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A Much Needed Blogger Hiatus

Since before the election, I've been warning Kevin that I needed to take a few days (weeks, months) off. I told him I'd make a decision as to the scope by Jan 30. For those of you who lost your calendar, we passed that some time ago.

Presently, as some of you know from email, and I hinted at in a post a few days ago, there has been a major family problem that is really looming quite large. Add to that a business project that is dramatically behind schedule and you see where I'm going.

My hiatus might last a day, a week, a month or a year, I was supposed to decided a month ago and I still have not. (In an effort to be as accurate as I can... I do know I'm taking at least a week off and it will probably be about 3-4 weeks.) If you see me in that time, it will probably be the rare late night post limited to humor.*

I was one of the people who mocked Sully when he whined about how demanding blogging was. I have to take at least part of that back. -- Although pay me 100 grand a year plus and you'll see how easy it becomes. Anyway, it can wear you out.

I have a few posts in draft I may or may not churn out and I have the mother of all Larry Summers rants in my head so that might magically appear as well. (though it is time consuming so I doubt it)

Have no fear my loyal readers, (that means both of you) if some major news event breaks, I won't be THAT far from a keyboard. But at this point, it would take a North Korea or an Iran type event to move me.. I both need a break AND have other things I need to spend time on.


* Update When Jay Tea and I started at Wizbang it was to fill in when Kevin was busy. I'll be doing that too if/when Kev is away.

And some extended notes. While I got bashed today for calling someone's stats "pathetic," long-term readers of Wizbang know that Kevin and I actively try to help smaller blogs. To that end, I'll give some ideas to any up and coming blogger who wants them. I have dozens of things that I don't have time to do the research on. (Kev keeps promising me an intern ;-)

For example: The Democrats now say "there is no crisis" in Social Security. Now, I have not dug them up, but I KNOW there are a few dozen quotes from those same Democrats from a year or 2 ago whining that SS was in a crisis. Anyone who takes time to find the old quotes vs the new quotes is sure to have the hot blog post of the day. (assuming you do it right) I'll link you and that is the kind of thing that spreads like wildfire. Anyone willing to do the leg work, I'll link to help you jump start. (just email me)

And a final note for you conspiracy theorists. No, the timing of this announcement has nothing to do with the Dan debacle from earlier today. If you are a long term reader, you know I've pissed of way more, and way more important, people than I pissed off today. (Remember that week everyone thought Kevin and I would be sued?) While I had the break coming to me, the exact timing is business and family related.


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Comments (25)

Oh NO! Kidding. Just enjo... (Below threshold)

Oh NO! Kidding. Just enjoy the break and when you return, we will read.

Hah, the Hailey debacle was... (Below threshold)

Hah, the Hailey debacle was rather funny, too.

Hope all works out well....... (Below threshold)

Hope all works out well......I'll miss your excellent commentary, and look forward to more free ice cream one of these days when your life is calmer. God bless!

Paul writes: My h... (Below threshold)

Paul writes: My hiatus might last a day, a week, a month or a year...

Take all the time away that you need.

Kevin, would this be a good... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Kevin, would this be a good time to discuss a title of my own?

(whisper whisper)

(scrolling down)

Hmm... drat. Didn't see that before. Well, then, how about a raise? Say, 30% over what you're paying me now?

(whisper whisper)

(firing up Calculator... multiplying $0 by 1.3...)

Umm... never mind. I think I'll go back to working on that piece about competition now...

Seriously, Paul, good luck. I've been worried about your liver lately. Generating as much bile as you've been doing lately can't be good for it. Give it a rest, let it recharge, and come back when you're ready.


I'll miss your posts in the... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I'll miss your posts in the interrim, but enjoy the rest.

Paul, Kevin and JayTea: I'... (Below threshold)

Paul, Kevin and JayTea: I've noticed wizbangblog has recently been targetted by many more trolls than usual. Although they're boring and it detracts from the usual intelligent discussions and research here, it also validates all three of you:

Einstein: "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."

And on strategic and tactical levels, I would say: compare it to the needle going nuts on a lie-detector machine whenever a "hot" topic triggers the needle reaction of a guilty conscience. It may be that the trolls are only now catching up with their reading on CBSgate (or other well-exposed scandals) and decided to attack this and other blogs who did such good sleuthing. They may not respond directly on subject in the exact thread that riled them, but just generally try to cause chaos here and attempt to get us to fight each other. I've seen 2 examples where trolls impersonated conservatives, made outrageous statements and then another troll would attack that as if to lay down a "paper" trail of extremism at wizbangblog.

Another aspect is: What did we almost find out about? What did we miss that they are so afraid of us exposing next?

