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BREAKING NEWS: 'Trustworthy' Computing Now Gates' Focus

For you technoids, I kid you not, this is the headline TODAY:

'Trustworthy' Computing Now Gates' Focus

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates (news - web sites) is expected to give his perspective Tuesday on computer security and provide an update on the software giant's efforts to make computing more "trustworthy."

No, really, he means it this time.

For those of you who don't get the joke, note the headline and date...

Gates calls for 'trustworthy computing'

By Rick Perera
IDG News Service, *01/17/02*

Bill Gates is getting serious about security. Microsoft's chairman and chief software architect is calling on the software giant's 49,000 employees worldwide to make 'trustworthy computing' the company's highest priority.

Remember, you heard it at Wizbang first -- well sorta.


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Comments (8)

"Apparently Bill Gates thin... (Below threshold)

"Apparently Bill Gates thinks you are stupid."

There is some evidence to that effect: we keep on buying his crap, and he keeps on destroying any possible competition. In order to defend myself from the shockingly shoddy IE security, and to trike a small blow at the predatory monopolisitc practices at MS, I long ago shifted to Mozilla Firefox as a browser. I'm trying to gather the strength to go in full defiance mode and shift to open-source Linux as an os. And then I think I'll paste pictures of Bill inside my toilet...

Steve Jobs announced last w... (Below threshold)

Steve Jobs announced last week that 3 PC makers had asked to license OS X because of MS' continued lack of security, spyware, etc.

The timing is awfully interesting, don't you think?

By trustworthy, he means tr... (Below threshold)
Jordan W:

By trustworthy, he means trustworthy for groups like the R.I.A.A. It will still be full of flaws to the end user. You won't, however, be able to play stuff that is "unauthorized".

Within five minutes of the ... (Below threshold)

Within five minutes of the time "something else" gains any significant market share, that "something else" will also become a target. Windows and IE are targeted because they are so widespread. Once the hackers and scammers start targeting ANY system, it too will suddenly be seen to have HUGE security issues.

Macintosh.(I know ... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:


(I know you knew that already, but somebody had to say it, so it might as well be me.)

A computer that won't let m... (Below threshold)

A computer that won't let me run apps on it without buying a "developer permit"? An internet that only allows "approved" content? Scary stuff. But not as scary as this.

I'm not calling it *likely*, but I mean, Jesus. Legislative control of technology is out of freakin' control. Few things have ever made me more ready to cut the EFF a big fat cheque.

Microsoft software is perfe... (Below threshold)
Ric Locke:

Microsoft software is perfectly trustworthy.

You can trust it to defy your wishes, occupy excess space on your drive and in memory, allow outsiders access when you cannot have it, and require you to send money to Redmond. Oh, and to attempt to destroy any non-Microsoft software it may encounter.

Absolutely consistent and reliable.


To be honest, the only funn... (Below threshold)
James T. Johnson:

To be honest, the only funny bit about the first article is the headline. The very first sentence of the article conflicts with it by providing an update on the progress, not that they are switching their focus.

The third paragraph continues:

"In the three years since Microsoft launched its initiative to improve the security of its products, the company has changed how its software is written, improved the mechanism for fixing bugs and released some tools for removing virtual pests."

Of course, that is what you were pointing out...right?






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