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Paris Hilton Exposed!!! Phone Hack Reveals All

Let the Lloyd Grove Suicide Watch recommence!!!

The Drudge Report is reporting that Paris Hilton's T-Mobile Sidekick has been hacked, and the contents of the phonebook (including private numbers of Eminem, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Andy Roddick, Ashlee Simpson, Victoria Gotti, Vin Diesel, Anna Kournikova, and others) have been posted on the Internet. Drudge indicates the FBI is investigating. So are we!!!

The real treasure trove isn't in the phone numbers (which will a be changed soon enough), but the notepad where we get seems like this:

2:07 PM, October 5, 2004

Tan machine free
John hair
Call rosalina
Call herve leger and lingerie store
Check from rick
Call maroon 5
Get birth control kill pill

That sure makes it look like Paris Hilton was getting paid for her part in the homemade porn film "One Night In Paris" which she made with Rick Solomon. She also may have been planning on having a real good time with the Maroon 5 guys that night...

There was also a Club red light dot com2 entry which just so happens to be a site that sells the video.

Related: Paris Hilton's Cell Phone Hacked (NSFW) [hacking.to]


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Comments (69)

Is this true? This is awful... (Below threshold)

Is this true? This is awful? Is anything private anymore? I am imagining for instance that every reporter in the US has scrambled to delete pics, e-mails, and sent sworn secrecy avadavits to friends.

What the hell is a birthcontrol kill pill?

Lord, I hope she lost my nu... (Below threshold)

Lord, I hope she lost my number...

I just don't care about bri... (Below threshold)

I just don't care about britney or paris. my paster is right, another good reason to throw your tv to the front lawn.

Birth control "kill" pill??... (Below threshold)

Birth control "kill" pill????

I cannot believe you have s... (Below threshold)

I cannot believe you have stooped to reporting about that blonde bimbo! It's bad enough your politcs isnt' where it should be, but to report about that?? Have you no pride man?? LOL

Re: kill pill -I b... (Below threshold)

Re: kill pill -

I believe the notation was darkly referring to

Is this a joke story? I hope no one actually hacked her phone.

Some 'pro-lifers' call the ... (Below threshold)

Some 'pro-lifers' call the birth control pill the 'kill pill' because; although it's primary purpose is to prevent a woman from ovulating, and it also is some barrier to fertilization if a woman does ovulate it also changes the uterine lining in such a way as to prevent a blastocyst from implanting if an egg does come out and become fertilized.

Pro-lifers also call the morning-after pill (basically a 4-pill birthcontrol pill dosage) the 'kill pill' because it works primarily by preventing implantation. Just like an IUD.

So she could have been going after either bc pills or morning-after pills.

It was posted on <a href="h... (Below threshold)

It was posted on www.gfy.com

Are you kidding me? How so ... (Below threshold)
Tara Sweet:

Are you kidding me? How so 1980's!! I hope the hackers can be found and prosecuted. Not only that....but why should Paris not have the right to privacy? Just because she is one of the most photographed people does not mean her privacy should be disrespected. Im sorry, but Paris is truly not a bimbo. She happens to be a very smart person who has the capability of becoming a bigger success with her entrepeneur skills. Hey, she is working it and at least she has motivation.

i have the list cause someo... (Below threshold)

i have the list cause someone sent it to me, all i can say is out of the popular people, lindsay lohan was the only one to have her name on her voicemail

sorry it was a boring sunday :P

I hope nobody hacks my cell... (Below threshold)

I hope nobody hacks my cellphone. If it got out what ring tone I use for when my wife calls from work, there could be an epidemic of mass underwhelm-ment.

Go to <a href="http://hacki... (Below threshold)

Go to http://hacking.to/parishilton/ for the files!

Get them as they last ;)

Check from rick: I guessing... (Below threshold)

Check from rick: I guessing that is her father and not Solomon. Small r, she must really hate having to pick up checks from daddy.

This is definently great. s... (Below threshold)

This is definently great. she's such a worthless person

Who cares about this misgui... (Below threshold)

Who cares about this misguided tramp? Paris needs a good dose of self-esteem.

I'm sorry, but in regards t... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry, but in regards to Ms. Hilton and friends, color me totally uninterested.

Are you listening, Fox?

What Wally wrote (^^).... (Below threshold)

What Wally wrote (^^).

Call nicole bday buy presen... (Below threshold)

Call nicole bday buy present
Call madison 4 shoes

4:02 PM, September 22, 2004

nicoles bday is on
21 September

did i miss somthing or did she forget nicole richies birthday lol

Does anyone have a link to ... (Below threshold)

Does anyone have a link to her blackberry email that was broken into last month?

Well, it's your blog, but w... (Below threshold)
Just Don:

Well, it's your blog, but with the reputation wizbangblog has earned, I'm very surprised you would give it up for this crap!

