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The Jackson List

Michael Jackson's defense lawyers have unveiled a list of prospective defense witnesses, and it's every bit as eccentric and odd as Jackson himself.

Appearing on the defense witness list: actress Elizabeth Taylor; musician Stevie Wonder; singer Diana Ross; talk show host Jay Leno; producer Quincy Jones; actor Chris Tucker; basketball star Kobe Bryant; talk show host Larry King; TV journalist Ed Bradley; talk show host Maury Povich; singer Nick Carter and his brother Aaron; illusionist David Blaine; author Deepak Chopra; actor Corey Feldman; and relatives of actor Marlon Brando.

The inclusion of Kobe Bryant prompted the biggest reaction. Laurie Levenson, a professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and a former federal prosecutor had this to say about Kobe Bryant's inclusion, ""Kobe Bryant didn't want to be called in his own case, why would he want to take the stand in somebody else's trial"?

Update: Michael Jackson Hospitalized With Flu.

Update 2: Keeping Jackson on the same floor as the pediatric unit seems like a bad idea...

List compiled from via AP wire and the L.A. Times. Quote from the same L.A. Times story.


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Comments (30)

Didn't Corey Feldman say Ja... (Below threshold)

Didn't Corey Feldman say Jackson showed him nudie pics when he was a kid?

Yep. Another oddity on the... (Below threshold)

Yep. Another oddity on the part of the defense. Feldman has defended Jackson for year though and he still says their was no touching...

Liz Taylor - former alcohol... (Below threshold)

Liz Taylor - former alcoholic and drug user.
Stevie Wonder - No offense, but exactly what could Stevie have witnessed being blind and all?
Diana Ross - alcoholic, fortunetly she made bail so she can appear.
Jay Leno - OK, nothing really to say here.
Quincy Jones - Ditto
Chris Tucker - Will they understand the words coming out of his mouth?
Kobe Bryant - an odd choice for a character witness in a sex crime case.

(background music playing)<... (Below threshold)

(background music playing)

We are the wierd, we are the people, we are the ones that want to get Michael laid, so let's start giving.

There's a choice we're making, to look the other way, so acquit him now so he can find some boys and have his way...

I heard that Feldman was su... (Below threshold)

I heard that Feldman was supeonaed by the prosecution. His testimony is rather damning whether he was touched or not.

The DA will call an expert who will testify how pedophiles operate: lots of toys, games, etc. to attract children, attraction to a child of a certain age, the seduction with porn, this mindset that they are not doing anything wrong - it's only love, innocent and pure, blah blah blah.

Feldman believes that Jackson didn't operate on his impulses b/c he was well known and more likely to be believed if he complained.

I guess you heard by now Ja... (Below threshold)

I guess you heard by now Jackson was rushed to the Hospital.

If I were Kobe, I sure as h... (Below threshold)

If I were Kobe, I sure as hell wouldn't have taken the stand at my own trial. Viva the Fifth Amendment!

We spent the night in a ... (Below threshold)

We spent the night in a fever
Hotter than a pepper sprout
We were big fans of Michael Jackson
Up until the pr0n came out...

with massive apologies to the immortal soul of Mr. Johnny Cash.

Can you just imagine poor K... (Below threshold)

Can you just imagine poor Kobe, when he arrives at the next Lakers practice? The ribbing should be intolerable...

'Dude, are you really gonna testify for that white-boy wanna be, MJ?'

As if Bryant has any credibility left with anyone....

Now why would you be admitt... (Below threshold)

Now why would you be admitted to a hospital for the flu if you are under 80?

Where is OJ?... (Below threshold)

Where is OJ?

Just yesterday I posted a c... (Below threshold)

Just yesterday I posted a copy of the "juror survey". there's a lot of good stuff in that.

Yes, My usual buffoonery.

Jeebus.Still. Not.... (Below threshold)


Still. Not. Interested.

Leave the Hollywierd beat to Variety, huh?

Unless Ed Bradley served co... (Below threshold)

Unless Ed Bradley served cookies and ice cream at one of Jackson's little boy parties, what relevent information does he have? The whole witness list looks loony.

"And now I call a surpise witness, Cardinal Richelieu!" -- Monty Python

On the other hand, the prosecution has Debbie Rowe on their list, and she wants custody of her children back.

I wish the world would leav... (Below threshold)

I wish the world would leave this guy alone. He may be different but how would life be without him? I'm sorry, but I am sick and tired of people putting Michael Jackson down. Sneddon is the one doing this and he's going to get to eat the foot he's trying to stick up Michael's ass. Leave him be.


