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Miss America, You're Fired

The Miss America pageant, reeling from years of low ratings and cancellation by ABC, is now seriously considering remaking the competition as a reality TV show complete with catfights and backstabbing. From the UPI wire report:

"It really hit home this past year that viewers in America are changing quite a bit -- what they want to see is different and that's been a problem with our show," Pageant President Art McMaster told The New York Post.

"We were live on a Saturday night, and in the first 15 minutes, 42 of the contestants exited stage left," McMaster said. "That doesn't really help us when America wants to get to know everyone."

Anyone who has ever seen the HBO Emmy winning documentary Living Dolls: The Making of a Child Beauty Queen (review) knows there's plenty of fresh territory to mine in the beauty pageant/reality TV genre, but a version produced by the Miss America organization is not the answer. Their version is sure to be as captivating as, well, the Miss America pageant - which is to say, not very...


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Comments (6)

Beauty pageant = meat marke... (Below threshold)

Beauty pageant = meat market.

How boring.

This is one show I would ra... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

This is one show I would rather they just leave cancelled wihtout the reality revamp.

I think they would boost th... (Below threshold)

I think they would boost their ratings if they did it more like the Westminster Abbey Dog Show. Hell, it's better just using the sound track from the dog show dubbed over the pagent....

"Here she comes...look at the proud strut, chest out...what a fine bitch."

I've read this several time... (Below threshold)

I've read this several times and it still turns out that this is not right. We have more stupid reality shows on television than I can bear as it is, leaving me many times without anything to watch. The last thing I want to see are these women catfighting, wrestling in mud. Miss America should be a woman with class. I admist I have never watched it and if they change it, I'll never watch it for it'll be an embarassment. And their jobs are much more than being a beauty queen - the winner spends the next year of her life as a goodwill indiviser and more. If they have to stoop that low, why have it at all? Watching the movie "Miss Congenliaty" with Sandra Bullock gives a great insight into what happpens at and behinds the scenes look at Miss America Pageants.


Want ratings? Move the pag... (Below threshold)

Want ratings? Move the pagent to HBO and change the swimsuit competion to a topless thong contest . I'm there.

Well I suppose the Miss Ame... (Below threshold)

Well I suppose the Miss America pageant isn't "captivating" since we have easy access to naked pics of Tiffany and Debbie Gibson and Paris Hilton...:-)

It seems practically Amish now doesn't it?

I never liked pageants before. Now I do. Feminists thought the pageants were the explotation of women. Now we could only hope that that would be the worst of it.






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