I'm wondering if it's suppo... (Below threshold)

I'm wondering if it's supposed to be "site check from rick" - she hit the key for the line break and didn't bother to clean that up. Not that it makes any sense, but who knows?

[QUOTE]An anonymous ... (Below threshold)

An anonymous 'source' has claimed that Paris Hilton's Blackberry has been haxorbated, leaving us with a quote that is almost too choice to be true:

“It became obvious to her what was going on,” says the source. “She was pretty upset about it. It’s one thing to have people looking at your sex tapes, but having people reading your personal e-mails is a real invasion of privacy.”

i find the phonebook.. here www.sxlxm.c.la

Paris is disgusting. Kill ... (Below threshold)
Nevaric Yocremscal:

Paris is disgusting. Kill Pill??? So she is cavalier about killing? I wonder if she is behind this latest 'leak' of privacy.

can someone send me the lin... (Below threshold)

can someone send me the link to the address book...I cant find it

Anyone who has a bluetooth ... (Below threshold)

Anyone who has a bluetooth enabled phone is probably just as likely to get hacked. bluetooth has been found to be fairly weak..

I tried to look at the addr... (Below threshold)

I tried to look at the address book but now they have all the phone numbers blacked out

You people are so rude if y... (Below threshold)

You people are so rude if you actually want to read Paris`s adress book you shouldnt it is totally WRONG i am glad all the numbers are blacked out they should be who ever is responsible for this s gonna be in so much trouble when the find you this is paris`s privacy not for you to look at

HURRY! Bother all these ri... (Below threshold)

HURRY! Bother all these rich fucks!

click STUPID BITCH above to... (Below threshold)

click STUPID BITCH above to see the list...

can anyone tell me how did ... (Below threshold)

can anyone tell me how did everyone get the phone number

<a href="http://www.filthyh... (Below threshold)
is that list real???..r u i... (Below threshold)

is that list real???..r u in any contact with the person who hacked her phone???

Can we find this list anywh... (Below threshold)

Can we find this list anywhere>>

the one for Mark Phillouppo... (Below threshold)

the one for Mark Phillouppousis? (tennis player) is correct. Radio station here is Australia was calling some numbers the other day

I know Deryck [Whibley]'s n... (Below threshold)

I know Deryck [Whibley]'s number is real - the 416 area code is for Toronto.
The radio station here has been calling numbers too, lol Apparently Avril Lavigne has a bilingual phone service. And someone took over Adam Levine's number... unless that's really him blabbering on the answering machines.

Hey everyone. My name is Lo... (Below threshold)

Hey everyone. My name is Louis and I am one of the many people that were on Paris Hiltons phone book list. I'm trying to respond to as many of you as I can but your calls and im's are overwhelming. Visit my site and contact me through there. That's the best way. Thanks.

I tried calling all the coo... (Below threshold)

I tried calling all the cool numbers. Most of them are already disconnected. Some of the mailboxes are full and not accepting anymore messages (guess others got to the voicemails before me and left messages) Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas is working still. She says on her Voicemail she is in Europe, so she probably hasnt heard about it yet. Call her!!

These numbers have to be re... (Below threshold)

These numbers have to be real cause I even called the Rite Aid number and it was the PHARMACY!!! Paris is such a 13 year old. Who the hell still tries to accumulate as many numbers as possible for their phone book. I remember doing that in Jr High. This is text book shit. Grow up Paris!

F..K THAT S..T!!!!... (Below threshold)

F..K THAT S..T!!!!

In <a href="http://www.pari... (Below threshold)

In The "Paris Lesbian" Site they put up a link with the address book (phones and e-mails). I wonder if they still answer the phone, though. I for sure wouldn't.

Most sites are closed by th... (Below threshold)

Most sites are closed by the F.B.I..
But http://hacking.to is still online!!!

LoL, deserves a good laugh,... (Below threshold)

LoL, deserves a good laugh, offcourse you guys know, once you've done the hard part once, the second time is much much easier. Since this guy managed to find a way into her phone, the fact all these fools gotta go about changing all their personal info will only leave them even more suseptible to a trail that could be found easier than first attempted by the hacker the first time around to the newly changed information. So simply, even if all those celebs change everything so "we" don't contact them, its much easier to get the new information than it was to find it the first time around. HAHA. Peace

MOST SITES ARE CLOSED BY TH... (Below threshold)


you liar my site isn't shut... (Below threshold)

you liar my site isn't shut down go to datingandrating.com or http://datingandrating.com/parishilton

if ne one has the list send... (Below threshold)

if ne one has the list send it to [email protected]

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ull... (Below threshold)


ull get a free gmail invite

HAHA. Someone made a t-shi... (Below threshold)

HAHA. Someone made a t-shirt already:


hhaaaaaaaaaa!!! that t-shir... (Below threshold)

hhaaaaaaaaaa!!! that t-shirt is hella funny!!!

send me it at [email protected] (Below threshold)

send me it at [email protected]

you get 2 invites if you do send it and quick

Yet another attempt by Pari... (Below threshold)

Yet another attempt by Paris to have herself remain in the limelight without any professional talent at all......what will she do next....I shudder to think lol

wow all you fags should sto... (Below threshold)

wow all you fags should stow your e-envy and real life envy and get the fuck off the internet.

