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Teresa Heinz dumps 'Kerry'

John McCaslin's Inside the Beltway reports that Teresa Heinz has stopped using the last name of her husband, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry.

"I just checked, and she no longer uses her [entire] last name; only during the [presidential] campaign did she use Kerry," campaign spokeswoman Tamara Rodriguez Reichberg said.

As his hero John Kennedy said, "Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan." In Kerry's case the orphan is a nutty rich widower...


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Comments (14)

Who could blame her for not... (Below threshold)

Who could blame her for not wanting to be associated with him given his reputation for dishonesty? Magic hats, Cambodian river trips, boomerang medals/ribbons, released records that were never released, "smarter" war plans, walking paralyzed people, questionable purple hearts and all the rest sure don't make him anyone I'd want people associating me with. I'll cut him slack when he signs the form 180, but not much. I don't think I'll be needing to issue any appologies anytime soon.

If Elizabeth doesn't surviv... (Below threshold)

If Elizabeth doesn't survive her cancer, will Teresa dump John Kerry and latch on to John Edwards as her third Senator with presidential ambitions?

She DID say that she adopte... (Below threshold)

She DID say that she adopted the use of "Kerry" in her name for purposes of "supporting" Kerry in his bid for the Presidency...so it seems somewhat efficient to stop using it afterward if that was her only motivation in the change at the outset (and I seem to remember reading some quotes by her that that was, in fact, the motivation and reason for the name adoption not so long ago).

I agree that TH seems nuttier than most. She appears very isolated in certain psychologies by her wealth, unfortunately. But she also seems to regard Kerry as a bit of a roomie and not as her mate, given that she says that John Heinz was "the love of (her) life," relegating Kerry to someone she sleeps and cohabitates with, I guess. It's a sad thing.

Considering my life histor... (Below threshold)

Considering my life history I'm not going to get on Tuh-ray-zuh's case too much just because she's somewhat nutty.
Stll, when she was married to John Heinz she was a somewhat nutty Republican. Now she's married to Kerry and is a somewhat nutty Democrat.
If she dumps The Hee-row and takes up with a Libertarian, I suspect she'll become a somewhat nutty Libertarian. There's never been a shortage of people who get their politics from whoever they're around.
Nobody much noticed her when she was just another Senator's wife. It's not like there's a particular shortage of slightly mad people in the world, rich, poor and in between.
She can call herself Heinz, she can call herself Kerry, she can call herself Queen of the May, for all of me. I just prefer that we have as few nutcases as possible in the family quarters of the White House.

I have been slammed by libe... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I have been slammed by liberals for saying this, but there is something that creeps me out about a woman who keeps the last name of a former husband after she gets remarried.

Keeping your maiden name I can sort of understand, but I don't get keeping the last name of a former husband (widowed or not).

Why continue to be associat... (Below threshold)

Why continue to be associated with such a LOSER? (Of course most of us knew that before the election).

She actually DID change her name, BEFORE she changed it back....

As was pointed out in the T... (Below threshold)

As was pointed out in the TabloidColumn yesterday, it is unlikely Kerry will be dropping the Heinz name off his checkbook any time soon.

But do you think that by cu... (Below threshold)

But do you think that by cutting his last name, she may be cutting his allowance, too?

Just Me, I think that may h... (Below threshold)

Just Me, I think that may have something to do with the LAST NAME. It is the source of all her wealth and, of course, well known. That is why she keeps it. If he had been just another Senator, I doubt she would have kept it. IMO

Laurence, you are bad...;-)... (Below threshold)

Laurence, you are bad...;-)

That's "widow". Widowers a... (Below threshold)

That's "widow". Widowers are male, widows are female.

C'mon boys, you gotta me more accurate than Kos with a spellchecker.

Great, I berate you for ina... (Below threshold)

Great, I berate you for inaccuracy and then put a typo in my post. Yech.

Thousand fathers, huh? I di... (Below threshold)

Thousand fathers, huh? I didn't know Madonna has a child named Victor(y)

I know it's kinda odd to mo... (Below threshold)

I know it's kinda odd to most people, but it makes sense to me. My ma kept my dad's last name after he died, even though she got remarried. There's a couple reasons -- all of her kids have(had) that last name, and she was too old to have more kids and we weren't taking our stepfather's last name. Reason #2 -- when you've been Mrs. C for over 20 years, with bank accounts, titles, credit cards, etc. in that name - it is really tough to get everything changed. Easier to keep the name you've had for over half your life.

In any case, it's much easier when you never change your legal name to begin with.






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