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Apparently, "logic" is a foreign concept to Congressman Hinchey...

Let me get this straight: Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-Planet Whacko) says he believes Karl Rove was behind the infamous fake Texas Air National Guard memos that sent Dan Rather's career right down the crapper.

If I've got this right, brilliant, Machiavellian, almost-diabolical political strategist Karl Rove arranged for the forgeries specifically to "insulate" Bush against the truth being revealed about his actual service.

But those forgeries were so pathetically bad, an amateur exposed them within in hour.

It's a tenet of faith that it's the poor plan that depends entirely on the incompetence of your opponent. By any rights, CBS should have picked up, over the weeks they had to prepare their story, the flaws that their critics spotted immediately. At that point, they should have turned with a vengeance towards finding the source of the documents.

No one, not even Satan himself -- er, Karl Rove -- could have foreseen the utter incompetence of CBS in handling those documents. That's the X factor that completely scuttles the conspiracy theory.

But then again, very few Democratic leaders these days have demonstrated much respect for -- or familiarity with -- simple logic. It's just so much simpler to blame someone else for your own failings. And easier on their delicate "self-esteem."


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Comments (18)

Why would Karl Rove doctor ... (Below threshold)
Justin B:

Why would Karl Rove doctor up memos about something that was true but unproven? Everyone, er... everyone on the left, knows that what the memos said was true even if the memos weren't. Kind of shoots the Dan Rather logic angle down doesn't it?

And apparently Hunter Thomp... (Below threshold)

And apparently Hunter Thompson killed himself today. We may be witnessing a meltdown on the left.

Maybe it’s the domino theory at work. What will tomorrow bring?

Hunter's suicide has nothin... (Below threshold)

Hunter's suicide has nothing to do with a 'meltdown on the left.'

He was past his prime, drank and drugged too much, and was very fond of guns. A bad mix under the wrong circumstance. Ask the Hemingways.

Ah, Justin, "Fake but Accur... (Below threshold)

Ah, Justin, "Fake but Accurate". The left is turning into cliches.

All right now, let's stop ... (Below threshold)

All right now, let's stop trying to censor Hinchey by criticizing what he said. We have to learn our place.

And yes, no more questioning his patriotism, as well.

So, what is a safe subject to talk about?

This is so stupid. It start... (Below threshold)

This is so stupid. It started on Kos a couple of days ago. I blogged on it on Saturday, I think. According to the theory, Rove decided that he'd use connections to send the documents to Burkett, use friends to verify them, and then use Jeff Gannon to expose Mapes. The whole thing is ridiculous--but at least they admitted that the documents were fake.

According to the loony left... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

According to the loony left, Rove is one of the most brilliant people to ever live.

The DNC/MSM started using t... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

The DNC/MSM started using this "defense" 9/10. See Steyn's great satire in Sun-Times last Sep. The Dems are still stuck in the past.

So an unknown Congressman s... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

So an unknown Congressman succeeded in getting himself some publicity by regurgitating some old DU posts. Terrific. Maybe next time this Maurice will explain to us what the "pompitous of love" really is. The truth will come out!

Heard the peanut gallery li... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Heard the peanut gallery listening to this person, roared and clapped thier approval. They were right on one count, this person deserves the clap. "Thank you, thank you very much for all that clap."

Yep, this desperate loony l... (Below threshold)

Yep, this desperate loony left conspiracy theory is too boring to even waste time linking who said it first. But as I recall Terry McAuliffe came up with blaming Rove within days of CBS' 9/8/04 airing.

Cousin Dave -- You figure o... (Below threshold)
Salt Lick:

Cousin Dave -- You figure out what "pompitous of love" means and I'll pass it on to my old girlfriend who alos asked about the CClearwater Revival song "There's A Bathroom on the Right."

There's (another) professor... (Below threshold)

There's (another) professor also still defending the "fake but accurate" theme at bobkohn.blogspot.com.

J, Thanks for stopping and ... (Below threshold)

J, Thanks for stopping and commenting!

- CBS must crap in their fr... (Below threshold)

- CBS must crap in their fruitloops everytime some loon on the left brings up the whole subject again in the public arena. The moguls in that bastion of libreal screwups are probably feeling up to the their collective asses in alligators already having to deal with four angry employees, all of whom have made it abundently clear they're not about to take one for the team.....

I don't think it's logic th... (Below threshold)

I don't think it's logic that's lacking in this wacko's thought process any more than I'd say it was missing from Eason Jordan's. They both knew what they were doing when they made their ridiculous claims. What they and the majority of those on the left are lacking is honesty. The leadership of the democrat party would stand up to these liars and denounce them as nutcases if they didn't believe the majority of those who vote democrat agreed.

Actually I think that it is... (Below threshold)

Actually I think that it isn't a matter of their leadership thinking that the majority of democrats believe the moonbats or are sympathetic to them. What I think is that their leadership is running scared. They are afraid of losing more ground and therefore aren't willing to risk alienating ANYONE on the left. They do not want to cause a rift in their remaining political base and render themselves even less able to compete with the republicans. Even so I think the point is rapidly approaching where they will be forced to divorce themselves from the loons. That day will come when the truth finally sinks in that the number of moderate independent voters they lose to the republicans because of the moonbats, far outnumber the moonbats themselves.

This was one thing that Clinton got right. He disavowed the ideology of the far left, put himself forth as a pragmatist, and became only one of 2 Democratic candidates in the last 36 years to beat the Republicans in a bid for the white house. The sole remaining candidate being Jimmy Carter who was helped by his southern background and the lingering fallout from Watergate. There are many faults that can be found with Clinton, but compared to those who currently seem to define the democratic party, he's a saint

Recent times have been black days indeed for the Democrats, but their story is not over yet. If they can expunge the cancer of the far left from their ranks they can become the vibrant party they once were again, and return the US to a two party system. If they don't do this then not only will the democratic party suffer, the country as a whole will suffer from the far right having a free hand to shove its brand of BS down everyone's throat. As much as I detest the communist/socialist left, I don't like the theocratic religious wankers or plutocratic fat cats on the right any better. Bullshit just plain stinks regardless of which bull it comes from.

FUCK LIBRELS... (Below threshold)







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