We still have some wounded lions (CBS, DNC, who else?) lurking about.

And with that wild game to pursue, I expect to see Paul back VERY SOON! :)

Request to Kevin - Could we... (Below threshold)

Request to Kevin - Could we please get the search function back that includes Comments content? Like it used to be last year.

Then I'd be able to search and link comments by shills "minnie" and "Anne" or "Anna" who professed to be conservatives but soon showed their true colors.

First off, I want to say it... (Below threshold)

First off, I want to say it's been a pleasure reading your posts and your rants and you will be missed. I hope that whatever you're going through resolves itself soon and well. You've been a huge part of Wizbang and you always will be.

Secondly, during a speech that President Clinton had at the joint house of congress, he spoke exactly the same words about Social Security as has President Bush and Clinton was a democrat.



Have a great break, Paul - ... (Below threshold)

Have a great break, Paul - you deserve it, dude.

HEY JAY!!!LOOKS LI... (Below threshold)




Paul, you wuss! It's just ... (Below threshold)

Paul, you wuss! It's just typing, man--how hard can it be?

I have noticed that blogger... (Below threshold)

I have noticed that bloggers who use Apple products need more breaks than those who use Windows. Interesting…

I all seriousness, I wish you the best with your family issues.

Well, until you return, we'... (Below threshold)

Well, until you return, we'll surely be missing you.

Good luck, and Godspeed!

It's not going to be the sa... (Below threshold)

It's not going to be the same without you. We'll have to find some new way to keep all those limp-wristed weak-minded simpering liberal girly-men whiners pissed off. Hurry back! I forgot to mention dirty hippy heathens. A perfect example of why we need pros so badly.

Hey, I'm a dirty hip... (Below threshold)

Hey, I'm a dirty hippie heathen! Well, at least in my mother's eyes.

But I happen to agree with Wizbang philosophies about 90% of the time. So be careful how much you generalize....

I KNOW there are a ... (Below threshold)

I KNOW there are a few dozen quotes from those same Democrats from a year or 2 ago whining that SS was in a crisis. Anyone who takes time to find the old quotes vs the new quotes is sure to have the hot blog post of the day.

Way ahead of ya, Paul. I wrote "Oh, that Social Security crisis" weeks ago.

Paul,I'm sorry to ... (Below threshold)


I'm sorry to hear about what's going on in your family, and I hope that everything works out alright.

I know that we get into some long and sometimes impossible arguments on here, but I just want you to know that even though we often disagree (understatement? lol ), I respect your views and your convictions.

Anyway, take care, have a good break.


Good luck with your family ... (Below threshold)

Good luck with your family troubles, and get a good rest so you can entertain us again someday. :)

Paul: "If you are a long te... (Below threshold)

Paul: "If you are a long term reader, you know I've pissed of way more, and way more important, people than I pissed off today. "

lol Can't help yourself, can you? Paul, there are no more or less important people in the world. That's a myth. Everyone is important - you are, and so am I. I came on to wish you well and tell you how in 9 months I've learned how hard it is just to keep up a small blog - I can't imagine the demands of a larger one. And Internet communication is difficult at best, and always more dramatic it seems - prone to getting out of hand. That's all I wanted to say, but seeing your comment did disappoint. I guess I just don't assess value or rank the way you do when it comes to people, at least I try not to.

When I do that I stop speaking my mind for fear of offending the "powerful." Or I patronize someone I view as weaker than me. Just doesn't work for me, I suppose. Best of luck, I'm sure you've earned the rest. Good luck with whatever the nature of the family problem you mentioned. My best to you and yours.

Hey Kevin, it's gonna be a ... (Below threshold)

Hey Kevin, it's gonna be a little colder out here in on the Yukon without your comments.

Take care of your family, keep the faith and hopefully, we will see you back here soon.

You might to stay blogging ... (Below threshold)

You might to stay blogging cowboy, Karl says that becuase of this fag stuff we have to invade India earlier than expected.

Best wishes, Paul and we'll... (Below threshold)

Best wishes, Paul and we'll all still be here when you return, or, just visit, whatever you contribute will be well read.

But, you do have a certain knack for dealing with comments' problems, which I'll miss.

Yo, Paul -- you'll still ri... (Below threshold)

Yo, Paul -- you'll still rig that "best comments" thing for me, right?



- Good plan Paul..... takin... (Below threshold)

- Good plan Paul..... taking a break cleans out the pipes.... I did it a few weeks ago and so have others....enjoy.....

- McGehee - In the words of the immortal Johnny Most...."Halvelchek steals the ball.... yoyoing down the court on the left side.... moves in behind Sanders....He stops....He pops....Too late!".....






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