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Just Make Sure You Get My Name Right

My father worked for the state government, and often had to deal with clueless people in the public. Often people would tell him that they knew the governor (or some of high-ranking state official) and they were going to get him in trouble. My father (who probably only said 3 sarcastic things in his life) would very politely take out a business card and hand it to the person and say, "Just make sure you get my name right."

Matt Drudge has figured that lesson out. The latest critic is Donna Britt in today's Washington Post:

Drudge Takes The Oscar For 'Clueless'

I never thought I'd say it, but Matt Drudge has made me feel better about America.

As manufactured media "news" goes, the right-wing Internet curmudgeon's effort to scuttle Chris Rock's appearance as host of the Oscar telecast Feb. 27 hasn't gained much steam. Which explains my cheerfulness.

As one who hasn't missed an Oscar telecast since childhood, [That says a lot about her right there -ed]

Speaking of Clueless, Mrs. Britt defines it. How did Drudge reply? He gave her a nice big prominent link of course!

He let the whole world see that the she believes it was some horrible right-wing conspiracy to oust Chris Rock... As if Drudge has never linked anything about a celebrity ever.

The kicker is next week Drudge will have a headline, "Lycos: 'drudge clueless' third most searched term"

Drudge doesn't care who goes after him.... Just make sure you get his name right.


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Comments (19)

Drudge can't even defend hi... (Below threshold)

Drudge can't even defend his own anti-Rock bias.

Are you the official Matt Drudge apologist?

because the washington post... (Below threshold)
ronald day:

because the washington post is essentialy an official house organ for the democratic party, anything they print must be taken as pre-election propaganda and viewed with a left eye only. most of the country can ignore most of what is written.

I love Matt Drudge and so d... (Below threshold)

I love Matt Drudge and so does the mainstream media. They read his page every day and I do too. What is so great about Matt is that he started the whole Blogger News thing. It can now be instant, thank God. It may not be right, but let the information flow. He does have a good track record for being right, so let's see...
CraigX of CraigX.com

The same people who are rag... (Below threshold)

The same people who are ragging on Drudge now are the people who foolishly tried to defend (D)an Rather. Face it, lefties, broadcast media and old world newspapers are a dying breed kept alive, primarily, by left-wingers who prefer their news old and biased.

Drudge is one of my main so... (Below threshold)

Drudge is one of my main sources for information. I go to CNN for the left side, Fox for the right side and Drudge for everything in the middle.

How can anyone bash Matt Dr... (Below threshold)

How can anyone bash Matt Drudge for anything? He provides LINKS TO STORIES - that's it. He doesn't form opinions or make anything up, his site is a great resource for the news, both political and entertaining. I use the Drudge Report everyday to look for stuff to talk about on my blog. This Britt person is just jealous that she didn't think of it first.

Thank you Donna Britt for c... (Below threshold)
Tom B.:

Thank you Donna Britt for clarifying Drudge's intent of putting a light on Chris Rock and the Oscars. I completely misread The Drudge Report as revealing the Oscar committee as a narrow minded old boys club that hired Rock out of desperation and then had an attack of buyer's remorse. I see now that this was really an attempt by Matt Drudge to forward the conservative agenda. Thanks for your unbiased elucidation.

Jeremy, you ignorant nut --... (Below threshold)

Jeremy, you ignorant nut -- Drudge's "anti-Rock bias" consisted -- as Hector points out -- of linking to stories about actual Hollywood personages who were actually complaining about Rock.

If you have a problem about this, kindly bear that in mind the next time you hear some Big Media talking head interviewing the one person in the entire country who claims to be getting three cents a month less in Social Security because of George W. Bush's reform plan.

Back to the point, my parti... (Below threshold)

Back to the point, my partisan friends...Drudge did a good job getting his name out there by bashing a guy who doesn't care about hosting a show that doesn't matter except to the most ridiculous of us. The Oscars, Rock and Drudge stirred up a lot of attention for themselves. And now we're increasing that publicity by blogging about it.

Good for them. Stupid on us.

Maybe Drudge isn't like Bri... (Below threshold)

Maybe Drudge isn't like Britt. He doesn't defend every little stupid thing a stupid celebrity says. Rock is a fool and a clown. Let him have his fun, but let Drudge poke fun at Rock too. Grammys, Emmys, Oscars, they're all jokes.

Unlike Ms. Britt, Matt Drud... (Below threshold)
Joe L.:

Unlike Ms. Britt, Matt Drudge is primarily interested in hits (readers), not in changing the world.

Drudge is a true journalist. Britt is a silly busy-body who wants to make things better (i.e., more the way SHE wants it to be.)

