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Frank Is Dead

Following up on a story we covered previously David Dingman-Grove is now cancer-free. David is the Sterling Virginia boy who nicknamed his brain tumor "Frank" after the monster in the movie "Frankenstein". Facing a staggering medical bill to get a chance to have a new procedure to try to remove David's tumor, his mother auctioned Frank off on eBay to help raise money.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - A 9-year-old boy who nicknamed his brain tumor "Frank" and whose mother launched an online auction to help pay for his medical bills is now cancer-free, his mother said Tuesday.

"Frank is dead!" an elated Tiffini Dingman-Grover said by telephone from her Sterling home as the family prepared to head to a press conference in Washington, D.C.

David Dingman-Grover had most of his tumor removed Feb. 2 at the Skull Base Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The family learned the results of a biopsy on the tumor at midnight Monday. The family was crowded around the phone on "pins and needles" waiting for the call from David's surgeon, his mother said.

David's web site has pre and post procedure pictures of Frank (not for the squeamish)


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Comments (8)

I am so happy for this boy'... (Below threshold)

I am so happy for this boy's life. He's one guy that really, really deserves to live and live a long and happy life. What a guy.

Dude, you didn't get much s... (Below threshold)

Dude, you didn't get much sleep I bet, the typos are getting scary today. (I got it)

Nice. I love happy endings.... (Below threshold)

Nice. I love happy endings.

Now Kevin, GET SOME SLEEP!<... (Below threshold)


Wonderful news!... (Below threshold)

Wonderful news!

You are late in posting!!!!... (Below threshold)

You are late in posting!!!! He was on Fox's Dayside with Linda about 2 weeks ago after his sucessful surgery.


Paul, why don't YOU get sle... (Below threshold)

Paul, why don't YOU get sleep.

Kevin's like me - an insomn... (Below threshold)

Kevin's like me - an insomnia - he never sleeps.







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