Yikes,Leave him al... (Below threshold)


Leave him alone so he can molest more children?

They have his and childrens fingerprints on the same pornography.

A foot is the last thing Michael is going to have to worry about.

No. Sneddon is doing his jo... (Below threshold)

No. Sneddon is doing his job. He received a criminal complaint and not the first. It's not his job to leave it alone. And it doesn't help that Jackson exhibits all the classic behaviors of a pedophile.

No, he's not Julie and any ... (Below threshold)

No, he's not Julie and any news show where they discuss this shows that. Also, hon, if he is hospitalized with the flu, it's because he's on IV fluids plus you have no idea of his health any more than you know about mine. I do not believe Michael Jackson is a pedophile, never have, never will and it's just a way for someone to get money from a not so rich man anymore. And the white man wannabe comment is uncalled for, too because when he got burned and rushed to the hospital for quite some time, those burns caused him to have a particular disease that had to do with his (I'm so pissed I can't think of the words) but it has to do with endocrinology that eventually turned his entire body from black to very light and he has to protect it because sun on his skin could kill him. So before people jump to conclusions and make assumptions, know your facts.


Actually, Cindy, I know qui... (Below threshold)

Actually, Cindy, I know quite a lot about prosecuting pedophiles. My opinion is not based on news shows. Jackson was released almost immediately this morning. I never made a “whiteman wannabe” comment. The accident that resulted in his burnt scalp happened over 20 years ago. He's recovered. His skin disease, Vitiligo, is hereditary and unrelated to the burns. Vitiligo may be unsightly, but it's not uncommon and it's definitely not life threateneing. Except for a possible sunburn on the affected area, it causes no discomfort that I am aware of.

Just heard another news blu... (Below threshold)

Just heard another news blurb that says he is still in the hospital and receiving IVs, contradicting what they said this morning. Which is a good example of why you should not base all your opinions on the media.

I don't like you Julie and ... (Below threshold)

I don't like you Julie and that's my opinion. And Michael Jackson will be in the hospital for a week as the newscasters have said so he must be pretty ill. I'm with mojo - you don't know what the prosecutors have and don't have but from discussions where I do nothing but watch news all day, the prosecution does not have a case and things are circumstantial. Sneddon is going to get his ass kicked; I have no doubt about that at all. But it's still not a subject for this wonderfully newsworthy blog. People always want to believe the worst of others; I don't. It's that simple.


How long he will be inpatie... (Below threshold)

How long he will be inpatient is up to his doctor – not the newscasters. The person who owns this blog, wrote and posted the article on Jackson. If it offends you, don't read Wizbang. The case is based more on direct, rather than circumstantial, evidence. Neither is entitled to any greater weight than the other. Most prosecutors prefer
circumstantial evidence. Oh, and if I were you, I wouldn't be so sure about I know or don't know.

Make that: I wouldn't be so... (Below threshold)

Make that: I wouldn't be so sure about what I know or don't know.

Charlie the Lawyer: Not Gui... (Below threshold)

Charlie the Lawyer: Not Guilty! Are you nuts, Jacko? They best we could do for a plea bargain was to have you buried in secret so no one would desecrate your grave!

Michael Jackson: Take it easy Charlie. I've got an angle...

Julie,I've been he... (Below threshold)


I've been here a hell of a lot longer than you.


Oops, we've got a Michael J... (Below threshold)

Oops, we've got a Michael Jackson fan on our hands. The eighties are dead! Let them lie!

And remember "There's nothing wrong with sharing your bed with a child" (especially if they're not yours, there's rum in the Pepsi, and you're sticking the pages of your favorite magazine together)

I've been here a hell of... (Below threshold)

I've been here a hell of a lot longer than you.

Another non sequitur by Emily Litella!

Hey Julie, you're a newbie,... (Below threshold)

Hey Julie, you're a newbie, I'm not.


And how is that relevant, c... (Below threshold)

And how is that relevant, cindy?

I cannot believe there is s... (Below threshold)

I cannot believe there is someone in here sticking up for a man who ADMITS to sharing a bed with children who are not his own! Circumstantial evidence my @#$! You are in denial girl! I am a 42 year old male. I have a 12 year old son. Do you think that if my son had friends spend the night I'm going to have one of them sleep in my bed with me?? Thats insane! That's asking for exactly the trouble that Jackson is in now. Even if you can't bring yourself to believe that he is a pedophile, you must then have to believe that he is extremely stupid! Especially after the first time he was accused. After that I wouldn't have let a kid alone in the same house as me! But you see, he can't help it - he has a compulsion that he can't control!






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