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Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following photo.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice pauses during a program celebrating African American History month at the State Department on Friday, Feb. 18, 2005 in Washington. Rice is the first African American woman to hold the title of Secretary of State. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Update: Winners have been announced. Comments are now closed.

Comments (122)

I'm Making it!... (Below threshold)

I'm Making it!

"I'm Condi Rice, and I'm a ... (Below threshold)

"I'm Condi Rice, and I'm a WHOOOOLE lotta woman!"

"Thanks for inviting me to ... (Below threshold)

"Thanks for inviting me to speak today. I believe you're the first largely liberal audience to actually acknowledge that I'm black."

DEFINED.... (Below threshold)


GEORGE! Stop that! I'm try... (Below threshold)
Hesa Indepodium:

GEORGE! Stop that! I'm trying to give a speech!

I'm Secretary of State, I a... (Below threshold)

I'm Secretary of State, I am!

(You know...it's a play on "I'm Henry the VIIIth, I am!". Right. If I hafta explain it, not good enough to win...)

"...And now, SecState. Robe... (Below threshold)

"...And now, SecState. Robert Byrd has got to be crapping his underoos about now..."

Small voice inside...... (Below threshold)

Small voice inside...

"Hillary Who?"

Howard Dean can kiss my ass... (Below threshold)

Howard Dean can kiss my ass!

Damn Right!... (Below threshold)

Damn Right!

44 is a good nicknam... (Below threshold)

44 is a good nickname to have, isn't it?

Powell has left the buildin... (Below threshold)

Powell has left the building!

A Star is Born!!!... (Below threshold)

A Star is Born!!!

John Kerry - nuance this...... (Below threshold)

John Kerry - nuance this....

I'm thinking it, but I'm no... (Below threshold)

I'm thinking it, but I'm not going to say it!

Anything you can do, I can ... (Below threshold)

Anything you can do, I can do better!

I know a lot of you would r... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

I know a lot of you would rather be seeing a liberal white male standing here, than this country's first black female Secretary of State. Just get over it, okay.

In the words of Brother Ric... (Below threshold)

In the words of Brother Richard...Kiss My Rich Black Ass!

You think the DNC could get... (Below threshold)

You think the DNC could get this many people of intelligence into a single room?

Say it loud... I'm black, i... (Below threshold)

Say it loud... I'm black, i'm proud.... and I earned it!!!

2008?... (Below threshold)


"Hi, Mom!"... (Below threshold)

"Hi, Mom!"

Yeah, that's right, I'm her... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that's right, I'm here - so FUCK y'all.

Hello, World!!! Read... (Below threshold)

Hello, World!!! Ready or not, here I come!

"I can't wait for the Presi... (Below threshold)

"I can't wait for the Presidency, so I'm running for Pope."

Brothers, I learned a long ... (Below threshold)

Brothers, I learned a long time ago to imagine the audience was naked ... will someday say Amen!

Nobody does it better... (Below threshold)

Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby you're the best.

Some read about Afro-Americ... (Below threshold)
D. Carter:

Some read about Afro-American history; I'm MAKING it.

Howard Dean is vanquished b... (Below threshold)
D. Carter:

Howard Dean is vanquished by the "kitchen help".

Kathleen should win it... E... (Below threshold)

Kathleen should win it... Excellent post!


Mr. Dean, this hotel staffe... (Below threshold)

Mr. Dean, this hotel staffer would like to say, for the record, that Ben & Jerry's sucks.

With Depends, I can do anyt... (Below threshold)

With Depends, I can do anything!

Yep, my husband discovered ... (Below threshold)

Yep, my husband discovered Viagra!

"Alive, famous and positive... (Below threshold)

"Alive, famous and positively significant? Wynton, Tiger, Beyonce, Nelson, B.B., Oprah, Usher, Colin, Shaq, Obama, Cosby, Foxx, Angelou, Quincy, Snoop, Justice Clarence, Muhammad Ali, "Dr. J", Queen Latifah and me. Why?"

