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Truth and consequences

Kathleen Parker has a column so good, I wish I could tie every moonbat academic at Harvard to a chair and make them read it 3 times aloud. (that means you should read it too.)

Truth and consequences

If I were Harvard President Lawrence Summers - given Womanhood's reaction to his suggestion that innate gender differences might account for men's higher achievement in math and science - I'd be sorely tempted at this point to say: "I rest my case."

Or, alternatively, ". and the horse you rode in on."

Instead, despite having apologized for speaking an unpopular truth, Summers will be the subject of an emergency faculty meeting scheduled Tuesday at which Harvard professors will discuss: What to do about Larry?

Right off, I'd say give the man a raise for honesty, a brand-new armored Humvee for courage, and, behind curtain No. 3, an all-expense-paid Hawaii vacation surrounded by beautiful women in grass skirts whose idea of chemistry is what happens between men and women on moonlit nights.

Just for fun. ...

What Summers said, in terms that left a reasonable amount of wiggle room for reasonable people, happens to be factually, biologically, chemically, genetically, anecdotally and historiagraphically true. Even if it makes some tortured academics reach for the fainting couch.

He did not say that women are dumb, as some claimed in the immediate aftermath. He did not say that women are incapable of doing as well as men in math and science. He merely said that, given the many possible explanations for why men as a group actually do perform better than women as a group - consistently testing better in those areas - that biological differences might be worth considering.


The truth is, Summers' suggestion is neither radical nor provocative. It's old news that boys do better than girls in math and science, and that girls do better in the reading and areas requiring verbal skills. Yet, you don't see men lurching for smelling salts when they hear this. Instead, they stroke their chins and say, "Hmmm, maybe I need a new razor." ...

Male chauvinist pigs (remember them?) can take a vacation as long as women like MIT biology professor Nancy Hopkins are defending women's intellect. Upon hearing Summers' words, Hopkins told reporters that she felt she was going to be sick. That her "heart was pounding" and her "breath was shallow . I just couldn't breathe ."

That someone could rise to the level of professor of biology at MIT and NOT know that different genders of the same organism learn differently is, frankly, amazing... What they hell are they teaching at MIT? (and to think I was disappointed I could not afford to go there)

Political correctness has now run to its logical conclusion. President Summers will probably be fired from his job Tuesday because he said something that is clearly true.


Except, of course, that is not why he is under fire, this is.


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Comments (11)

nazi feminists lesbiens can... (Below threshold)

nazi feminists lesbiens can kiss my hairy mans butts. ;)

Like I said in the other th... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Like I said in the other thread, who does well on math/verbal stuff is probably a combination of nature and nurture, but the feminists want to ignore the nature component.

The facts are the men/women/boys/girls are different, they think and react differently, and problem solve differently. It doesn't mean one is better than the other, or that girls can't do math/science and boys can't do the verbal oriented stuff, it just means generally boys are more at home in the maths/sciences and girls are more at home in the verbal skills department.

I see it in my kids (I have both boys and girls, and give all four the same toy the boys will play with it differently than the girls), and I see it in my husband and I. While we both made excellent grades in school/college/grad school he is far more comfortable with taking math/science than paper writing and essays, while I would rather write a paper any day than take a math or science test.

Travis that comment was jus... (Below threshold)

Travis that comment was just one apostrophe from being quite embarrassing indeed.

So true - boys generally pl... (Below threshold)

So true - boys generally play with cars and girls with dolls. And there's nothing wrong with that. We all have the same IQ potential.

Perhaps this revolution with the "silent majority" finally speaking out through blogs against all the liberal ills borne in silence for so long, will now include a backlash against the imposed feminism, "sexual harassment seminars" in the workplace and "sensitivity training" in the military.

I still remember fondly a 70-year-old lady with a sense of humor coming out of one of those enforced "sexual harassment" seminars saying: "But I WANT to be harassed!"

I came from a land where men are still men and the women are thankful for many reasons, one of which is defense, another is appreciating compliments. I've seen it get so bad in offices here that the real men, who haven't been wimpified, are afraid to tell a woman she looks pretty for fear of lawsuits! So the uglies who never got a date in school made it so no woman can receive a compliment anymore. Time for us female "silent majority" to revolt.

"So true - boys generally p... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

"So true - boys generally play with cars and girls with dolls. And there's nothing wrong with that. We all have the same IQ potential."

