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Speaking Of Gannon And Fisting...

Wouldn't you think that several elected members of Congress would have some sense before allowing liberal bloggers to work them like puppets?

The breathless letters they are sending around demanding this-and-that are so full of debunked information they really should be embarrassed at how grovelingly pathetic they look felating the powers of the liberal portion of the blogosphere. Ironically those they are getting their information from, having been fact checked repeatedly, have simply moved on to more fertile ground - pursuing Gannon connections to any high ranking Republican they can find - regardless of the method.

The various letters are summarized in this Fox News/AP report, and the entire text of a letter from Reps. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., and John Conyers, D-Mich., the ranking Democrats on the House Rules Committee and House Judiciary Committee, respectively, to the special prosecutor in the Valerie Plame investigation is available, but here's the relevant charge:

In an October 2003 interview with Joseph C. Wilson IV, the husband of the operative, Mr. Guckert referenced a memo written by U.S. intelligence officials indicating the operative suggested Mr. Wilson could investigate reports that Iraq had sought uranium. In and of itself, this indicates that Mr. Guckert had access to classified information

It appears now that Mr. Guckert memorialized his experiences at the White House. In the February 22, 2005 edition of Editor & Publisher, a publication for the newspaper industry, Mr. Guckert states that he '"probably has one page for each day at the White House, about 200 pages of stuff... Is it all interesting? Probably not. But it could be [a book]."'

It would be unfortunate if Mr. Guckert published information that would be useful to your investigation, such as the identity of the person who gave him the memo, without your office having the benefit of its contents.

Except that particular theory has been debunked and the FBI has already interviewed Guckert in the matter. Letters from other Representatives have been equally factually challenged - asserting that Gannon used his fake name for credentials, or that he had a "hard pass" to the White House Briefing Room.

On a semi-related note: A liberal blogger (who happens to now be employed by the instigator of the Gannon takedown) would never attack a conservative journalist for his sex life, right?


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Honestly what did you expec... (Below threshold)

Honestly what did you expect from these clowns? Due diligence and a lack of double standards? I mean gosh would that ignorant old fool Conyers ever allow rumors to get the better of him? Hint hint Ohio election fraud.

Yeah, what Gabe wrote (^^).... (Below threshold)

Yeah, what Gabe wrote (^^). I've been thinking that the entire Gannon thing, what with the unnatural force by particularly Duncan Black, seems like some sort of smoke screen or deflection. Otherwise, Black is a spurned lover, because his sense of injustice and violation regarding Gannon and his promotion of those issues relating to Gannon is, well, unnatural. Theatrical. Um, staged, VOGUED.

Hi, fellow night owls!... (Below threshold)

Hi, fellow night owls!

Yes, there's definitely something fishy going on. The earlier Gannon threads drew unusually large numbers of comments and trackbacks as I recall. And a flood of trolls.

It might be an ill-conceived, multi-phase attack continuing on Pres. Bush in line with Rather's post-election wishful statement about "second term" scandals. Or it might be smoke screen as you say to distract attention from CBSgate, Easongate, Plamegate, etc. (I believe Plame/Wilson was a 2003 setup attempt against Bush which backfired. It just doesn't make sense that Judith Miller and the other reporter would risk going to jail to protect a White House source - more likely Wilson himself or someone else in the anti-Bush faction in the CIA then. That would fall under the general term of "administration leak" - the CIA or State Dept., not the White House.)

I haven't figured out Gannon yet - haven't looked at the offending site(s). I guess he's admitted it was him there. So - was he a David Brock type from the start, hoodwinking Talon.com? Or is he an ex-Secret Serviceman planted in the WH press corps to protect the President? (Spy on the other reporters? Hee hee.) Could his offending site appearance(s) have been part of a separate sting operation? Who knows.

What fun!The more ... (Below threshold)

What fun!

The more I read up on CIA/Plame/Wilson/Niger Uranium Sale to Iraq /Guckert(Gannon) now, the more intriguing it becomes.

A year ago, in March 2004, Gannon was responding to an attacker called "JohnGalt" at a FreeRepublic thread: here. The subject being discussed was Plame/Wilson and whether Gannon was the recipient of leaked classified info on Wilson's Niger trip to "investigate" an Iraq/uranium sale. It seems Gannon recognized "JohnGalt" as Justin Raimondo. Now where have I heard that name before? Didn't he host a site with Abu Ghraib photos?

Interesting month, that March of 2004. The February 04 AWOL attack had just died out in the media. The April 04 CBS/Mapes and Seymour Hersh exposes of Abu Ghraib were in preparation. And a man sent by "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" gave Burkett the fake memos at a rodeo. Ha! What a circus!

Ah ha! Found Justin Raimon... (Below threshold)

Ah ha! Found Justin Raimondo again: at Bernard Weiner's anti-Bush site, here. Justin Raimondo is editorial director of Antiwar.com.

Other notables praised by Weiner in their campaign to prevent Bush's re-election are Paul Lukasiak, John W. Dean, Ellsberg, Josh Marshall, etc. (8/5/04 article, search "Lukasiak" – you'll find it at the 9th hit !)

