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Quote Of The Day - Admirable Restraint Edition

"Anyway, before, I used to smoke maybe a quarter-pound a day. Now it's more or less like two ounces a day. It's drastically dropped off. It's more controlled. It's more, you know, casual."

Snoop Dogg commenting on his marijuana smoking habit from an interview about his long term goals and new business interests. Just a few months prior to this interview he had claimed to have given up weed for good saying, "I get high on life now." Informed sources tell us that a quarter-pound would be on the order of 100-120 blunts a day...

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So basically, Snoop is keep... (Below threshold)

So basically, Snoop is keepin' it real... telling the truth. It has DRASTICALLY dropped off.

Of course if 100-120 blunts... (Below threshold)

Of course if 100-120 blunts a day isn't casual, I don't know what casual is.

Pass the Triscuits and Cheez Whiz.

I don't wish him any ill wi... (Below threshold)

I don't wish him any ill will. However, I have to assume someday a doctor will be looking at this guys chest x-ray's and saying holy-sh...... Burning leaves and sucking it into your lungs is a bad idea whether it's tobacco or marijuana. A quarter pound a day!!!

One of Snoop's ashtrays wou... (Below threshold)

One of Snoop's ashtrays would probably keep most guys happy for a couple weeks.

100-200 a day!!????...I t... (Below threshold)
mark m:

100-200 a day!!????...I take it you cannot o.d. on mari j?.

So lets say he was up at the crack of noon and hit the pillow at two in the a.m.....that means he would max out at a jibber every four minutes and some change....that's not possible is it?

Let's do some math. A quar... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Let's do some math. A quarter pound is 4 ounces and will make 100 blunts. He's down to 2 ounces, so that would be about 50 a day.

That's waaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

Patently ridiculous. First... (Below threshold)

Patently ridiculous. First, let's explain that "blunt" us a cigar sized mj cig. Huge, get it ? Assuming Snoop sleeps 8 hours a day, which, regardless of how close to a QP he smoked or is smoking, is almost inevitable. So, in those remaining 16 waking hours, there are 960 minutes, meaning 100 blunts would be one roughly every 10 minutes. And I got news for you, smoking a "blunt" would take a single person about 10 minutes. Even if you assume they're the average self rolled joint, ain't nobody got the time to smoke a hundred of them a day.

So what is being suggested here is that Snoop sleeps 8 hours, then continuously smokes mj for the next 16 hours straight, before, again, retiring to bed.


A quarter ounce is generally enough mj to supply a modest group of say 4-5 for a solid weekend of fun. Doing the math there, Snoop is smoking in a day, about 80 times the mj of the average hardcore stoner. That would be the equivalent of a hardcore group of drinkers getting by on a quarter keg of beer in a weekend, but a single all out drunk drinking 8 of them himself in a day.

I think Snoop is trying to make foolish crackers look, well, foolish.

Does that include keeping h... (Below threshold)

Does that include keeping his possee high as well? He must be smoking bammer (mexican) cause if he was puffing the humboldt he would not be able to light the lighter after joint #2. And even if he was smoking the lowest of low quality joints that amount would obliterate a single person. Not that I would know or anything....

Well, now we know what the ... (Below threshold)

Well, now we know what the next Febreze Scent Story will be after the Shania Twain one sells out.

Snoop Dogg Scent Story:
- Weed
- Cordite
- Sweat
- Tricked-out Car Exhaust
- Weed

A quarter ounce is gener... (Below threshold)

A quarter ounce is generally enough mj to supply a modest group of say 4-5 for a solid weekend of fun.

Light to moderate smokers yes, but I've seen people who can go through a quarter oz. per day by themselves. Of course Snoop's probably talking about what he goes through, what with 20 or so people hanging around him all the time, not what he smokes personally.

I've been out of the drug c... (Below threshold)

I've been out of the drug culture (or for that matter, any culture) for over 25 years now, so I am completely ignorant of these newfangled units of measurement. So is a "blunt" supposed to be equivalent to what used to be called "joints", or is it some kind of monster stogie? Either way, Mr., uh, Dogg's intake sounds impossibly excessive.

Now, back in the old days...

Yikes! And I thought I was... (Below threshold)

Yikes! And I thought I was a massive stoner downing a quarter ounce of skunk a day. But a QP a day is really outta control!

a blunt is basically a ciga... (Below threshold)

a blunt is basically a cigar sized joint. usually it is rolled out of like a swisher sweet or of something of equal size

The sad part is that this i... (Below threshold)

The sad part is that this is what is used to fuel the backlash against most blacks. Maybe, its just me, but as a black person I find it pathetic that Snoop can sit and casually talk about his weed intake and for some strange reason he's up on the screen doing ads for T-Mobile. Wow, welcome to the devolution.

For Blunt, think Phillie or... (Below threshold)

For Blunt, think Phillie or WhiteOwl blunts. You split it down the side, dump out all the tobacco that isn't the wrapper, pack it with your favorite weed, lick and overlap the seam like a cigarette paper. You endup with something about the size of one of the mini cigars but large than a swisher sweet. Plus they now come in strawberry, banana, mango, chocolate, etc., flavors.

I'd presume that the quanti... (Below threshold)

I'd presume that the quantities given are probably not just for him, but also for his "posse."

Last Friday my youngest dau... (Below threshold)

Last Friday my youngest daughter took her behind the wheel driving test ... and passed (whew, no more kidlets to teach driving to..am I glad ..but I digress)... she's driving me home when she pipes up "hey mom, wanna drive by Snoop Dog's house."

"Huh? Wha...?"

"Snoop has a gorgeous house in Claremont. Wanna see it?"

I politely pass on the opportunity while still struggling to wrap my brain about Snoop Dog living, in all friggin' places, Claremont, CA. -- home of Claremont Colleges, a town that won't allow any fast food chain or Foothill Blvd (Route 66) to be widened least they loose their ivy league village charm ... where "night life" could be a string quartet recital at Claremont-McKenna...


'Course, now knowing what his daily self-meds consisted of may explain some of this ....

i just wanted to see your h... (Below threshold)

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