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CPAC Day 3 - Gossip Sheet

CPAC 2005 Bloggers


Are Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge an item?


Appearing before a the Young Americans For Freedom, Ann Coulter responded to one randy students offer to buy her a drinks with, "I can't I've got a date with Matt Drudge. Drudge was a surprise guest of Coulter's during the question and answer session following her speech Saturday. The reports of other CPAC bloggers confirm that Drudge was in town with Coulter the entire weekend - they were spotted out and about together Friday.

When RedState blogger Adam Doverspike returned to his seat at Bloggers Corner he was surprised to see that The Wall Street Journal's John Fund hijacked his laptop. He was even more shocked when he tried to reclaim his seat to using his own laptop, when Fund shooed him away, with, "I'll only be a minute." Twenty minutes later, with Fund still firmly in control of his laptop, Doverspike left to go get a drink. Kevin McCullough caught the incident on film.

Bloggers were puzzled as to how Wonkette could be covering CPAC Saturday when she wasn't even in attendance. Ana Marie Cox did make an appearance Saturday afternoon - sans laptop - yet the Wonkette site continued to be updated. Wonkette is actually written by dozens of Indian call center geek who are looking to earn a little extra cash. Maybe the Libertarian Girl Guy's plan to get a female face for is blog wasn't such a bad idea after all..

Michelle Malkin is a trooper. Family in tow, Malkin honored her commitment to appear at a book signing and the Young Americans For Freedom reception even though she was suffering from a severe cold. Other CPAC speakers begged off due to illness, but not Michelle.

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Comments (14)

I love Ann!... (Below threshold)
jo macDougal:

I love Ann!

I'm sure Ann Coulter is jok... (Below threshold)

I'm sure Ann Coulter is joking. Matt Drudge lives openly as a gay man in South Beach and doesn't date women.

I'm pretty sure Michelle ac... (Below threshold)

I'm pretty sure Michelle actually has the flu, not a cold. I say this because I'm also pretty sure I gave it to her. Via e-mail.

Yes, folks, viruses have finally caught up with the times.

Wow, Ann Coulter hanging ou... (Below threshold)

Wow, Ann Coulter hanging out with Drudge, John Fund is a jerk. This blah-g could have been written four years ago.

Thats cold Lepuchica!... (Below threshold)

Thats cold Lepuchica!

Hey Austin, all your idols ... (Below threshold)

Hey Austin, all your idols are playing you (and the rest of the wingnut audience) for fools. That's really cold.
Good luck with the delusionary hate -- it's been going really well so far.

Wonkette went on an extende... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Wonkette went on an extended vacation a while back, and it was made clear somebody else would be writing a bulk of the stuff on the site.

Hate to tell you but Matt i... (Below threshold)

Hate to tell you but Matt is "OUT" and we have our suspicions about Ann. Check out the pic, what do YOU see?


John Fund sounds like a spo... (Below threshold)

John Fund sounds like a spoiled little rich kid.

Wonkette went on an exte... (Below threshold)

Wonkette went on an extended vacation a while back, and it was made clear somebody else would be writing a bulk of the stuff on the site.

And I'm sure nobody noticed the difference. Anyone could follow the script Cox uses and write for Wonkette.

Wow -- if Ann Coulter went ... (Below threshold)

Wow -- if Ann Coulter went to a Grateful Dead concert and allowed her picture to be taken with a couple of bulldykes IT PROVES SHE'S A LESBIAN! HOW COULD WE POSSIBLY DOUBT THIS IRONCLAD EVIDENCE!!??

I think Theadosa was outing... (Below threshold)
Jerry's kids:

I think Theadosa was outing Coulter as deadhead, something that's not a secret.

You would thing that Drudge would be all over the gay prostitute White House reporter. Instead, he obsesses over Chris Rock.

Coutler is <a href="http://... (Below threshold)
The reception with Coulter ... (Below threshold)

The reception with Coulter and Malkin was great. You made one slight mistake though...it's YOUNG AMERICA'S FOUNDATION, not Young American's for Freedom. Whoops. :)






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