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Giving the Devil His Due

OK- Alright- I admit it....

Andrew Sullivan annoys me as much as the next guy. He a whining, narcissistic, pompous, self-serving (over-paid) jack-ass.

BUT! The guy can write.


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Not only can he write, but ... (Below threshold)

Not only can he write, but he has been a most articulate and convincing advocate for gay rights. Love him or hate him, his pen will be credited for making a powerful difference in the world.

It sounds like a rewrite of... (Below threshold)

It sounds like a rewrite of a magazine article about the Sony Walkman I read in the mid-80s. I don't know if it's plagiarism or just deja vu on my part, but I have the definite feeling that I've read it somewhere before, like 20 years before.

I only use earphones with m... (Below threshold)

I only use earphones with my iPod in the gym. If only they made an equivalent for the nose, I'd use that there too.

Otherwise I'm setting off car alarms as I drive by with my'Pod plugged into my car's stereo/hyped up double subwoofer, or just enjoying soft background music at work through the speakers that are supposed to be hooked up to the 'pewter there.

When people enter my office or car, the music usually goes off. Unless they deserve the mute button.

Enough Orwellian hand-wringing. Silly me, but I found the article overwrought. New Yorkers have been walking around with glazed eyes demonstrating a rude gentility to each other for decades without personal music players. The iPod is only the lastest version of this NYC trait.

Not much of a gay rights pr... (Below threshold)

Not much of a gay rights proponent if he won't mention Jeff Gannon, is he? And this must be the third or fourth Ipod column I've read. Yawn.

Andrew was one of the most ... (Below threshold)

Andrew was one of the most articulate advocates for the Iraq war, then Bush came out against gay marriage (as if that was a big surprise), and then Andrew was against the war and wrote articles about how Kerry could do it better.

I agree with the Ace of Spades blog's "excitable Andrew" meme. Sullivan is simply erratic and lets too many personal issues interfere with his writing.

I'm also glad I didn't give him any money during his most recent beg-a-thon, the proceeds of which are funding his European vacation.






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