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It's About Time...

Fresh off of getting Townhall's C-Log out of the stone ages and into the RSS revolution, I'll claim credit for National Review Online finally getting their act together and implementing RSS feeds, albeit a bit late for political junkies.

Of course I had nothing to do with the actual implementation, but I did manage to corner TKS's Jim Geraghty at CPAC and badger him about getting RSS feeds. Apparently I picked the right NRO ear to chew on because a few days later they magically appeared...

Next up on my RSS hit list: Hugh Hewitt and the not very retired Andrew Sullivan.


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Comments (14)

Thanks Kevin... You da m... (Below threshold)

Thanks Kevin... You da man! :-)

I've been wishing more "key" sites would offer RSS feeds, myself. Many thanks!

Apparently I picked the ... (Below threshold)

Apparently I picked the right NRO ear to chew on because a few days later they magically appeared...

. . . as did the restraining order, ordering me to stay at least 300 yards away from . . . :P

Incredibly off topic but it... (Below threshold)

Incredibly off topic but it fits the title very well. In case anyone has forgotten it's about time John Kerry signed the form 180. He promised Tim Russert on January 31st and repeated the promise to Don Imus of February 7th. Surely he's had a free moment to sign one of the 10's of thousands of the form 180 people have sent him since.
25 days and counting.

What is RSS. Please explain... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

What is RSS. Please explain in simple English or Deutsch,

What's an RSS feed? I know,... (Below threshold)

What's an RSS feed? I know, I'm ignorant.


Speaking of RSS feeds, a fr... (Below threshold)

Speaking of RSS feeds, a friend and I just released a service called 'asynchRSS' which allows you to get RSS feeds by e-mail. You can set whether you want e-mails to be send on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. Never miss another post from Wizbang!

It's a beta, and it is free. If you like RSS feeds or even if you have no clue about them but still like to follow as many blogs as possible, please check it out at http://www.asynchrss.com/



rss is "really simple syndi... (Below threshold)

rss is "really simple syndication". Its basically a language, like XML, that allows anyone to easily read and parse the information seperately. As an example, I downloaded Mozilla Thunderbird as an alternative to Microsoft Outlook Express, and it has the ability to read RSS feeds as individual messages.

If you click the link to an RSS feed, glance at the page, its easy for a piece of software to automatically parse it.

HUH?I think it's f... (Below threshold)


I think it's funny that you and I Rod asked the same question at the same time.

:-) Hi Buddy!


Henry - Thanks, Rod... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Henry - Thanks, Rod

I use RSS feeds with Firefo... (Below threshold)

I use RSS feeds with Firefox's "Live Bookmark" feature. You "bookmark" the feed, and all the current content of the site appears as a folder full of bookmarks, one for each item, and the bookmarks update frequently. It's not perfect, but it gets the job done with no tools beyond the browser I'm already using.

Cindy, I found an RSS defin... (Below threshold)

Cindy, I found an RSS definition here.

For us non-techies, could someone please tell me if I'm correct: Is it sort of like an AP or Reuters newswire, but from multiple sources?

BR, well RSS by itself isn'... (Below threshold)

BR, well RSS by itself isn't exactly from multiple sources, but you CAN get it from multiple sources. As an example, My Yahoo! allows you to "subscribe to' RSS feeds to my.yahoo, allowing it to be a great "one stop shop" page.

That, and programs like Mozilla! Thunderbird allow for RSS feeds exactly the way newsgroups used to work.

Henry, that sounds sexy :)<... (Below threshold)

Henry, that sounds sexy :)

Wish I could see a flow chart - what flows from where to where and who are the recipients? (Website owners only?)

I've been using Drudgereport as my one-stop shop and then Google for more details, thereby discovering new and interesting sites. What would be the value (if any) of RSS to someone like me who does not own a site?

Guess I just proved Lawrenc... (Below threshold)

Guess I just proved Lawrence Summers right - girls are more interested in talking and writing (in my case, reading & solving mysteries), while boys are adept at the technical stuff :)






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