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Alternative Search

For those who've been clamoring for the ability to search the comment section at Wizbang (and you know who you are), I've added the a Google search box at the bottom of the main page. I did some testing and it appears that is does a pretty good job of indexing comments.

I'm still trying to add comment searching to the built-in search engine, but the Google solution is a good fix in the mean time.

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Nice :) I didn't ask for it... (Below threshold)

Nice :) I didn't ask for it myself, but that's pretty sweet, thank you.

Is it considered to be conc... (Below threshold)

Is it considered to be conceited to search for one's own comments?

Why would you use a search ... (Below threshold)

Why would you use a search engine from an organization so deeply committed to the loony left?

Hi Kev! I had been away fo... (Below threshold)

Hi Kev! I had been away for a while and was happy to see this item at the top of the page when I opened up wizbangblog today :) I know Suzy will be delighted also.

It enables one to search for things one can remember reading in the comments sections at wizbang. It's especially useful when CBSgate "rewriting of history" attempts occur and I think, but no, I'm sure someone had evidence to the contrary at wizbangblog. One doesn't have to reinvent the wheel when the truth has already been established, often with links, by many good sleuths here.

Thank you!

Why would you use a sear... (Below threshold)

Why would you use a search engine from an organization so deeply committed to the loony left?

Considering BR's subsequent comment, I'd say the best reason is poetic justice. Use "their" search engine to refute them.

<evil, maniacal cackle>

Kevin,What exactly... (Below threshold)


What exactly is the purpose of having a Google search engine at the end of your main page? Just curious.







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