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Jury Selected In Michael Jackson Case

MSNBC reports that the jury panel includes four men and eight women, ranging in age from 20 to 79. Seven are white, four are Hispanic, one is Asian, and none are African-American. The prosecution and the defense each get four selections to fill the 8 alternates slots.

Jackson's lawyers were hoping to get at least one African-American on the jury, and the fact that they didn't is a blow for the defense. Jury selection went much faster than expected, so the trial of the century (so far) is set to begin Monday.

The Smoking Gun has published a large portion of the secret transcript of testimony before the grand jury that indicted Jackson 10 months ago.

[Via a tip from Cindy (aka firstbrokenangel).]


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Comments (7)

Obligatory remark - <... (Below threshold)

Obligatory remark -

Now, why would Michael Jackson's lawyers want an African-American on the jury? Jackson wants a jury of his peers, doesn't he? Heh.

Actually, it's funny -- I t... (Below threshold)

Actually, it's funny -- I think that if you mixed 7 white guys, four hispanics, and an Asian, you'd probably wind up with somebody who looks more or less like Jackson, only less hideous.

Heads up Mikey, keep an e... (Below threshold)
mark m:

Heads up Mikey, keep an eye on that Asian dude...they are always out to screw the white guy.....

Actually, it's funny -- ... (Below threshold)

Actually, it's funny -- I think that if you mixed 7 white guys, four hispanics, and an Asian...

Especially the "four men and eight women" part.

It's really not funny at al... (Below threshold)

It's really not funny at all; you are supposed to be judged by a panel of your peers so having no African Americans on the jury is not quite a jury o your peers.

Remember this too: A person is to be considered innocent and it has to be proved to be guilty.

When you listen to the contacts on tv, on all channels - the bet among them is Michael Jackson is not guilty.


RE: firstbrokenangel post (... (Below threshold)

RE: firstbrokenangel post (February 24, 2005 12:46 PM)
Remember this too: A person is to be considered innocent and it has to be proved to be guilty...

...unless your last name is "Rove"; then you are guilty of everything by default.

Jackson is not entit... (Below threshold)

Jackson is not entitled to blacks on his jury. He is entitled to a representative number of blacks in the venire from which the jury was selected, in relation to the number of blacks in the community.

According to news reports, Santa Barbara is 2.3% black. Out of the 240 prospective jurors, a half-dozen were black. So, representation of blacks in the venire was 2.5%.

A black woman was called but when questioned she went on a rant about Jackson being innocent and was rightfully booted. However, there is a black alternate. Judging on the predicted length of this trial, more likely than not, he will end up on the panel.






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