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CPAC Day Two

CPAC 2005 Bloggers

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Robert Cox reports the Matt Drudge is making an unscheduled appearance at Ann Coulter's CPAC address. The speech is being taped and may run later on C-SPAN.

Ironically one of the most popular people at CPAC was Democrat Zell Miller. Here's the line to get a Zell Miller book signature.


We've had a Wonkette sighting... the bar must be open.

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Notice that Wonkette's keep... (Below threshold)

Notice that Wonkette's keeping to the left!

HaHaHa! Listening to Medved... (Below threshold)

HaHaHa! Listening to Medved with Frankrn. He tried to get Franken and John O'Neill to debate each other. Franken, cough, declined. After the break, I wonder if Franken will still be there.

Nope. Franken split. Now Me... (Below threshold)

Nope. Franken split. Now Medved is interviewing O'Neill.

Super top-secret note to Ay... (Below threshold)

Super top-secret note to Aylward: Where are pics!!! Must have more pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. More pics of hot co... (Below threshold)

Yes. More pics of hot conservative babes!

Zell Miller isn't a Democra... (Below threshold)

Zell Miller isn't a Democrat. Votes more conservative than progressive. That's like calling Bush "compassionate."



Ironically one of the mo... (Below threshold)

Ironically one of the most popular people at CPAC was Democrat Zell Miller

Kevin, look up the word "ironic" in the dictionary --- there is nothing ironic about Zell Miller being popular with Repubs---he was the keynote speaker at the Republican convention for christ's sake! Anyway, Zell is a Democrat in the same sense that Benodict Arnold is an American.

So, I guess the Al Franken ... (Below threshold)

So, I guess the Al Franken Meltdown was pretty much a burned butter event. As in, first you see it in the pan, then you see it turn to something discardable from the kitchen.

I'm still puzzling over the Al Franken (and Wonkette, to be blunt here) inclusion in this event. I'm also thinking that it's probably an improvement that neither/either are, um, not cooking.

Zell Miller, however, now THERE's a cook. Ha, go Zell.

Zell Miller isn't a Demo... (Below threshold)

Zell Miller isn't a Democrat.

JP2, next time you want to throw a shoe at Richard Perle, pick one that flies straight.

I just love how, in a threa... (Below threshold)

I just love how, in a thread directly adjacent to one in which our lefty friends chide us for likening a shoe-throwing moonbat to the entire Democratic Party, they then turn around and disavow someone whom we know from his years in elective office, is a Democrat and will remain so for the rest of his born days.

He had plenty of opportunity to cross the aisle and become a Republican in name, but he didn't do it.

You guys crack me up. You're expelling a man from his party because he didn't lurch hard to the left when you ordered him to. I guess he's just lucky the leader of the party now is Howlin' Howard Dean and not Joe Stalin.

"We've has a Wonkette... (Below threshold)

"We've has a Wonkette sighting....The bar must be open"

- Either that or she heard a rumor they were handing out complimentary butt plugs at the door....

Need a lawyer, stat!<... (Below threshold)

Need a lawyer, stat!

Kevin Aylward mentioned Wonkette's appearance at CPAC, and despite my better judgement, I clicked the link to her site.

It began almost immediately.

Brain cell after brain cell...evaporating.

At first, seeing an exclamation point! after every first sentence in a post! bothered me!

Then it all began to make sense!

Why bother with political discourse, when you can diss your opponent through lame jokes instead! After all, a few dismissive jokes should do the trick, so we can get back to gossipping about whatever we want!

Kevin, it's all your fault. Brain is permanently damaged now.

And I keep staring at the page masthead and wonder what's really under that cute little skirt...

Lawyers...? Anyone...? Someone help me, before I go back...

" they then turn around and... (Below threshold)

" they then turn around and disavow someone whom we know from his years in elective office, is a Democrat and will remain so for the rest of his born days."

I identify people and their respective parties by the way they vote, not what they say. Therefore, Zell Miller is a Republican because he votes Republican more than Democrat. Actions speak louder than words.


Wonkette belongs in France,... (Below threshold)

Wonkette belongs in France, walking her stuff in Montmartre.

Zell Miller isn't holding o... (Below threshold)

Zell Miller isn't holding onto his membership in the Democratic party because of any alliance to Democratic principles. He's staying in the party because if he switches to the Republican party he's nothing special, just another old man railing against the Dems. As a Dem himself, he stands out. Would he have such a long line at his book signing if he'd switched parties? I don't think so. It's not insight, passion, or intelligent discourse that creates the line. It's the pure pleasure of seeing a Dem turn on his own, the hand-rubbing joy of the betrayal. And that's undermined if he has the integrity to actually switch parties. If he did, he'd be worth respecting, but then he wouldn't sell as many books, would he?






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