It isn't even so much the toys they choose but how they play with the toys they have. I remember when my girls were toddler/preschoolish and my nephew of aproximately the same age were playing with barbies. My daughters were brushing their barbies hair, and changing their clothes and doing girly things, my nephew's barbie was flying through the air, being launched and making exposions.

RE: Original Post1... (Below threshold)

RE: Original Post

1) Political Correctness has no logic.
2) Logic will not be used, but abused/ignored, to fire President Summers.
3) His stance, asking for objective science and research, to counter the political agenda and bad science his detractors not only promote but depend upon for their lives' blood, is unlikely to be strong enough to withstand the onslaught that continues to build. Sadly.

Now I understand the origin of my angst. I find math easy and boring, but hate it. Science is cool and all, but so caught up in details. details, details. I have always enjoyed language and arts. But I am crappy at them.

So the poor grey and white matter is so gender-conflicted the pendulum swinging both ways knocks me for a loop… ... I guess somewhere down deep I really need to get in touch with my "nazi feminist lesbien" and find Travis's mans butts. (did I get the apostrophe right, Paul?).

Until then, I guess I just better find me some more math and science tests and stop writing.

Time to play that old Tom Lehrer song:

Fight Fiercely, Harvard!

- In view of the indepth ex... (Below threshold)

- In view of the indepth exposure of what Summers really said and didn't say, and the plausible reasons for the liberal attacks, exactly which items will the Harvard reviewing board carefully consider:

1) Openly expressing possible truths and asking embarassing questions is unexceptable. Free speech, especially when its not excellant high minded and thought provoking in the same vein as calling murder victims "little Eichmen", is decididly dangerous and must not be tolerated.

2) The Nations University's are far to overloaded with partisan conservative proffessors, and this is just one more example that balance must be restored. Partisanship cannot be tolorated in the schools of higher learning.

3) Whether he said the things he was accused of early on or not, we liberals know what he was really thinking. Hes not going to get away with it. We spent far too many years working hard to shove our socialistic ideas down everybody's throats to see it all ruined with this sort of thing. It won't be tolerated.

4) We've already lost the MSM, the Congress, Most of the Governorships, and the Whitehouse. We simply can't afford to lose our monopoly's in the courts and school system. Its one of the few places we have left to indoctinate young minds, and make law by circumventing the Congress with our marxist ideas. This can't be tolerated.

5) Besides hes a conservative, so f$$k him.

Nancy Hopkins reaction to S... (Below threshold)

Nancy Hopkins reaction to Summers just reinforces the stereotype of the hysterical, overly emotional woman.

I'd like to slap her. ;-)

You have to wonder how much brain damage studying for MAs and PhD's in contemporary (& overwhelmingly leftist) universities does when a simple empirical truth, "men and women are different" is such a revelation and causes such consternation.

I have raised (raising) 4 daughters - I have 2 y/o twin grandsons. The differences, in play & temperament are obvious.

But, heck, what do I know? I only have a Bachelor's and was a traitor to the Womyn's Movement by spending 16 years at home raising kids.

If Dr. Hopkins is looking f... (Below threshold)

If Dr. Hopkins is looking for a clue, I bet you could find one just down the hall, in the office of Steven J. Pinker.

If you haven't read The Blank Slate, Pinker's book on the nature v. nurture debate, you must. Take a look, too, at Matt Ridley's Nature via Nurture. While there's certainly some overlap in the books, they each provide a different perspective. Highly recommended and both are eminently readable.

Golly, it's a good thing we... (Below threshold)

Golly, it's a good thing we have that ironclad principle of academic freedom.

Just stumbled upon this sit... (Below threshold)

Just stumbled upon this site...Sheesh, y'all are some angry people. I am a feminist ( I guess that is equal to Himmler on this site.. which, I must say is strange...mmm, but okay...if that's what you think.)...(((hiding Zyclon B behind back))))

I am at home raising my children, and am a triumph for feminism...cause I am getting to do what I choose....It is really all about perspective, eh?

I have no problem with what the fella from Harvard said, as I believe in a rigorous atmosphere for universities. ( and living rooms for that matter ) Maybe you ought to turn off...ahem....lower, the Fox News Channel, and realize that no one is a cartoon.

th th th that's all folks
Love, Eva Braun
PS yeah...its lesbians we should be afraid of...they are soooo powerful and dangerous.






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