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Others have links to what they are reading or listening to; not here. In a home with small children the pantry is where all the action is. Now playing at Wizbang:

Girl Scout cookie - Dosido

Damn, they're all gone!!! Looks like I'll be trolling the local grocery stores for a fix...

Yes this a rehash of last years version of the post.

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Let's see. Four kids, a hu... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Let's see. Four kids, a husband and of course myself. How long do you think three boxes lasted here? I think my husband ate the last two this afternoon.

I think my husband ate t... (Below threshold)

I think my husband ate the last two this afternoon.

Cookies or boxes?

I think my husband ate t... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I think my husband ate the last two this afternoon.

Cookies, boxes, or children?


(Get back on hiatus, Paul. When you return for real, I might take a vacation myself.)

That would be cookies-altho... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

That would be cookies-although I didn't actually count how many he has eaten, so it might be boxes.

The children are safe.

The children are safe - as ... (Below threshold)

The children are safe - as long as they leave me the last thin mint :)

Oh by golly gosh, I see the... (Below threshold)

Oh by golly gosh, I see the face of Moses in that cookie.

You think you got it bad? ... (Below threshold)

You think you got it bad? I went to Trader Joe's
Friday, and like a fool, bought ONE, count 'em ONE
container of Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans! Now
they're gone and the store is closed on Sunday.

What a maroon.

You ate an entire container... (Below threshold)

You ate an entire container of choc covered coffee beans????????? Don't worry, you will still be awake on Monday...;-)

Kevin, RUN to the grocery s... (Below threshold)

Kevin, RUN to the grocery store, then you can eat them guilt free.

Just a thought.

You can get Girl Scout Cook... (Below threshold)

You can get Girl Scout Cookies at the grocery store?

No. Enterprising GS troops... (Below threshold)

No. Enterprising GS troops setup tables outside the grocery stores in our area.

Its usually girls scout tro... (Below threshold)

Its usually girls scout troops who have tons of boxes that they haven't sold door to door yet.

Ha, what McCain wrote (^^).... (Below threshold)

Ha, what McCain wrote (^^).
As to me and my house, I've been putting off making a run for more Fig Newtons 'till tomorrow. Next week, it's COSTCO to buy several large boxes of the Newtons, which I'm going to hide way up among the lightbulbs and dispense one seran-wrapped package at a time, like allowance.

What I'd like to build is o... (Below threshold)

What I'd like to build is one larger, very large, room with a desk and computer working area, a large, very large, round table in the middle of that room and all the necessary cook and use facilities dispensed around the room's exterior. With some drop-down perma-screen thing around the computer for certain reasons. And everyone has their own set of headphones that control their own media. Something like that...but, yes, the kitchen is where it all is, long live the kitchens.






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