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It's because we hate you

All jokes aside, I'm getting a number of mails saying that some of your comments are getting caught in our spam filter. (which is usually phenomenally accurate)

I have no idea why, I assume Kevin changed something. I have not heard from him and I have a family emergency, so I have to run.

Just have some patience if possible, I'm sure Kevin will be on it ASAP.


Update: [Kevin] I'm looking into it.

Update 2: The problem was that some asshatted comment spammer left an invalid URL that our software dutifully offered to block. The problem was that it blocked everything. It's now fixed.


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Comments (7)

lol... (Below threshold)


I hope so. I had a # of com... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

I hope so. I had a # of comments blocked the last few days. It seemed to have no ryme or reason for the blocking; some passed others did not and after 3 failures I gave up on them.

Comment spammers should be ... (Below threshold)

Comment spammers should be shot, preferably by me.

Did the number of comments ... (Below threshold)

Did the number of comments break Wizbang? Because, you still can't comment on some of the posts.

Thanks for fixing it.... (Below threshold)

Thanks for fixing it.

The Main Index page still o... (Below threshold)

The Main Index page still only displays the site background image but no other content. Is that another issue? Because, I haven't changed anything in my browser as to ad blocking, etc. where your site is concerned, but otherwise can only access content on Wizbang when/if I find a specific URL to a thread (as in, via RSS feed)...but, otherwise, by just accessing the Wizbang main index (http://wizbangblog.com with or without the 'www'), I only see the background image, nothing else.

About comment spamming, I can't figure out why the worst responsible can't be somehow prevented from doing what they're doing...not like eveyrone can't identify a certain person with a yahoo email address who registers a certain website on a road named "Malibu" in a foreign country who has an obvious obsession with tigers and texas.

Kevin - in case you check b... (Below threshold)

Kevin - in case you check back here:

Could we also get back the function to search the site including Comment text? It used to be available last year.






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