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CPAC 2005 Coverage Kickoff

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Wizbang will be covering The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). CPAC is the country's oldest and largest annual gathering of grassroots conservatives. For more than thirty years, CPAC has served as the annual reunion of conservatives from all across America.

Thanks to the hard work of Mike Krempasky of Redstate and the financial support of Tech Central Station more bloggers than were originally anticipated are able to come and cover the event. The following blogs are covering CPAC 2005:

Ace of Spades HQ
Alarming News
Ankle Biting Pundits
GOP Bloggers
Kevin McCullough
La Shawn Barber's Corner
Miscellaneous Objections
Outside The Beltway
Politics from Left to Right
Terrorism Unveiled
The American Mind
The National Debate
Winds of Change.NET

CPACBloggers.com is an aggregation site dedicated to collecting the CPAC blog coverage in one spot. All of the CPAC bloggers entries will be collected and excerpted at CPACBloggers.com. There is a CPACBloggers.com XML feed available that allows you to get all of the CPAC bloggers posts in one feed.

CPAC 2005 Credentialed Bloggers Blogroll

If you'd like show the CPACBloggers.com blogroll the use the Javascript code below:

Graphics and additional link code will be available here this evening.


Listed below are links to weblogs that reference CPAC 2005 Coverage Kickoff:

» Outside The Beltway linked with Beltway Traffic Jam

» Ace of Spades HQ linked with CPAC Blogging


Comments (9)

Hey, chief, ya don't think ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Hey, chief, ya don't think that at least on first reference, you oughta spell out that "CPAC" is the Conservative Political Action Committee?

Just nit-picking...


Umm, so Wonkette's invited ... (Below threshold)

Umm, so Wonkette's invited huh? Guess will hear the obligatory rump ranger reference in her posts, eh?

Thanks J - had no idea what... (Below threshold)

Thanks J - had no idea what a CPAC was.... still don't even though you stated WHAT the letters mean.



How about clicking on the l... (Below threshold)

How about clicking on the link and you can find out everything you want about them. I didn't find it very difficult to slowly move my mouse to the link and read right on the top of the site this:

"The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is the country's oldest and largest annual gathering of grassroots conservatives. For more than thirty years, CPAC has served as the annual reunion of conservatives from all across America."

That seems clear enough to me. There's plenty of informaton on the site to learn all you want abuot the organization. Just read it.


Um...KCTrio...it *is* consi... (Below threshold)

Um...KCTrio...it *is* considered good writing form to spell out an acronym the first time it's used. I wasn't, however, going to mention anything about it, since it wasn't worth the hassle. But I'm glad someone did.

The link would probably get clicked on even more.

KCTrio - as you can see Kev... (Below threshold)

KCTrio - as you can see Kevin has changed the title and Juliette is right. I should not have to click on a link and I have no desire too - sounds boring to me, thanks.

Glad I'm not blogging this one.


Sorry guys. You got me. Y... (Below threshold)

Sorry guys. You got me. You are entirely correct. You must forgive my arrogance (yes, after having read my post, I think I cam across as an ass).

But have some sympathy for me. A couple of days ago, I decided to stick my toe in the water and try posting at the Daily Kos. I went through their process of registering, waiting 24 hours, then dived in. I posted nice, gentle comments, and got gunblasted from every side. Hey, I deserveed maybe a little of it, but the visceral hatred that I invited over there was really quite the experience. I tried for 2 days to stay on the high road, but I finally lashed back. It seems like if you post a thoughtful, conservative perspective over there, they kick the crap out of you.

Then, I started seeing comments getting yanked down as fast as I could post them. Finally, someone turned off the comments capability. So now, I have an account over at that hellhole, and can't even post.

So I made this post after having been "conditioned" by the angry mob over them.

Please accept this honest appology from me. I shouldn't have been such a prick.

You guys were totally right and I was wrong. Thanks for keeping me honest, and reminding me that it's better to be kind.

Best regards,


You're welcome and here is ... (Below threshold)

You're welcome and here is some good advice: stay away from the DAILY KOS and I'm not kidding about that blog. Thank you for the apology; not many do that anymore.


Never seen such a horrific ... (Below threshold)

Never seen such a horrific place. You know, when Blogs allow comments, I suppose that yields the possibility of venom, but it doesn't necessarily mean that comments must lead to angry mob rule. There is a difference.

I've seen plenty of liberals get kicked around over at LGF at times, but it's not nearly the type of hatred I saw over at that place. (Oddly, LGF's registration is closed for now; I hope it's temporary.) Plus, the liberal poster will simply write out a talking point (you know, Bush is a Nazi, you can't force freedom at the tip of a spear, stuff like that) and then exit without trying to engage. Then they get buried.

What I did was entirely different. I posted thoughtful input, perhaps laced with an intro like "Do you really believe this?" Then I got the hammer brought down upon me. Lightning fast. I'd reinforce my statement, clarify, make it more gentle, then it only got worse.

Here's what really frightens me: That place has four times the traffic as Instapundit. And it still is a closed community. And they must have an army of gatekeepers or they couldn't have efficiently shut me down as quickly as they did.

Of course your advice is accurate. But I figured that it would be a good idea to learn that for myself. You see, I have two family members (blood siblings) who won't talk to me anymore because of my conservative views. So I figured, if the DAILY KOS is the main event, that'd be the best place to start.

Sure I could read the Guardian, or read the KOS's posts, but actively engaging is the best way to find out for yourself. And, as you've stated and I also mentioned, the place is a swamp; a frightening hellhole. I really don't understand the behind-the-scenes stuff as to why this is so, but I do know that they are funded heavily. It certainly is no grassroots organization.

But still, the question recurs, "How did such a large, online community become so angry and closed minded?" That's what I would like to know.

Again, sorry Cindy, I learned my lesson and it wasn't a pleasure.

Warmest regards,







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