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With A Bullet

From the Amazon top sellers list, in at number 15...


AP - Sales soar for Hunter S. Thompson books

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Buy his old books, if you w... (Below threshold)

Buy his old books, if you wish, 'cause he won't be
shooting his mouth off any more...

I've always loved the flash... (Below threshold)

I've always loved the flash back scene in the film, where Jonny Depp is walking trough the bar in SF, saying "there I was..." and Hunter Thompson is sitting there as an extra.

Looks like, once again, sui... (Below threshold)

Looks like, once again, suicide boosts sales.

I'll never be famous... I'm still breathing. Funny thing is *I* actually *liked* the guy. Go fig..

Well, I liked Johnny Depp <... (Below threshold)

Well, I liked Johnny Depp as HST.

I find the entire "art is r... (Below threshold)

I find the entire "art is really only worth something when the guy is dead" syndrome amusing as hell.






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