With my first AA meeting, I... (Below threshold)

With my first AA meeting, I'd like to say that my name is Condi and I'm a conservative.....

Raise your hands if your su... (Below threshold)

Raise your hands if your sure!

Think any democrats can get... (Below threshold)

Think any democrats can get this many white people in one room? Too bad we don't have the serving staff here!

One of the key points of Pr... (Below threshold)

One of the key points of President Rice's career was near the beginning, when she, as Secretary of State, seduced the European Union into getting a clue.

"In conclusion, I have deve... (Below threshold)

"In conclusion, I have developed a new lipstick called Condi Apple Red. I invite you ladies and those men among you who wear lipsick to try it."

ooops ... lipstick... (Below threshold)

ooops ... lipstick

Dy-No-Mite!!!!... (Below threshold)


Hooked on Phonics worked fo... (Below threshold)

Hooked on Phonics worked for Me!

(whispering) psst psst miz ... (Below threshold)

(whispering) psst psst miz rice, its your turn to speak...miz rice...

.oO( What the HELL did the ... (Below threshold)

.oO( What the HELL did the last speaker have for supper last night? Smells like a feedlot up here... )

Bwahwah. Who cares about bl... (Below threshold)

Bwahwah. Who cares about black history month??? More liberal politcal correct BS. I would fire all the token blacks and Mexicans if I were President Bush. Ban abortion first and afirmative action next.

"I have no talents, but sin... (Below threshold)

"I have no talents, but since I am a black woman, I become the secretary of state. White men can kiss my ass!"

If only Tomas Jefferson cou... (Below threshold)

If only Tomas Jefferson could see me now....

"So I told him...GW, I said... (Below threshold)

"So I told him...GW, I said, we cannot give the Rainbow Coalition to Canada in exchange for more Mexicans. It's not going to fly, and I don't want to hear any more about it. I don't care what Rove says."

I'm Secretary of State, I a... (Below threshold)

I'm Secretary of State, I am!
Secretary State, I am! I am!

(Helping Tom Blogical out here...If you add the second sentence, which established the rythym, you don't need further explanation. )

"Yes, I am the Secretary of... (Below threshold)

"Yes, I am the Secretary of State.

"No, I do not live in a van down by the river."

Eat it Jesse... (Below threshold)
Pat Reilly:

Eat it Jesse

At least I can't do any wor... (Below threshold)

At least I can't do any worse than Madeline Albright.

"I'm Condoleezza Rice and..... (Below threshold)

"I'm Condoleezza Rice and...you're not."

Condaleeza Rice can barely ... (Below threshold)

Condaleeza Rice can barely contain her smile after hearing that major democrat contributor David Geffen has deemed Hillary Clinton unelectable and "an incredibly polarizing figure" to a hearty round of applause in New York City.

African American History...... (Below threshold)
Apostle Paul:

African American History.....

Not shown in Picture... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Not shown in Picture: Ted Kennedy choking on a dinner roll.

I too have a drea... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I too have a dream.

Ah, so that's what Condi wa... (Below threshold)

Ah, so that's what Condi was smelling... Travis the Troll!

The future second black wom... (Below threshold)

The future second black woman President of the United States of America (after Billory).

They were right. When you s... (Below threshold)

They were right. When you stand on Barbara Boxer's head - you DO get and extra 2 inches to your height. Hey! Is that Ted Kennedy over at the open bar? Who am I kidding? OF COURSE it is.

"Y'all can talk about histo... (Below threshold)

"Y'all can talk about history; I'm making history."

"...and as of this moment, ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

"...and as of this moment, ANYONE who uses the phrase 'like white on Rice' will face SEVERE legal penalties."


No - I'm not related to Unc... (Below threshold)

No - I'm not related to Uncle Ben's.

No, I don't know what this ... (Below threshold)

No, I don't know what this 'Kos' person looks like, but here's my Oliver Willis imitation...

