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Libertarian Girl Guy

Catallarchy exposed the scam of the Libertarian Girl blog. Who is the Libertarian Girl (LG)? LG is a two month old blog notable for the youth and beauty of its supposed proprietor, and the seemingly incongruent maturity of its topics. It turns out that the "girl" part of the blog is fiction...


Of course being uncovered as a fraud hasn't stopped the unemployed 30 year-old male author from dreaming of the big time... He's convinced that all he needs is a pretty face in the sidebar to succeed.

Libertarian Girl has a non-refundable one-way ticket to blog oblivion...


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Comments (18)

Heh, I already posted about... (Below threshold)

Heh, I already posted about this earlier, I found the entire story rather funny.

And then there are: _______... (Below threshold)

And then there are: ______________________, _______________________, ________________________, and others.

Meaning: next!

These gender-distorting games by some are very common among certain bloggers, if that's what they are now called (*ahem*).

That they use commonly acce... (Below threshold)

That they use commonly accessible images to represent themselves as authors, though, means to me that they're just playing tag or thereabouts. Not like the ruse is very well thought out, is what I mean, isn't easy to discern if you're looking for shadows.

Isn't this "theme", however... (Below threshold)

Isn't this "theme", however, of political/social meme gender icon based upon "hotambercrombiechick"? That game was never resolved through to any counter conclusion, the last evidence being pretty convincing that it was a male author publishing for commercial purposes.

-S-, the hotabercrombiechic... (Below threshold)

-S-, the hotabercrombiechick thing was settled without a doubt. I verified it, too, by tracing an e-mail's originating IP to his computer at his college. Sadly, Daniel has just deleted comments that out him, and continues to operate using the false identity. I rather like this "yeah, I did it, now watch it work!" approach. It's ballsy.

The libertarian part was fi... (Below threshold)

The libertarian part was fictitious too. Taxing breast implants? Geez.

Right, MarkJ, I remember al... (Below threshold)

Right, MarkJ, I remember all that, just that by me referring to the issue as "never having been resolved through to any conclusion," means that the ruse continues, even as we write...and as you explain.

This situation seems oddly ... (Below threshold)

This situation seems oddly similar to:


"We are well-liked by Black people so we're psyched (since lots of Black people don't like lots of White people)!! We thought it'd be cool to honor our exceptional status with a ROCKIN' domain name and a killer website!!"

So is the message that I'd ... (Below threshold)

So is the message that I'd have more hits on my site if I put up a picture of a pretty Russian girl?

I know I'd get more hits on... (Below threshold)

I know I'd get more hits on my blog with a pic of a pretty Russian girl than if I put up a pic of myself. (Neither one if happening, though.) Posting more often would help my hit count as well.

I'm not real sure how all ... (Below threshold)

I'm not real sure how all this tracking back is supposed to work, being damned near computer illitterate. I suspect that if anybody really cared to make the effort they could track me back to our home computers and find that our ISP is billed to Linda Lou, my wife. Does that mean that if I started a Blog, assuming I have that much to say and further assuming that anyone is interested, that I'd be outed as a cranky old Republican Grandmother instead of being taken as a cranky old Republican Grandfather?
Not that it matters much, I never heard of the Blog in question and I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to have a Blog seein' as how we don't have cats or a little kid with a knickname.

Suzy, I posted on that HotA... (Below threshold)

Suzy, I posted on that HotAbercrombieChick. I found a yahoo! photos album that had more pictures of her than "she" supposedly had.

Wow, I didn't know that abo... (Below threshold)

Wow, I didn't know that about HotAbercrombieChick. I see her/his link on blogs all the time.

Henry, does that mean that ... (Below threshold)

Henry, does that mean that the girl who is actually shown as HAC may not even know she is on there? Or is she a part of it?

Yeah, right. And I suppose ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, right. And I suppose that the lit bomb in your upper left corner is real, eh?

RightWingSparkle, probably ... (Below threshold)

RightWingSparkle, probably not, but you never know. The "Libertarian Girl" guy is requesting young attractive women to allow their picture to be used in the exact same hoax (and to possibly let those women post every now and then, too).

I link to his posts on my blog (currently on one of the computer lab public computers, so I don't have the link handy, and too lazy to dig for it).

I have it on good authority... (Below threshold)

I have it on good authority that Kevin Aylward is actually a sultry Brazilian 19-year old temptress. She plays the part of an American computer geek family man to lure in unsuspecting readers - that bitch.

I swear it's true. Oliver Willis told me.

OK, when I say 'good authority' I mean a fat guy who looks like he drinks lead paint.

Laurence, was that comment ... (Below threshold)

Laurence, was that comment to me?






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