incident was right here in good ol' Portland, Oregon. The cops are so beaten down by the grievance groups here (with a miniscule minority population) that they walk on eggshells in the name of "tolerance." Problem is, it make them unable to take "intermediary steps" short of tasers or bullets when they perform their jobs. Portland cops are trigger happy because they're scared stiff about interacting "inappropriately" with minorities, so they just shoot em all and let God sort them out.






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