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Rathergate - Act II

In a story in Wednesday's New York Observer, TV reporter Joe Hagan reveals that Josh Howard and two other CBS News executives, Betsy West and Mary Murphy, are refusing to leave quietly, and instead are planning to sue. They are eager to get CBS executives under oath and internal documents, they say implicate higher-ups. into evidence. The trio insists that they are being made into scapegoats by the Thornburgh/Boccardi commission.

More at RatherBiased.com.

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Dude, that was sooo 30 minu... (Below threshold)

Dude, that was sooo 30 minutes ago.

I really hope some litigati... (Below threshold)
John S:

I really hope some litigation gets filed before this stuff gets too stale. Questions under oath are great fun. Docment requests are fun, too. Wouldn't you like to read all the emails that flew around inside CBS those weeks?

I wondered why I hadn't hea... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

I wondered why I hadn't heard about them leaving weeks ago. Now I know.

Oh, this could get ever so ugly for CBS and especially for Dan 'Crooked as a Dog's Hindleg' Rather.

- You can just hear the shr... (Below threshold)

- You can just hear the shredding machines working late into the night.....

- I have to smirk a little on this one....It was very obvious that the underlings were not going to go quietly.... Apparently the settlement offers weren't healthy enough....

- Mapes has the leg up on this one.... she hit early and often and has probably reached a nice 7 figure settlement.... Otherwise she'd be on the bandwagon too....

- This one could go on reverberating for years....

- Best case senario... All of them end up in front of a Senate hearing and have to answer those two big questions......

Tried to trackback ping you... (Below threshold)

Tried to trackback ping you with Josh Howard: he oughtta getta blog, but haloscan's returning 'You are pinging trackbacks too quickly. Please try again later.'






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