It is ironic however that when I saw "Drudge" in the headline this morning, I read her column. That is a first in the 10 years or so that I've been a WaPo subscriber!

First news breaking will pr... (Below threshold)

First news breaking will probably appear on Drudge. Of course a lot of other stuff may appear there also. The great thing about Drudge is the consumer can decide. News is not filtered.

I didn't get all the fuss a... (Below threshold)

I didn't get all the fuss about Drudge at first, it looked like an ugly rag page. Then as I returned I noticed that if you want breaking news before the big news sites get it, Drudge is the place. Now instead of cnn, fox or yahoo I go to Drudge first thing in the morning and during the rest of the day.

How can I get all of this f... (Below threshold)

How can I get all of this free publicity for my conservative marijuana site, CraigX.com? Will someone please bash me!

It's tough when you are you... (Below threshold)

It's tough when you are your own worst enemy isn't it Donna?

Speaking of getting the nam... (Below threshold)

Speaking of getting the name right, it looks like "Evil Ernie" isn't so evil after all.


The Boston Herald has been ordered to pay 2.1 million for libeling Superior Court Judge Ernest B. Murphy. I'm pretty sure I first read about this case here on your website, but can't seem to locate it at the moment...

I agree that most everyone ... (Below threshold)

I agree that most everyone loves Drudge and I sure enjoy his website.

About his take on the Chris Rock/Academy Awards issue, however, I disagreed with Drudge's main premise and that was that "Hollywood deserves better."

No, no Hollywood does not. They got a host (Rock) who epitomizes and well mirrors Hollywood and then Hollywood tries to edit Rock. Rock then promises to self edit ("no four-letter words, I promise," I paraphrase Rock's latest admission), which is only MORE a mirror indication of Hollywood's preposterous charade.

The industry as it is now is not a fair and balanced one, anything but. Founded in conservativism, it became something akin to the thing that lives under the stairs in the late Sixties and it's just gone farther into the basement ever since.

"Morality" to present day Hollywood IS Chris Rock. Who I happen to find funny, for the most part, but I also have to tune out at his worst. I'd also never pay to attend one of his appearances but he makes for an interesting HBO special view in part or parcel, at certain times, as long as I can change the channel when necessary.

However, Hollywood going critical about Rock's level of language and subject matter has got to be the epitome of hypocrisy. Isn't hypocrisy that trendy word that liberals love to fling around like a rabbit on a hunt? For Hollywood to even breathe a second of criticism about Rock...well...um...where's the outrage at the films and the industry itself?

I'm not watching this year's Awards. And, as with people who are Chris Rock fans, what is Chris Rock without his four-letter performance? Wearing Whoopi Goldberg costumes?

The entire Awards ceremony and process itself this year is a travesty, by, um, travestites, um...an opportunity for a lot of really offensive people to "put on their happy faces" or something. Which aren't even real, but what else is new, as will Chris Rock's performance also not be, as with the Awards themselves.

drudge is the best site onl... (Below threshold)

drudge is the best site online, what do yall think?

I'm not sure I see why Chri... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure I see why Chris Rock is a bad choice. I don't care what kind of language he uses, as long as he doesn't start using a whole bunch of words that I don't know the meaning of. Since he is unlikely to be carrying around a copy of the OED around in his back pocket, that is highly unlikely.

I've never understood why so many people are so disturbed and made upset by simply hearing certain words. These words are uncouth and rude to be sure, but it is impossible for mere words to be as vulgar as some people's reaction to them would appear to merit. Anyone who has ever seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail will remember a scene where king Arthur encountered a group of knights who demanded tribute or else they would say "Ni!" Hearing this sound was something that caused great discomfort, why was never made clear. Arthur and his knights went to great lengths to satisfy these knights so that they would not have to endure the dread sound and would be allowed to pass an continue on their quest. Whenever someone gets upset over the mere use of certain words I think back to that scene and how absurd it all was.

I sincerely hope the day never comes when you have to have a sickly-sweet wholesome reputation be the MC for the Oscars. I have a hard time trusting or even wanting to be around someone who is too "nice."

The fact that Chris Rock uses "dirty words" shouldn't be shocking, surprising, or even worthy of conscious awareness. His use of these words makes him seem far more real and down to earth than anything else, as well as more genuine. Chris Rock cusses just like I do, as does everyone else who isn't wearing a mental straight jacket.

As far as the precious children with their tender little ears hearing these awful words goes, I don't see a problem. There is no possible harm or damage that can come from it, the only issue is that it makes adults feel uncomfortable, and irrational fears and superstitions are a poor basis for public policy.






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