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Zero Tolerance

The New York Post reports that syndicated talk show host Don Imus uttered the dreaded F-bomb on both radio and TV (MSNBC) Friday.

Imus, who's been complaining all week about moving to MSNBC's Secaucus, N.J. studio, went ballistic when a cue was missed. "Come on guys, goddamn it," he said, "you're fucking killing me here."
The exchange aired live on radio and the MSNBC telecast of the radio show.

It is not known whether any listeners or viewers have yet filed complaints with the FCC, but Imus appears to have violated a CBS/Infinity zero tolerance policy that was put into effect after the disastrous Opie and Anthony Sex For Sam stunt. That radio stunt cost the duo their jobs at Infinity, and nearly led to a FCC license review of the Infinity owned stations that broadcast the show.

CBS has yet to respond to inquiries about whether the zero tolerance policy is still in effect or if it will be applied to the Imus In The Morning show.

[Note: I'm not arguing for or against the policy. I'm merely pointing out an incident that seems to fall within the purview of the publicized policy. It will be interesting to see how CBS explains their actions or inaction in light of the policy.]


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Comments (7)

- If his simulcast went out... (Below threshold)

- If his simulcast went out over the airwaves he may have a problem.....depends if anyone that gives a damn was listening at 3-6 in the morning....Doubtful.... sounds more like the press making it an issue.....slow news day....which for the MSM is any day when they can't dig up anything on Bush... Iraq sucks for them .... doesn't appear to be going in the toilet like they hoped...
- That idiotic article in WPO trying to claim the Kurds were going to join with the Iranians was just another case of wishful thinking.....If they can't find anything bad they just make it up as they go along....That stupidity was "outed" almost as fast as it hit the public....

The gooderer news is the paper form will oneday go the path of the dodo bird.....

Wow - I listen to the show,... (Below threshold)

Wow - I listen to the show, but must have missed it. It doesn't appear to say when it was, but it's a pretty tough situation if that's what happened. Surprised he didn't blather on about it today. Good catch.

Didn't the FCC already deal... (Below threshold)

Didn't the FCC already deal with this when Bono made his "F-ing brilliant" comment on some awards show? Now the company policy is another issue entirely, but I don't think this situation is going to give him serious legal trouble. Frankly, anybody who complains about a slip like that on a show that's frankly not interesting enough to draw underage listeners ought to be flogged.

Is Jeff Goldstein posting h... (Below threshold)

Is Jeff Goldstein posting here? I have to assume so from this comment
It will be interesting to see how CBS explains their actions or inaction in light of the policy.

Now that's funny. I mean, CBS actually explaining itself.

Good work Jeff.

"Come on guys, goddamn it,"... (Below threshold)

"Come on guys, goddamn it," he said, "you're fucking killing me here."

I am totally shocked that Imus used the words fucking and killing in the same sentence!


imus is a jerk. I've only ... (Below threshold)

imus is a jerk. I've only caught a small portion of his "program" a few times (I have no intention of seeking it out) and it seems that he is always berating his staff. he iacts like a very immature and childish individual. To work for him, employees apparantly abandon their self esteem.

How would they know? Who ca... (Below threshold)

How would they know? Who can understand any syllable that comes out of the ugly man's mouth? I can't and my hearing is pretty damn good; I can hear a dog whistle. And who would listen to him? It absolutely drives me insane that he's on tv LIVE if it's a radio show!!! Why is a radio show by this jerk on television anyway? I can't stand it and I can't make out what the hell he's talking about so if he said it someone has better ears than me. Get him off tv, he's too ugly - might break my screen; I know he already has broken my patience.







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