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Celebrity Nude Showdown - Debbie Gibson Vs. Tiffany


With Debbie Gibson (she prefers Deborah) appearing in the current issue of Playboy (NSFW pictures here) she's even with her former bubble-gum pop nemesis Tiffany who appeared in Playboy in 2002 (NSFW pictures here). It's time to settle once and for all who is the teen queen of the 80's.

Sorry, voting for the original poll ended. Debbie Gibson won in a landslide. Due to renewed intersest we've added a new poll.

Who's Playboy Pictures Are Hotter?
Debbie Gibson
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For your listening and viewing pleasure while you vote... Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper perform, "Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two-Headed Love Child", a song that features the following oh so appropriate lines, "T-T-T-T-T-Tiffany, is wrestling in jello Body slamming Debbie G, they're covered head to toe..."


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Comments (31)

Tiffany. Hands down. Don'... (Below threshold)

Tiffany. Hands down. Don't know what's happened to Debbie (Deborah, whatever), but in that Playboy layout, she's kinda fugly.

Since this is silly, I will... (Below threshold)

Since this is silly, I will go off topic. I see you still have a link to that fake HotAmbercrombiechick who is really a guy. Now don't you think you should replace that with a REAL chick??????

I have a suggestion if your interested...;-)

During tthe 80' Debbie Gibs... (Below threshold)

During tthe 80' Debbie Gibson was MUCH more attractive than Tiffany. Nowadays however Tiffany has pulled way into the lead. As far as I can tell the only way to settle this is wrestling...baby oil wrestling. Now that would bring back the crowds to the mall shows.

rightwingsparkle, I'm alrea... (Below threshold)

rightwingsparkle, I'm already linking you ;-)

Thanks Henry! I guess flatt... (Below threshold)

Thanks Henry! I guess flattery works, huh?....;-)

Tiffany. Redheads rule, af... (Below threshold)

Tiffany. Redheads rule, after all, and she has that, umm, well, that cheap available look that I so applaud.

But if the choice is difficult, you can choose the best of both worlds:


Sorry, Kevin. I'm no Jeff ... (Below threshold)

Sorry, Kevin. I'm no Jeff Gannon, but I don't find either woman attractive. Now, when Carrie Fisher was held in chains by Jabba the Hut, THAT was attractive!

huh- I thought HAC was inde... (Below threshold)

huh- I thought HAC was indeed proven to be chick and I also thought rightwingsparkle was a guy...

I did not know that not only was rightwingsparkle a chick but is a fairly hot um - sparkly one.

Shows what I know.

You gotta go with Deborah i... (Below threshold)

You gotta go with Deborah if you like your women as God made them. Tiffany got the expensive boob job before she took the Playboy plunge. Not that there's anything wrong with with getting some work done. But I prefer the original equipment.

Well Debbie Gibson is a lit... (Below threshold)

Well Debbie Gibson is a little prettier, all i have to say is:

O. My. Gawd. Look. At. Tiffany's. Rack!

That those sweater puppies (a) look natural, and (b) aren't creepy looking in any event, Tiffany wins hands down (and up).


Those are some impressive titties.

Ummm, how about neither?</p... (Below threshold)

Ummm, how about neither?

Paul, look 5 commenters dow... (Below threshold)

Paul, look 5 commenters down on the Feb 14th post about Libertarian girl being a fraud. That one tells about HAC. (oh, and thanks! what guy would use 'sparkle'??...lol)


Thank goodness Tiffany didn... (Below threshold)

Thank goodness Tiffany didn't use Tara Reid's surgeon.... heh.

Gotta vote for Lil Debbie....

I'm voting ffor Debbie. I w... (Below threshold)

I'm voting ffor Debbie. I was expecting to be disappointed with these new pics, but I think she looks better now than she did 15 years ago.


MEN!!!! GEEZ, DOWN BOYS, D... (Below threshold)



No contest, Tiffany by two ... (Below threshold)

No contest, Tiffany by two cup sizes.

My post above was suppose t... (Below threshold)

My post above was suppose to say HAG..meaning HotAmbercrombieGirl. oops...

I say Rightwingsparkle is h... (Below threshold)

I say Rightwingsparkle is hottest! Screw tiffany and debbie, give me RWS any day ;-)

Your poll is missing the "W... (Below threshold)

Your poll is missing the "Who?" vote...

Debbie Gibson...natural bre... (Below threshold)
t. z.:

Debbie Gibson...natural breastestsss & bush under control...like that wax job.

Wow! Debbie Gibson got Bush... (Below threshold)

Wow! Debbie Gibson got Bush to get spending under control? ;)

why did the votes for Tiffa... (Below threshold)

why did the votes for Tiffany go up once the NSFW links were included.... interesting.

.... because she is stackin... (Below threshold)

.... because she is stacking the vote, heh.

Of the two, I'd say Tiffany... (Below threshold)

Of the two, I'd say Tiffany's poses were a bit slutty compared to Debbie's.

hmmm...ordinarily love the ... (Below threshold)

hmmm...ordinarily love the natural look, which debbie still has. but there's something about tiffany that.... ummmm... just does it for me.

sometimes you just can't analyze lust.

On the other hand, whose ca... (Below threshold)

On the other hand, whose career has gone on and who is next to be on VH1's 'What ever happened to...'?

You know, Debbie is a cutie... (Below threshold)

You know, Debbie is a cutie. Tiffany looks sluttier than Debbie. But Tiffany definately rules in the tits department. Debbie seems a bit flat chested.

<a href="http://www.timekil... (Below threshold)
Really guys, DEB RULEZ!!! D... (Below threshold)

Really guys, DEB RULEZ!!! Did then, does now. Anyone can buy a Rack, but few have the strenght to remain themselves... Besides, Tiff still is not a pretty woman.

Uhm....boys think Tiffany i... (Below threshold)

Uhm....boys think Tiffany is hotter. Girl thinks Debbie is prettier.

I wonder why :-)

who has bigger tits tiffnay... (Below threshold)

who has bigger tits tiffnay end off disscusion

plus that nice ass






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