Too funny, it'll all be cha... (Below threshold)

Too funny, it'll all be changed by now folks. No point in calling numbers that will no longer be there. I think Paris enjoys the attention anyway.

Wish I coulda talked to Vic... (Below threshold)

Wish I coulda talked to Victoria Gotti. she was the only interesting number on her list.

Haha well first of all this... (Below threshold)

Haha well first of all this is all interesting.
Don't get me wrong, i do have a life.. But just outta curiousity, i called some of these numbers and they are real. Deryck's answering machine is a burp, Fergie says her phone got stolen, and most are out of service. Stuff like this doesnt happen very often So thanks Paris. Thanks for making my day not so boring after all.
Anyways , if anyone wants the lists contact me @ [email protected]

I have the List of phone nu... (Below threshold)

I have the List of phone numbers....BUT...i will NOT give any of them out to ANYONE....respect Paris and her privacy...

apparently eminem has route... (Below threshold)

apparently eminem has routed his number through a canadian phone provider called fido and fwd those calls to his cell in detroit...

any got some numbers they c... (Below threshold)

any got some numbers they can give me

Over at <a href="http://Dom... (Below threshold)
Freedom Crews:

Over at http://Domains911.com they have the unedited version with all the pics, the notes, memos, emails, phone #'s, addresses, everything. Better look at it while you can. Also, noticed on PRIVATE Server 7 (NS-Node) that http://SayHello.us was proud of their hack #2 list. Home page middle of page. Everyone better get their last peek before they pull the info.

You guys are fucking funny.... (Below threshold)

You guys are fucking funny...I live in LA and these phone numbers are definatly real, or at least used to be before her phone got hacked...I just wonder...did someone steal it or did they get to it another way?

sayhello.us is just trying ... (Below threshold)

sayhello.us is just trying to promote their site and waste your time by browsing...there is nothing there. You'll just be looking at a lot of ugly people and browsing forever in vain...

prout... (Below threshold)


shannon elizabeth was recen... (Below threshold)
kyung ka:

shannon elizabeth was recently interviewed in conan and she was surprised that her phone number became available especially that the entry in the phone book is written as "shannon e".

avril is denying the whole thing, as far as i know..

but some people recorded the voice mail of lindsay lohan so it must be true.

as for the pics, they're lousy.

Wow I never actually relise... (Below threshold)

Wow I never actually relised how much of a slut this woman was untill my m8 gave me a link to the source some funny shit i wonder if she has fucked all of the men in that phonebook or just the ones that paid....hmmmm stupid bitch gonna be hated by a lot of powerfull poeple and if any of those peeps read this send me a good story of one of the times she got drunk and hooked up with the whole club Taipan_K at hotmail dot com Did i mention she is one stupid slut I'm betting someone very close to her did this

Pretty amazing some ... (Below threshold)

Pretty amazing some of the numbers on there.
Unfortunatly i cant find them on the web -
i guess the FBI took tham all down now. i searched http://www.google.com
( Google ) but couldnt find them. Can someone post the names which were in the phone for us laggards!


i can't believe someone wou... (Below threshold)

i can't believe someone would steal my good friends phone! I hope he/she gets caught

EXPOSED Paris Hilton Cell N... (Below threshold)
Party Crew:

EXPOSED Paris Hilton Cell Numbers -->At http://Domains911.com I just saw the RAW, UNITED N#DE PICS, ALL the 720+ Celebrity Phone #'s, the notes, memos, emails, addresses, everything. I noticed all the pics are friggin'HUGE. Nice chick-chick action. Better look at it while you can. Also, noticed on PRIVATE Server 3 (NS-Node) that http://SayHello.us was showing a private list as well - looks like Nicole Richie's T-Mobile Info!!! Home page middle of page. Everyone better get their last peek before they pull the info. Hot SH#T! Hey man, I saw some Spring Break Swinger ads on ~EDITED ADULT MATERIAL~ (they edited my post, go to http://domains911.com it's on there) that http://domains911.com has on their site. 1 chick even wants 50 guys to do her while hubby watches! Peace :)

where on domain911.com do w... (Below threshold)

where on domain911.com do we go

Hi...maby someone have Lind... (Below threshold)

Hi...maby someone have Lindsay Lohan's phone number?i must to call her....

cam0 owned her sidekick, th... (Below threshold)

cam0 owned her sidekick, then went to jail >






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