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CPAC Day One

CPAC 2005 Bloggers

Visit CPACBloggers.com for aggregated coverage of the 20 bloggers covering the Conservative Political Action Conference.

I've spent the morning hooking up all the other bloggers to the WiFi network. Actuall coverage is forthcoming...

Update: I'll be on Right Talk Radio at some point, but I don't know exactly when yet. I'll update with details, but you'll be able to listen live here.

Paul Adds: Kevin is on live now. -- And it's OVER. Sorry for the short notice but he hung up on me in mid-sentence to go live on the air.

Al Franken and G. Gordon Liddy are debating live (simulcast on both their shows). I'll keep you apprised of any Franken meltdowns.

No meltdowns yet...


Paul Adds: I'm not sure, but I think there is going to be a replay of Kevin here. Either way there are many good bloggers on the air. (2:37pm) KEVIN IS LIVE NOW on this link 3:00PM Eastern Update: 3:18 he's done. But there are still many good bloggers to go.

James Joyner is on now. 5:09pm and he's done at 5:18


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Comments (8)

What's their thinking in ha... (Below threshold)

What's their thinking in having Air America there? Reaching 50 or 60 people who don't agree with conservatives and aren't going to change their minds? Is it just to entice "future Senator" Franken into saying stupid things that might come back to bite him?

and I was surprised when I ... (Below threshold)
tee bee:

and I was surprised when I heard Ana Marie was going to be there... what does CPAC stand for again? okay, okay. no need to close the door to the, um, otherly inclined.

I'll be looking for the rundown on this later. who are the rest of the folks in the pic?

one more thing: please post... (Below threshold)
tee bee:

one more thing: please post a soundbyte when Al does his version of the Deaniac yeaarrgghh.

I hope they burn that chair... (Below threshold)
Chris W.:

I hope they burn that chair after Franken gets done sitting on it.

BAD AIR AMERICA.... (Below threshold)


OMGosh, I meant (^^) in ref... (Below threshold)

OMGosh, I meant (^^) in reference to Al Franken on the panel...not about anyone/anything else.

Hope that clarifies.

actually Suzy I thought it ... (Below threshold)

actually Suzy I thought it was pretty funny


(say it like you're scolding "air america")

Henry, I WAS "saying" it th... (Below threshold)

Henry, I WAS "saying" it that way!


Ms. Snarky.






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