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Monday Monsters

It's hard to believe it's not Sunday, given that I'm being climbed on by three kids anxious for attention. I've made an executive decission... today is Sunday (again). Weekend Caption Contest winners will be announced this evening.

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Uh-oh! Your fourth kid, Hen... (Below threshold)

Uh-oh! Your fourth kid, Henry, is going to be very upset.

I thought that was little "... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I thought that was little "h", henry that gets upset.

You only get climbed on by ... (Below threshold)

You only get climbed on by your kids one day a week?

You're lucky.

Julie, that wasn't nice >.<... (Below threshold)

Julie, that wasn't nice >.

Oh, come on! I saw your ear... (Below threshold)

Oh, come on! I saw your earlier post about wanting the contest to be announced. And, aren't you a little wizzer? ;)

Then what are you?... (Below threshold)

Then what are you?

(and yes, I do wizz when I have to, only not little ;-) )

By the way...still not up >.

Well which is it young fell... (Below threshold)

Well which is it young fella? You want I

should freeze or get down on the ground? Mean to say,

iffen I freeze, I can't rightly drop. And iffen I drop, I'm a

gonna be in motion. Ya see- we are still a waitin on your contest results.

c'mon, tell us about the Co... (Below threshold)

c'mon, tell us about the Condi Rice.

FEBRUARY SCHOOL VACTION - i... (Below threshold)

FEBRUARY SCHOOL VACTION - isn't it a blast?


It must be a long vacation ... (Below threshold)

It must be a long vacation to have gone on so long ;-). No worries, though, I haven't posted on my blog in days, so I can't complain (my reasons include engineering schoolwork)

Dear Kevin - I understand y... (Below threshold)

Dear Kevin - I understand you were busy at CPAC.

I'm looking forward to an analysis by you of the conference's main achievements / your overall view - or did I miss it in an earlier thread?






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