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An unexpected guest

The other day at work, we had a rather unusual visitor. He came by, ate his lunch, then took off, leaving the leftovers behind where he had eaten. Yet, for some reason, everyone was thrilled (and only one or two were slightly grossed out).

The next day, while driving home, I saw the same fellow alongside the highway. My boss was disappointed I didn't offer him a ride.

Yet another advantage to living in Cow Hampshire...

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3


(Note: I got even closer with my camera, but the damned thing was set on "indoor" and all I got were blurry blobs. These pictures were taken by my colleague Anna.)


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Comments (22)

Jay, We don't ofte... (Below threshold)


We don't often see them in southern Louisiana, but I do have a good recipe for them if you need it.


Paul, he didn't need a reci... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Paul, he didn't need a recipe. He was quite happy with his Seagull Tartare. But thanks for the offer.


You really don't get my hum... (Below threshold)

You really don't get my humor.

I'm just deflecting it, Pau... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I'm just deflecting it, Paul. You really should be enjoying your vacation. I one-upped you on the girl scout cookies thread, I bank-shotted your line here... when I can top you twice in as many days, you really are slipping. I'm used to you batting me around like one of Laurence Simon's cats and a chew-toy. This is a novel experience to me.


Paul is on vacation? Well I... (Below threshold)

Paul is on vacation? Well I knew that using the words "naked pics" in my linked post would get him to my site. Heh.

Paul, step away from the computer.

P.S. I get your humor...;-)

ahem- If you call that "one... (Below threshold)

ahem- If you call that "one-upped" then your standards are very, very low.


AND there is no way to reply to sparkle without sounding like a male chauvinist pig so I'll be good now.

Oh yeah! I like it when I m... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah! I like it when I make men behave....;-)

Geez, Paul! When you're pos... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Geez, Paul! When you're posting, you're constantly overshadowing. You go on vacation, and I see it as my big break. Then you come in here and completely take over the comments! What the hell does a guy need to do to get a break around these parts?

And doesn't anyone wanna discuss the incredibly cool pictures?

(done whining -- for now -- but reserving the right to resume later)

Ok Jay, what is the bird ea... (Below threshold)

Ok Jay, what is the bird eating? I can't figure it out.

It was a seagull, Sparkle. ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

It was a seagull, Sparkle. Nailed it in midair, brought it down right behind work. The red in the background is our dumpster. Wish I coulda seen that, but he was three-quarters done eating by the time I saw him. I figure we was almost two feet tall -- probably smaller, but he seemed huge to me, from about ten feet away. I was scared crapless getting that close, but I wanted the best possible pictures. But dammit, I didn't have the camera set right!!!!!!

My life sucks.


Jay, Jay, Jay. First you ha... (Below threshold)

Jay, Jay, Jay. First you have driving issues and now camera issues. I bet you played high school football, didn't you? You need to read my post today 'Boys to Men.' It's all in the attitude baby.

Your life certainly DOES NOT suck.

Funny.....right as I am rea... (Below threshold)

Funny.....right as I am reading this and talking to my father in St.Augustine,Fla.....a hawk lands right in front of him on a nearby post,takes a look around and calmly glances at my father,then takes off again. He didn't have a camera though. The pictures you got are good J.

A few years ago, my dear da... (Below threshold)

A few years ago, my dear dad set up his video camera and filmed a hawk dining on a grackle. The footage is a tad gross (many "natural" things are, after all...), but my dad's commentary is priceless.

Hah Paul and Jay having a c... (Below threshold)

Hah Paul and Jay having a comment fest ;-)

I'm surprised Paul went out of his way to comment on someone else's site.

Has anyone reported this in... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Has anyone reported this incident to PETA?

I thought about it, Old Coo... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I thought about it, Old Coot, but I don't think PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) would care about Animals Eating Tasty Animals. I tried calling AETA, but they weren't in the phone book...

And Henry, don't let the titles on the sidebar fool you. Paul should be SENIOR Contributing Editor, and I should be JUNIOR Contributing Editor. But Kevin must have been feeling kind...


Great pics, thankks for sha... (Below threshold)

Great pics, thankks for sharing. My Burmese kittens are especially jealous as they see a lot of gulls but never get to eat any.

What the heck is a grackle?... (Below threshold)

What the heck is a grackle?

Great pics for a Sunday mor... (Below threshold)
Ray Midge:

Great pics for a Sunday morning. Sort of the blog equivalent of those quiet nature pieces that used to run on Kuralt's Sunday show.

Sparkle,A Grakle i... (Below threshold)


A Grakle is kind of like a really big, dirty, annoyingly loud crow. And the more of them are killed and eaten by hawks, falcons and eagles, the better off the world is...

And obviously, I can't spel... (Below threshold)

And obviously, I can't spell. I meant to say Grackle. Geez.

The "common" grackles we ha... (Below threshold)

The "common" grackles we have here in Georgia aren't really big, and look more like blackbirds than crows (the mockingbirds here seem smaller than the ones in California too -- any Texans care to weigh in?) -- but they are noisy and annoying.

Maybe the New England variety is bigger.






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