Why is that perv Gannon sit... (Below threshold)

Why is that perv Gannon sitting next to my hubby ...uuhh I mean the President.

"Prince Charles confided to... (Below threshold)
Rachel Edith:

"Prince Charles confided to me that he now wishes he could be my tampon."

Jay - I had one with that t... (Below threshold)

Jay - I had one with that train of thought, but decided against it. Yours is better anyways....

I never asked what my count... (Below threshold)

I never asked what my country could do for me.... I HAVE always asked what I CAN DO FOR MY COUNTRY!

"Waitress. Waitress." Howa... (Below threshold)

"Waitress. Waitress." Howard Dean.

....mmmm, did i shut off th... (Below threshold)

....mmmm, did i shut off the iron?...

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s d... (Below threshold)

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream coming true . . . courtesy of the Republican Party.

"The only way you, as a de ... (Below threshold)

"The only way you, as a de facto arm of the Democrat Party, could get this many Afro-American secretarys-of-state in the room was to invite me, a Republican. Uh, well actually, I guess you could also have invited my predecessor, another Republican."

"It ain't commissioner of b... (Below threshold)

"It ain't commissioner of baseball, but it ain't hay."

Picture from the wardroom o... (Below threshold)

Picture from the wardroom of the USS Condoleezza Rice.

"My girdle is killing me!"<... (Below threshold)

"My girdle is killing me!"

deal with it!... (Below threshold)

deal with it!

. o O (I just hope I don't ... (Below threshold)

. o O (I just hope I don't get mugged on my way home)

Someone please tell Howard ... (Below threshold)

Someone please tell Howard Dean to fetch me a glass of water before I SCREAM!

. . .


FREEDOM: God's Gift, my Pu... (Below threshold)

FREEDOM: God's Gift, my Purpose.

"Blessed is The Lord, my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle; my Help that never fails, my Fortress, my Strong Tower and my Refuge, my Shield in Which I trust, He Who puts nations under my feet...Happy are the people in such a case as ours; happy the people who have The Lord for their God." Psalms 144: 1, 2...15.

And the dhimmicrats said sh... (Below threshold)

And the dhimmicrats said she couldn't do it.

p0wned... (Below threshold)


McGeehee... I thought she w... (Below threshold)

McGeehee... I thought she was a big football fan, not baseball.

SecState Condi Rice paused ... (Below threshold)

SecState Condi Rice paused to gather her psychic "gi" before putting her hands on her hips and delivering the most powerful headshake in African-American History.

oO(Heh! Let's roll...)... (Below threshold)

oO(Heh! Let's roll...)

i am not a racist and i don... (Below threshold)

i am not a racist and i dont hate black woman, but i know if she is not a black woman, she would never have touched the job. i think afirmative action sucks. why should qualified white people suffer? anyone has the balls to speak up on this insted of being nice and political correct?

It's time African Americans... (Below threshold)

It's time African Americans stop using the underground railroad, stop admitting inferiority, stop begging for aid. Condi Rice requests African Americans to abandon the failed policies of the democrats and embrace true freedom within the GOP. If African Americans remain blindly loyal to the democratic party they will forever remain on the fringes of society.

... and then Howard Dean as... (Below threshold)

... and then Howard Dean asked if I was on the "hotel wait staff".

rodger, i agree with what u... (Below threshold)

rodger, i agree with what u said but also blacks are dems in this case with the gimme gimme gimme post slavery mentality .

ps I noticed blacks like al... (Below threshold)

ps I noticed blacks like alan keys from the caribeans dont have the same lazy mentality. is rice from haiti?

Thankful that she has no ch... (Below threshold)

Thankful that she has no children involved in creating the amateur African American History sign
Condi Rice tries to contain her relief.

>McGeehee... I thought she ... (Below threshold)

>McGeehee... I thought she was a big football fan, not baseball.

You could be right. I remembered she once said she'd rather be commissioner of [whichever pro sport] than run for president, and perhaps I remembered the wrong sport.

