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Quote Of The Day - Dreaming Of Gannon Edition

"If you try that again, I'll ram my fist up your ass."

Colorado Rep. Bill Cadman (R) in response to fellow Rep. Val Vigil, (D) calling him "garbage" on the floor of the House. [Rocky Mountain News]


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Comments (17)

What happened to the good o... (Below threshold)

What happened to the good old days when instead of insults, they just bashed someone's head in with a cane?

I think the "good old days"... (Below threshold)

I think the "good old days" were when they just hoisted their pistols and dealt with insults and affronts that way.

Nowadays, we get the devil dances, tongues aflame. It's making males look more and more like the darned 'girlie men' they claim to not be, what with the "evil tongue" thing a characterisation for most of human history of the insulted females among us.

Cadman's comments are barbaric. Vigil's comments were assanine. They're both fools here.

Has Cadman been writing ema... (Below threshold)

Has Cadman been writing emails for Hindrocket?

The Rocky Mt. News opinion ... (Below threshold)

The Rocky Mt. News opinion editor can be as dismissive about it as much as he wants. But, the truth is that Vigil did start the name calling. For the paper and Vigil to demand an apology is b.s. -- as is the lefties pseudo-outrage.

It was a pretty outrageous ... (Below threshold)

It was a pretty outrageous thing to say julie.

If we had more talk like th... (Below threshold)

If we had more talk like this in Congress I'd actually tune into CSPAN more often.

Calling him garbage on the ... (Below threshold)

Calling him garbage on the floor of the House? It sure was.

Oh yeah, "garbage" trumps "... (Below threshold)
Anonymous coward:

Oh yeah, "garbage" trumps "fist up your ass" any day.

Both of them were julie. W... (Below threshold)

Both of them were julie. Why is it pseudo-outrage for liberals but genuine outrage for you?

Liberals provokeOthe... (Below threshold)

Liberals provoke
Others never spoke
Polite forbearance
Gracious tolerance
Reached its limit
When Dan did it.

Times are changing
Wheels are grinding
Starting slowly
Gaining surely
As we spoke
The silence broke.

Fisting rules. I heard a ru... (Below threshold)
Chris W.:

Fisting rules. I heard a rumor that there are even some websites dedicated to it.

The dems are outraged (or s... (Below threshold)

The dems are outraged (or so they say). You are outraged. Who said I was outraged?

Everyone is so outraged but not outraged enough to acknowledge it was Vigil who started the personal attacks. And not so outraged as to not have the gall to demand Cadman apologize and not Vigil. So, you can all be outraged. I prefer to be mildly amused by the irony of it all.

He must have been pretty an... (Below threshold)

He must have been pretty angry because what clear
thinking person would actually say that? I'm not
sticking my fist up anybody's ass no matter
what they do.
Maybe I'd offer to stick my foot up his ass.

I didn't say I was outraged... (Below threshold)

I didn't say I was outraged. I said it was outrageous. I personally like outrageous. And Colorado assfists.

julie has an excellent poin... (Below threshold)

julie has an excellent point here and that is (although I yet assert that both are fools in this situation) that Vigil started the launch.

He, well, "drew first blood," and then goes all spudgy because he elicited a crude response, as in, he's shocked and awed that he can't just call someone "garbage" from the Floor and outraged moreso because his target o' garbaging actually responded with more forceful language?

What I get here is that, although, again, they're both fools to my read, it looks like another case of a Democrat taunting and insulting and then crying foul when someone actually pins them down about it, using the "outrage" factor to cry victim.

I'm not suggesting some rationalized acceptance of Cadman's comments -- they're very, very bad, very offensive to most -- but Vigil seems worse than a four year old in his shock and awe afterward, much less the original statement. Which he's responsible for.

Otherwise, the alternative ... (Below threshold)

Otherwise, the alternative is that Vigil's now made calling someone you dislike "garbage" on the record/publicly, is alright.

It's far from alright and it's very awful and, although Cadman's retort is also awful, it's inkind. Vigil seems to suggest it's just fine and dandy to use his sort of language and how he has used it; otherwise, why the self claimed victimization (by Vigil, demanding apologies, crying foul, etc.).

For instance, you break into someone's house, don't go crying later that they shot a gun at you or threw a knife at you or otherwise punched you in the nose. The responses by the resident can certainly be qualified as being far worse in severity than the original offense, but they're also likely and reasonable responses to my view under those circumstances. A lot of people pepper their language with various insults and taunts to such a volume that a more forceful response is required, which is the only possible means I can understand Cadman's strange expression.

Let Vigil go call his neighbor "garbage" from a public place and see what transpires afterward.

This whole scenario ... (Below threshold)

This whole scenario is silly. I'd say the representatives are representing their constituencies just fine. Judging from the language used, I hear, see, and read this type of repartee every day. To some extent it's a reflection of what we have become. It would be nice if they weren't so colorful, and I'd like to expect more from them, but c'mon... until we the people clean up our own acts, who are we to criticize them? We advocate the behavior every day and they, as representatives, seem to be representing us just fine.

I suggest we temper our sanctimony.

If you want to see this handled properly, cue the Zell Miller vs Chris "Hardboiled" Matthews tape. Now that's a retort.






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