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The potential new owner of the Minnesota Vikings was caught by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune puffing up his official biography presented to the assembled media yesterday:

In his official biography, distributed Monday by his Twin Cities public relations firm, Reggie Fowler declared that he played in the Little League World Series, implied that he earned a business administration and finance degree from the University of Wyoming and said that he played for the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL and the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League.

According to officials with all of the sports organizations and official records at the NFL, CFL and University of Wyoming, none of those claims is exactly true.

In a nutshell Fowler didn't play in the Little League World Series, never played a down in the NFL (he was a non roster invitee to a couple NFL training camps and was cut each time), and didn't get a business degree.

From a quick read of the press release bio [PDF], it looks like he never actually received a Masters degree from ASU either, since he is only noted as enrolling in the program.

Several college coaches have lost their jobs due to biography padding.


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Comments (14)

But his play in the LLWS is... (Below threshold)

But his play in the LLWS is seared -- seared! -- into his memory!

Is his money green?... (Below threshold)

Is his money green?

Sounds like another racist ... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Sounds like another racist attack; expect the Reverend Jackson to weigh in very soon (heavily pushing on the sarcasm button).

Of course, the same folks w... (Below threshold)

Of course, the same folks who brought you discrimination charges 'cuz a cop ate a banana will now claim racism is the reason for vetting his ass....

Wonders if the guy has ever lied on any banking/lending applications in his businesses... can you spell fraud? The other owners won't accept this...

- From the amount he's repo... (Below threshold)

- From the amount he's reportedly paying for the team its pretty obvious this isn't pocket change from him personally. thee has to be an org. behind him....

- Gussying up a bio seems pretty dumbass on several levels... Maybe the intent was to begin the creation of the "First black owner legend"....

- Since when do you need an impressive bio to be an owner anyway... Money is money.... dumb and dumberer.....

I am experiencing Tom Clanc... (Below threshold)

I am experiencing Tom Clancy deja vu.

"Presidential Accomodation"... (Below threshold)

"Presidential Accomodation"???

Isn't that what Clinton did for Marc Rich?

Maybe she was thinking "Presidential Commendation"? In which case that would be check-able, too, no?

That's one of the worst press releases I have ever seen. Even more shocking is that the uber image-conscious NFL would let it go out without reviewing it for substance or style.

A fumble on the opening kickoff for sure.

Mr. Fowler does seem to be ... (Below threshold)

Mr. Fowler does seem to be a bit of a mystery. He lives and apparently ownes several businesses in my hometown and I had not heard of him until his bid to buy the Vikes came in.

The guy's looking to be an ... (Below threshold)

The guy's looking to be an owner, people. My guess is he's playing up the scum factor just to fit in (Irsay, Bud Adams, etc. are still out of his league, btw).

Dishonesty in the NFL!!!! I... (Below threshold)

Dishonesty in the NFL!!!! I am shocked!!!

As long as his plan include... (Below threshold)
Justin B:

As long as his plan includes finding a way to move the Vikes to Phoenix and get rid of the damned Cardinals, I am ok with a little lying.

A friend of mine who's a ba... (Below threshold)

A friend of mine who's a banker says he looked at financing some of Fowler's car washes a year or so ago and the financial statement he saw reflected a net worth far below what Fowler's claiming now as well ($120 million versus $400 million).

Hmmm. "Arizona Vikings."</p... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. "Arizona Vikings."

Makes more sense than the Utah Jazz, I guess...

Hmmm. "Arizona Vikings." </... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. "Arizona Vikings."

Oh yes. I can see them charging across the London Bridge in horned helmets, waving iron swords and battleaxes...

There is at least evidence a pre-Columbian expedition passed thru Minnesota, having no impact on the state's history.






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