I'll bet she's glad she isn't commissioner of the NHL right about now...

what what what? did the sig... (Below threshold)

what what what? did the sign spell wrong or something???

...the amateur African A... (Below threshold)

...the amateur African American History sign...

The font on the sign is "Papyrus," I believe. I have it installed on my computer, among others.

is rice from haiti?<... (Below threshold)

is rice from haiti?


its the last thing i want t... (Below threshold)

its the last thing i want to hear is librels spelling police correcting people spelling and grammer.

mcge i see, i think rice ha... (Below threshold)

mcge i see, i think rice has the nice cleopatra egytian queen look.

ok i have to say it, i don'... (Below threshold)

ok i have to say it, i don't think she is hot or pretty. i read a lot of people said otherwise.

what do yall sincerely thin... (Below threshold)

what do yall sincerely think?

Archive: President Rice see... (Below threshold)

Archive: President Rice seen here at a 2005 speech.

keely hell no, i rather hav... (Below threshold)

keely hell no, i rather have jeb or gary bauer.

"Must... not... laugh... at... (Below threshold)

"Must... not... laugh... at the Democratic Party's ineptitude!"

"Some say it's a big deal t... (Below threshold)

"Some say it's a big deal that I'm the first African-American woman Secretary of State. I say: You ain't seen nothing yet!"

laguna dawg, great lines, d... (Below threshold)

laguna dawg, great lines, does she say that in rap?

If I'd known my picture at ... (Below threshold)

If I'd known my picture at the conservative Wizbangblog would elicit this many leftwing trolls exposing themselves as racists, I'd have sent them an autographed photo sooner!

She who has the last laugh, wins!

Exactly wins, left wing loo... (Below threshold)

Exactly wins, left wing loosers with inferior complex love to call others racists.

When I'm done with Dead he'... (Below threshold)

When I'm done with Dead he'll be lucky if he can get a job on the hotel wait staff.

Don't forget to enter the cartoon contest!

It's true! In America you C... (Below threshold)

It's true! In America you CAN do anything!

See, Jesse and Al.... (Below threshold)

See, Jesse and Al.

If I'd believed your "victim" crap, I'd be a crack-addicted, single mother of five, on welfare.

"That should remind us, eac... (Below threshold)

"That should remind us, each and every one of us, African American, European American, whatever we are, that the important thing that the founders left to us was not a perfect America by any means, but an America that had principles that allowed impatient patriots to appeal to those principles and to tell America to be true to itself."

Sorry, that's just what she actually said.

African American _Present_<... (Below threshold)

African American _Present_

Say, Bubba. I think you're ... (Below threshold)

Say, Bubba. I think you're on to something here. She IS black.

Shucks, Ah guess I hadn't noticed...

Condi shares a stage with a... (Below threshold)

Condi shares a stage with all of the black Clinton cabinet members.

I am African American Histo... (Below threshold)

I am African American History.

"Gee, I'm almost as famous ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Gee, I'm almost as famous a Michael Jordan, and almost as powerful as Tiger Woods. and almost as well liked as Oprah, and ..."

"You like me, You really li... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"You like me, You really like me!"
(obligatory Sally Fields reference)

"I'm bad"... (Below threshold)

"I'm bad"

All your hotel staff are be... (Below threshold)

All your hotel staff are belong to me.

Heh heh heh....I'll have th... (Below threshold)
Kaptain Krude:

Heh heh heh....I'll have these Democratic b!7ches crying for mercy in no time at all!

I don't know about you, but... (Below threshold)

I don't know about you, but I sure overcame!

"WOW, I didn't know Kerry c... (Below threshold)

"WOW, I didn't know Kerry could get both of his feet and both of Barbara Boxer's feet in his mouth at the same time! Wait, now that he has the feet in, he's shoving his head up Hillary's A**!"

And if you look hard enough... (Below threshold)

And if you look hard enough, you can just barely see Bilbo Baggins trying to peek over the top of the podium...

Update: <a... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners have been announced. Comments are now closed.






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