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Really Good News

I've been remiss in mentioning the medical problems of Captain Ed's wife Marcia has faced. Mrs. Morrissey (lovingly referred to as the First Mate) has been on the list to receive a pancreas for some time. After some previous disappointment, a good matching donor was found and just like that the Morrissey's were off to the hospital. Ed reports that the surgery was a success and his wife is doing well in recovery.

The Wizbang extended family sends our prayers out to the Morrissey family (and the grieving family of the donor) this evening, and well wishes for a speedy recovery.

[Note: As a not too subtle reminder to the wider blogosphere, there's a grey button linked to PayPal over at Captain's Quarters should you be so inclined. Also, consider becoming and organ and tissue. If you've already checked the box on your drivers license make sure you fill out and carry a donor card and discuss your wishes with your family.]

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- Our wishes go out to her ... (Below threshold)

- Our wishes go out to her and her family as well...

Instead of just wishing her... (Below threshold)

Instead of just wishing her a speedy recovery, do something more: Sign your donor card and sign up to be a bone marrow donor.

Hey Julie:I've tho... (Below threshold)

Hey Julie:

I've thought about your comment and I'll "make you a deal."

I wanted to do some research about ways people could sign up (et al) and make a post encouraging people to do so.... But, I hope you understand, the things I want to blog but don't have time to is about 15 miles long. (and growing)

So I tell you what, if you write the post (or even just write the skeleton and gather up the links) I'll post it on Wizbang.

We get our fair share of traffic and our readers routinely show their generosity and compassion. I'm sure many would sign up.

OK so here's the deal, you do the leg work and I'll post it. -- Assuming you have the time and the desire.


BTW I had a customer with an emergency and I had to lend him my very own personal computer. (I'm on the wife's) If you email, I might be slow to reply.

Thank G-d.... (Below threshold)

Thank G-d.

Julie, you beat me to it. B... (Below threshold)

Julie, you beat me to it. Bone marrow donation is really important, and you can give it while you are ALIVE.

Very nice Kevin.

I may be new here, but I ... (Below threshold)

I may be new here, but I wish the absolute best for them.

I'd be glad to gather some ... (Below threshold)

I'd be glad to gather some info too.

A whole list of links alrea... (Below threshold)

A whole list of links already done here.

Email? What email, Mr. Daem... (Below threshold)

Email? What email, Mr. Daemon? I'm not sure what you need Paul. I'm afraid, I'm also under the gun right now.

This is the link to the National Marrow Donor Program .
National Marrow Donor Program

I also linked the page with the map and list of the different locations of the centers.
Donor centers

If there is not a center close by, I would call the one closest to you and ask when they might be in your neighborhood. That's how I finally joined – at a street fair. They set up a booth and all I had to do is give a vial of blood and information on how to be contacted. So, there is no excuse to not participate. And no, I did not have to pay for the testing. Nor, was I asked to. That was 5 years ago and I have yet to be called, unfortunately. Once a year, I receive a newsletter and a reminder to keep them advised of any address change.

The description makes the donation procedure sound worse than it is. An exam, 5 days of injections to bulk those white blood cells up, and then under anesthesia, they remove the marrow from your hip. Remember, cancer patients, little kids, go through similar procedures repeatedly, where large needles are used to remove marrow for testing. If they can do this, you can do it one time under anesthesia. The worse part is that strangers will be looking at your naked butt.

PS. It also appears federal employees are entitled to 7 days paid leave if they donate.
Paid Leave for Federal Employees

PSS. They also seem to be in need of minority donors - asian, black, jewish, hispanic.

PERFECTThanks Juli... (Below threshold)


Thanks Julie. It might take a few days, but I'll put it together and put it on the front.


Anyone else with more to add, feel free.

Kevin,Not everyone c... (Below threshold)

Not everyone can be an organk, tissue or blood donor and those that can't don't like it any more than anyone else. If one has an autoimmune disease - arthritis, fibromyalgia, heart disease - cannot donate an organ or blood or tissue. So please be careful who you ask about organ donation. In 1978, I donated my husbands organs but after working with organ donees, I would not suggest it - they have a hell of a time accepting someone else's organs, especially heart transplanters. As for me, my basic is fibromyalgia of the worst form, I can't even donate blood - so you can bet they'll never take my organs.


Paul - that goes to you, to... (Below threshold)

Paul - that goes to you, too.


there's diabetes, rheumatoi... (Below threshold)

there's diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hiv, hundreds of simple diseases that makes a person unable to donate ANYTHING.


There's another thing you c... (Below threshold)

There's another thing you can do that has no restrictions - whether male or female. If you have long hair and you're going to get it cut, put it in a ponytail low at the base of your neck, braid it and have it cut just above the first elastic. Save the hair and send it to the place that makes wigs for kids with cancer whom have lost their hair for this is made into wigs for them. Anybody could do it and can do it. So if you have long hair, don't just cut it off, save it and send it to the place who makes wigs for kids who have lost their hair due to cancer, chemo, radiation and so on. Now THAT is something everyone can do.And it's heaven to the kids who needs it. And anyone could do this, so if you have long hair, save it for cancer ridden children.







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