Somewhere in the left blogosphere, at the height of CBSgate just before the election, I remember noticing the upset when an expected Niger "Yellow Cake" /Plame/Wilson story didn't air on CBS. It was either at Josh Marshall's TalkingPointsMemo.com, here or here, or on a similar attack site.

All these bits remind me of beginning a jigsaw puzzle when all the pieces are lying in a pile on the table. But soon, one separates out which piece connects where and the overall picture emerges.

The referenced politicians ... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

The referenced politicians are all either extreme progressives or just plain dumb. Congress has had lots of these for 200 years. It is the nature of politics to have a high % of these types in the field.

Hi Rod, it got lonely here ... (Below threshold)

Hi Rod, it got lonely here overnight :)
I believe I read in Ann Coulter's book "Treason", that the word "Progressive" was actually a word openly used by communist groups way back when.

This Bernard Weiner charact... (Below threshold)

This Bernard Weiner character is just un-f-believable!

When I first saw his main site last year, I thought to myself, "Hmmm, definitely a major operative here, coordinating all the little puppets, giving them assignments, patting them on the head, giving them their talking points, their approved reading and link lists…"

But my goodness, he's still at it! It's anything BUT peace, this piece:

Excerpt from CRANK UP THE PEACE MOVEMENT, 2/24/05 by Bernard Weiner, Ph.D.:

"In short, it's time for the worldwide community opposed to further slaughter in the Middle East region to crank up the protest machinery that brought more than 10 million dissenters to the streets prior to the Iraq invasion. At the very least, even if we can't stop the U.S. (and/or Israel) from attacking Iran, we can hold their feet to a very hot fire and use our leverage for peace and "regime change" in the United States."



[After spouting the already debunked myths and clichés, this:]

"If the Democrats want to have an investigation, they probably are going to have to initiate it themselves, which may not be such a bad idea. At least, it might get the issue out there in the mainstream press."


See what I mean? This must be where every hypnotized Democrat politician and attack dog checks in every morning for their Kool Aid.

I'm sorry, but the fact the... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry, but the fact these lefty bloggers are "driving" this Gannon non-issue with "unnatural force" is getting to be a little too rich in double-entendre for me so early in the day. ;-)

Hee hee, Mc Gee Hee - did y... (Below threshold)

Hee hee, Mc Gee Hee - did you see how sexy Henry got over in the RSS feed thread? (I'm still trying to figure out, though, if we have 2 Henrys here - sometimes there's a sane and funny Henry, and other times there's a troll-like Henry.)

I believe I read in Ann ... (Below threshold)

I believe I read in Ann Coulter's book "Treason", that the word "Progressive" was actually a word openly used by communist groups way back when.

And the Nazi's had socialist in their name. So what? Are you saying Teddy Roosevelt was a communist?

Btw don't depend on Coulter for too many "facts".

Kevin, me lad -her... (Below threshold)

Kevin, me lad -

here's where you're wrong.

By way of disclaimer I voted for Reagan twice, Bush 41, Dole, Bush 43 twice ...

Andrew was doing the very things he was critical of gays for doing.

That's a distinction with a difference.

If need be I would lump Dunc's take down of Andy in the "Liberal Gun Control Advocate Columnist Shoots Intruder in Pool with Unlicensed Gun" column, rather than in the Guckert/Gannon contre temps.

Besides "Love Unprotectable" is funny.

Whether you're conservative or liberal.


McGehee: You don't get my ... (Below threshold)

McGehee: You don't get my sense of humor. I assure you, the expressions were entirely intended as you've interpreted them, although I apologize that you read them at the wrong (or inconvenient) hour o' your day.


I have a very, very dry wit. I write with seriousness about grave matters but never seem to resist the visit here and there by the Word Faeries. Or, maybe Leprechauns. Or, maybe I just like to wake people up.

I think you should try to compose your ideas and references into an ongoing website thread issue. I'd really love to read all that you offer about this issue (and related) in one place, ongoing and updated as per your discoveries. You've got great instincts!

mantis: the actual unfortu... (Below threshold)

mantis: the actual unfortunate aspect to many political operative terms is that they are defined as they are but are today bandied about and attempted to be reapplied with different meanings. Which they don't have.

German Socialist Party is a great example of this...because, they did represent and attempt what they did but today's socialists really TRY to define themselves as something else entirely, while they are not. What I think the main problem in today's DNC, and among most Democrats, is that there are the socialists and there are the Marxists and there are the Lennonists and they all wage war against one another because that's what today's American "liberal" is: a conflicted combination of conflicting liberal dogma which is all accurately defined through earlier history, but who attempt to avoid the obvious definitions, thus reducing any message to mush.

Today's liberal is far more related to the German Socialist Party in dogma than today's American conservative, certainly than conservative people of religious faiths.

Hi, fellow night owl, -S- ... (Below threshold)

Hi, fellow night owl, -S- :)
Thanks for what you said earlier.
Threads come and go, but what we write remains.






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