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Things are Getting Interesting at CBS

Drudge has 2 headlines tonight:

ASKED TO RESIGN, 3 AT CBSNEWS HIRE LAWYERS INSTEAD: More than month after CBS head Moonves requested resignations of 3 top journos who helped oversee flawed report on Bush National Guard -- they have yet to step down...



THE NEW YORK OBSERVER will report tomorrow: (link) 'Former 60 Minutes Wednesday executive editor Josh Howard has told colleagues that before he resigns, the 23-year CBS News veteran will demand that the network retract remarks by CBS president Leslie Moonves, correct its official story line and ultimately clear his name'...

In the event of a lawsuit, Mr. Howard has told associates that he would like to see Moonves put under oath to talk about his own roles in the network's stubborn, hapless defense of the flawed segment on President Bush's National Guard service.

Howard has also indicated to colleagues that he would subpoena specific CBS documents, including the e-mails of top executives.

And now a court case? It will be interesting, assuming this is true, to see if Moonves calls Howards bluff.

My little birdie tells me that Howard is not so much going after Moonves as he has it in for Andrew Heyward and Dan Rather... As he sees it, they were the primary culprits and he (Howard) is being forced to take the fall.

We'll keep our "eye" on it.


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Comments (10)

Paul beats out Kevin, you d... (Below threshold)

Paul beats out Kevin, you didn't nanny nanny boo boo him? :-P

You can't blame CBS for rus... (Below threshold)

You can't blame CBS for rushing to get the forged docs in there; they had an electorate to seduce. For a real laugh, look at how the NYT covers the same story this morning. No mention of discepancies or timelines, just allusions to employees seeking 'leverage'. The Times is so over.


Hey- he owns the joint.... (Below threshold)

Hey- he owns the joint.


The funniest thing about th... (Below threshold)
Poo Poo On You:

The funniest thing about the whole CBS / Bush Guard story is that they didn't even need the documents to prove that Bush was AWOL. Thank God Almighty that they used forged documents, otherwise that liberal Kerry might be President if the true part of the story had gotten the most press!

What is even more interesti... (Below threshold)

What is even more interesting in the NYT article is that CBS still does not believe the documents were forgeries.

Look after being the news business for so long, the underlying truth is they wanted the scoop, they (CBS) believed the story, Mapes etc. let the source know she needed physical evidence, and Dan Rather wanted a Presidential notch on his pen.

The problems at CBS go a lot higher than the ones they want canned. Move down to the first managenment level that says Dan stays and get rid of him/her.

Why does Rather have to go? He's a big boy and has been in the news business a very long time. He knows how to properly put together a story. The fact that the story veracity hinged on faxed document should have set off every alarm bell in Rather's head. IMHO, a compentent journalist would have insisted on seeing and testing the original. If this had been the mistake of some new intern, and not a seasoned pro, the situation would be different.

I like it. A bunch of peop... (Below threshold)

I like it. A bunch of people fighting for personal and journalistic integrity!

Let's go to the bottom line for a moment.

If a cub reporter pulled the stunt, would you have fired him/her/it on the spot?

If you had an employee who did Rathergate, would you ask him/her/it to resign or fire?

Would you want any of these people as parents, mentors or role models?

Dan Rather has to go becaus... (Below threshold)

Dan Rather has to go because it's just like when a crewperson on a ship makes a huge mistake. Who generally takes the heat, the lowly crewperson or the captain?

As usual, a captain must go down with his ship and in this case, Rather must take the heat for the inaccuracies reported in the story.

That is why it seemed normal to expect Rather stepping down from the anchor positon.

It's all about the CBS agen... (Below threshold)

It's all about the CBS agenda, or for that matter most all of the TV media, (except FOX). They have come to the conclusion that the blue states need their help to overcome the rednecks out in "flyover country" who don't know crap about running a country.
They will have there turn when "Hillary" takes over.

Although the Rathergate stu... (Below threshold)
F100 Sabre:

Although the Rathergate stuff has had more coverage, the real intentions of CBS to get Bush out of office came from the story about "missing explosives" that they were planning to put on 60 Minutes only two days before the election. That story was broken by the NYT a week before. It took several days for the truth to come out that the "story" was old news without any teeth. If NYT had not gotten the story out early then CBS would have likely turned the election. 60 Minutes has a long history of doctoring fact to tell a story that will further their liberal bias.

Hillary will never take ove... (Below threshold)

Hillary will never take over!!!!!!!






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